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    1. Shawn Koffron

      Go on Google and search gib and Google says jib

    2. Edward Martinez

      Btw I’m not a jake Paul fan I’m just saying he won cause gib was just studdering

    3. Tanveer Singh

      6:19 yeah you wanna get back in the ring lose and sit back and make excuses

    4. Tanveer Singh

      6:14 the results will be same because 1 everyone knew jake was gonna win so you have less mental support 2 jake’s punches are smooth and accurate 3 he works out professionally what about i don’t know buddy

    5. Tanveer Singh

      5:16 When Deji realised he is not relevant on youtube

    6. Tanveer Singh

      5:16 this is how Deji’s face was when he lost the fight

    7. Tanveer Singh

      3:00 says the person who lost the fight

    8. Tanveer Singh

      2:45you calling it lame but last time If I remember who won the fight Jake

    9. Brendon Lamb

      What else Is embarrassing is losing to him

    10. From Thepast

      Let’s go jake

    11. rickert

      Jake's ego is so big like he's so rude man


      I Will get Jake Paul on your a**

    13. Andria Roman

      Dejj don't talk because you lost

    14. Calvin on 30fps

      I’m on gibs side but when he pushed jake that made me cringe

    15. Raelani Garcia

      I’m Jake pauler

    16. Raelani Garcia

      Do you know what’s lame?you living in your parents basement

    17. Armando Alva

      You lost to Jake paul

    18. No Limits Racing

      Deji you can’t say shit about Jake Paul he kicked your ass.......

    19. Rizk

      Gib has to take the W.

    20. William Castillo

      Deji a whole liar talking about he wanna get in the ring

    21. Radnez


    22. Beau Clarkson

      Jake will win

    23. Basic Event SERIES

      What is it with youtubers fightinf now bruh

    24. zuygj bnsv

      Jake Paul loses Also jake Paul: I sneezed 4 times before the match

    25. Crafty Fruit

      When a reaction video has more views than the original video LOL

    26. spooderman

      “I wanna get back in the ring” nah G you wanna get back to EATING

      1. Bruh JuJu

        spooderman 💀💀💀💀

    27. Castellus Ghost

      Looked like Jake has a hard on lol

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Look who is talking

    28. Castellus Ghost

      Jake says this is the real world where people don’t care about views. Yet he literally just bragged about his mom having more followers than gib lol. Jake needs his cringe ass fucked up.

      1. Matthew Gold

        Gib still brought up views first

    29. Castellus Ghost

      Gib better beat Jake. The world is sick of Jake and Logan. Logan is gone now we need Jake gone. Im sick of Jake and Logan’s cringe fest and their cringe shit talk.

    30. Ayoub Jaber

      Thats why ur a loser

    31. RedGaming RG

      Deji react to jake Paul spar

    32. Ghost Pro

      A Nissan Gib

    33. trevcon 3

      This press conference was probably bad

    34. Assembalead

      Deji got more views on this then jake’s video lmao😭🤣

    35. Reece Ings

      Got a w ONE TIME

    36. Gamer gods Elite

      Jake Paul did se* with u Like to undo

    37. Najam Naveed

      Inshallah gib will win ❗️❗️

    38. Spotify Premium

      Jake, go back to Disney 😆

    39. Kameron Johnson

      He flexed “ oh I was barely in a camp and I still had more breath then him Jake Paul; well that’s why you still lost will someone with no breath

    40. bouytt guyt

      Why does Jake think he is so good even though he fought a non training Deji and now he is fighting this potato I swear I would drop him.

    41. Karamveer Singh

      Even your more relevant than make Paul

    42. loni loni

      Look who is talking

    43. G Comment

      Ur reaction has more views than jakes original video

    44. Hussain Yahya

      Stop wearing this shit hat

    45. Bailey Abbott

      Deji is horible

    46. Edgar Marquez

      Hey bich

    47. Maharshi Digumarthi

      get back in the ring fam plz

    48. scary mob

      Let's gooo GiB make saudia proud 💜💜💜

    49. REALAmERicANTigER

      If jake dont win he will become the biggest joke of all time

    50. Doodle Dude

      Just saying Kai would beat the shit out of Jake and is gonna loose his belt

    51. Judah Baggerman

      *All of Dejis reaction videos* Deji: ._.

    52. Daddy Kenny

      Deji don’t get back in the ring you can’t fight

      1. serdy ximi

        Gib could beat jake with his nose alone Jake has no chance

    53. Haydee Alghassny

      I don't understand what jake thinks this is some beauty show or a boxing fight

    54. butti fdft

      Who’s better Big Gibber= like Jake Paul= keep scrolling

      1. serdy ximi

        Jake paul "this is the real world no one cares about views" few minutes later "you get lower views than me"

    55. Bryston King

      JAKE PAUL. All the way

    56. Jack Davis

      Team gib

    57. Anthony C

      Jake says he doesn't care about views but lies all the time for views.

      1. butti fdft

        🙏🙏🙏 1:12 💜🔥💓 👇👇

    58. Judah Baggerman

      I was waiting for this reaction video

    59. Rodrigo Vargas

      Deji mad funny cause he lost to jake 🤣


      Deji when are u gonna take ur L