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    A luo spiritual that beseeches the Deity to rescue humanity because all things on earth are guided by Him wheather we like it or not.


    1. Romeogolf2

      super Awesome!!!

    2. trizah macharia

      Wanasema nini jameni?somebody translate prissss...tamu sana

      1. Oyolo Frank

        trizah macharia Its a luo song, they are saying ukatae ukubali, wao wanamsifu Yesu

    3. Hannah Karanja Wanjiky

      This is the best song i have ever watched the expression is just out of this world

    4. charity mbithe Gachoki

      Kayamba Africa will always remain to be my best...the voices just addictive

    5. Aluko W. Nyamunga

      makes me miss Music festivals....

    6. Shirlene. M

      this gives me more pride in being Kenyan

    7. delphine odhiambo


    8. Christine Achieng

      What? Wow i love it.

    9. hawi oselu


    10. jackie rutesh

      waoooh I love it

    11. J. Atieno Okiro.

      Beautiful :)

    12. Kayamba Africa

      Kayamba Africa debut their music at Ethiopian Airline launch Wednesday, 22 August 2012 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">00:07</a> Over the weekend Kenyan band Kayamba Africa debuted their music and performance at the Ethiopian Airlines official launch. This was during the long awaited Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The event that took place on August 17 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, saw the eight member strong team -comprising of two lady singers, male singers, guitarist and keyboardists singers - led by Juma Odemba perform.

      1. Caesar Odongo

        Kindly assist with the lyrics

    13. Arish Knight

      simply beautiful!

    14. james mandela

      i like the tune

    15. mirithu1

      Just like the instrument Wandindi. I used to play it as teenager but I did not develop.

      1. Lizzie Mumbe

        This song is a great song

    16. jackie ndinda

      Just love the Kenyan sound even if i don't understand dholuo. Proud to be Kenyan!