RESA Theme Song | Official Music Video |


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    RESA Theme Song | Official Music Video |
    Singer : Dr Sheikh Nazmul Islam
    Lyrics And Tune : Hasan Al Riad
    Music : Riad And Atib Oni
    Cinematographer : Ayan Rahman Rasel
    Editor : Sazzadul Islam Tonmoy
    Screenplay And Directed By : Hasan Al Riad
    This Song is copyrighted by Rajuk ex-Student's Association and May not be Distributed, Modified & Reproduced.Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the RESA content for any purposes is prohibited. Constitute copyright infringement liable to legal action.


    1. Resa Soran

      Your video is very nice.

    2. Safiul alam Rozen

      the video is very nice .but lyric is not good

    3. Uday Rahman

      really nice video but the song could have been better..

    4. Jubayer Hossain

      janina keno holo sesh.....