Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

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    Here are a few recipes to help make your time inside a little more enjoyable.
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    Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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    1. kolim jone

      I don’t get the “sweetness of the bacon” thing. I’ve never found our bacon overly sweet by default unless it was purposely flavored that way.

    2. Sliced Olives

      “Little touch of olive oil.” *soaks bread in the olive oil*

    3. Phoenix Bot

      Am i the only one who's kitchen is barely half of Gordon's?

    4. Jesodoth


      1. kolim jone

        Para mi eso es una tortilla de patata mal hecha :v

    5. Justin L

      Great recipes but definitely not low calorie with all that evoo

    6. Alt f4 for free v bucks


    7. Jacob Villarreal

      Took me forever to figure out what he meant by eggy bread

    8. Raja X


    9. nurmi0

      Adopt me. Now!

    10. Cat Mcleod


    11. Vašek Vochcalpádlo

      Is it bleech in this gluten bread?

    12. Larry Steve

      Dang it now I have to go eat


        I'm glad I Stoped eating all that food looks horrible

    13. Kaytlyn Cooper

      “A couple tablespoons” *pours the sugar for 30 secs*

    14. FVTSOT

      The best breakfast in the world is from Malaysia

    15. Gabriel

      Who’s watching this while hungry?

    16. Volux

      i made that egg bread with apples and added a sliced banana. Damn, it is awesome! Thanks for this simple recipe! :)

    17. Dara Alamutu

      Eggy bread my ass. That’s French toast.

    18. Joshua Vittachi

      Me: French Toast Gordon Ramsey, an intellectual: Eggy Bread

    19. BeuchiKawaii

      Para mi eso es una tortilla de patata mal hecha :v

    20. Bill Smith

      Its swiss Rösti

    21. Huma Khan

      sesels.info/video/video/k2pipITFuYiggZE.html Like and share plzzz

    22. NoPointers - ETU

      CEO of fantastic and Incredible. Thanks MR GORDON

    23. Corn Bread

      Please, do not eat eggs within three days of getting on an airplane.

    24. Arturo Escalona

      US people have a seek pornografic relationship with bacon, there are bacon ice cream in US?

    25. WheepingWillow2

      You are fricking AMAZING. Would you consider coming to my house and make it for someone that is disabled? thanks so much for your talent

    26. WheepingWillow2

      I must ask, is that TEFLON on your pans? IF so don't you know that is a carcinogenic/cancer causing material. I would have thought better of YOU. IF its not, my apologies. :) tc lov ya

    27. Doug D

      He's not yelling at me. I'm just not motivated to do better. Screw it... I'm just having a bowl of cereal.

    28. Jairo Renderos

      ¿Me podrían compartir las recetas?

    29. Dasquido

      I shouldnt have watched this. Im hungry now

    30. Peavey López

      What is that red powder? I cant understand its name... 😣

    31. L04DING ERR0R

      He said to pre heat the oven. But to what temp???

    32. Lone Wolf

      As a mexican is food to see how he has to teach how to open an avocado

    33. Open Air Prisoner

      Thanks. I never could figure out how to make that fired potatoe hash brown myself. I was using the wrong spud amd not squeezing enough water out. I'll try baking it too. To ensure it is cooked through. I can't agree with your sugar bacon though. It's the olive oil. Do you use it on everything? The bacon has enough of it's own grease to fry and its grease really strips the back of the throat. Can I suggest that after you fry the bacon as is and without added oil. Remove it from the pan and clean the grease out of the pan as well as off the bacon with paper towel. Then add it back to the pan to apply the butter/sugar mix. Or you could quickly flash fry some maple syrup as a coating.. remove from the heat once the syrup starts to boil. It actually turns to candy at that point and it won't have any grease or oils to make it runny or distract from the sugar.

    34. Tyler Anscomb

      Hate how every American here is trying to tell Gordon that you call it french toast. Noone cares! It's fucking eggy bread!

    35. Kate Oram

      Nobody: Gordon Ramsay: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="585">9:45</a> 'Eggy Bread'

    36. James Michaels

      I screwed up the plate thing and lost half my hashbrowns. Still turned out tasty.

    37. Elias

      Definitely going to try this one

    38. Gustavo Romero

      Anyone else noticed how he went from giving you a heart ♥️ attack breakfast to a super healthy vegan 🌱 breakfast lol 😂

    39. ty dev

      *Stop! Do not exercise!*

    40. El Chapo

      2k calories breakfast

    41. Diamond Rice

      Great video! Cashapp $Diamondsets11

    42. Gerard Valero

      The way he moves is like when he thinks hes the best chef in the world. Oh wait, he is!

    43. Kayla's World

      Cinnamon eggy bread is technically French toast

    44. Didier De Buck


      1. Soinas Doyi

        I rolled a blunt with a peace of bacon

    45. johnny H

      For me, breakfast is a sandwich with Nutella chocolate spread...😋

    46. joshua lou

      Why can’t Gordon Ramsay be my dad?

      1. Soinas Doyi

        What is KM The rest I might be able to handle😳 although you make it look simple I’m sure it would be a catastrophe for me👍But I like my breakfast

    47. LaDonna Rae

      THANK YOU! I have been using the oil/butter combination for 37 years but I never understood why! I learned it from a woman who worked in a restaurant whose chef did the same thing, but neither of us understood the reasoning behind it. We just knew the flavor and texture came out well. Now we know.

    48. EaZy

      What kind of fucking kitchen is that?

    49. Icepik247

      Over rated. Too bad I thought his mom those recipes every time she let me spend the night with her.

    50. Riri Honey

      The government recommending me home cooked meals and palate workouts 🤣🤦‍♀️

    51. Jon Moyal


    52. jkiture

      Me at 8 minutes oh he's making french toast!

    53. Ryuuk X

      Anyone else wanna know what would happen after he wiped his face with the hand he grated the onion and potato with?

    54. Ben


    55. Nicholas U

      Have prepared this countless times, I think Gordon is spying on me :) It's so nice to make those eggs runny... nice one! No to sugary breakfast though or bread....

    56. Kevin Bruns

      What was the last ingredient what he put in the potatoes K AM ? Wtf

    57. JP Bonhomme

      He emphasized the significance of including "live" yoghurt......then proceeds to cook it.

    58. Rushkoff

      What is km?

    59. Raw64

      What is KM The rest I might be able to handle😳 although you make it look simple I’m sure it would be a catastrophe for me👍But I like my breakfast

    60. The Sauceinator

      I rolled a blunt with a peace of bacon

    61. Youtube Commentator

      Super Chef bakes an egg. Someone in comments gives a suggestion how to make it tastier. Retards: HoW mAnY MiChelliN staRs dO YoU HAvE?! He Has 7!!

    62. Riku Viherkari

      quick and simple in my ass

    63. Alex Under

      How many time for fry potato? And how many time bake potato in cook? Thanks

    64. MelCraft10 -

      Did anyone else feel super satisfied when he was teaching how to cut an avocado? 👌

    65. MarkyMark662

      How about letting us know what the temperature of the oven should be? Come on Gordon!!

    66. juan mondone

      the volume, please, gordon

    67. Octavius Aurelius

      Talk about something that will clog your arteries quicker than hell!

    68. K.D.O. OF KALICO ENT.

      Oh yeah I’m making all of this

    69. Some Random Girl On The Internet

      haram bacon

    70. Desertsage

      I wanna make this, but how do you get the exact recipe for this? For example, he never mentioned what temperature for the preheated oven.

    71. Grzegorz gie

      Tv clown

    72. Victory and Crumpets

      Apples have never looked so appetizing

    73. David Argosino

      am i the only one who wants the hashbrowns and eggs? ..no? Just me? ok.. 🙁

    74. brewstewfilms

      ok thank you

    75. Jeannie Jeannie


    76. BluOwO

      Is no one gonna talk about the audio change?

    77. Moderator

      Finally sum gud fokin food

    78. HMAMMm Mmemm MMumMm

      Wheres the f*cking lamb sauce?

    79. whitesmoke hiding

      Poor execution of drying out the potatoes.

    80. Arelle 7

      Going to try for sure☺️ it looks so good