Podcast #235 - Taking the Love Language Test

Jenna Julien

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    1. andrea

      Is it just me or does Julien seem a bit upset towards the end

    2. RanivorousCat

      Earth signs be slothin

    3. TheVampireItself

      Would this quiz also work for close friendships? I’m curious, because i know that platonic love in friendships is real, and I was curious what my platonic love languages was

    4. Fear Kitten

      Julian coming up with some foot fetish stuff made me laugh so hard.

    5. Megan Rumpelt

      How do you get your dogs used to eating in the same room?

    6. carlie wilson

      they’re such good friends!

    7. Amber Notaro

      Me and Julian are the same I think there was only one question I didn't answer the same as him. Now I don't have to take the quiz, nice lol

    8. my white pearlies

      I have been using this specific podcast episode to fall asleep to for the past semester at college after listening to a bunch and finding which one was easiest to sleep to and i just want to express my appreciation for jenna n julien bc this is my go to when i have troubles falling asleep

    9. Raiah Bean

      Jenna: "I like bats" Little did she know in 2020....

    10. Casey Chaffin

      does food count as a gift?

    11. Sarah Garcia

      They make me smile like an old sweet couple would. I just dont know a relationship more wholesome than theirs.

    12. Anna McCarthy

      “we have a pop quiz tomorrow” - my old religion teacher

    13. Mona Lola

      Can't afford meundees

    14. Roberta Gaines

      Are bats taboo now? Asking for a friend

    15. zenith.polaris xiii

      I think a common misconception about giving and receiving gifts as a love language is that it means you're materialistic. But in reality, it has more to do with knowing your partner was thinking about you when you weren't around and that they listen to you when you express interest in something or need something.

    16. Jackie B

      And today we learned that Julien is packin downstairs >.>

    17. Nick I Guess?

      I feel like whenever Marbles wakes up he’s just like *”Damn I’m still alive”* He’s cute tho :3 I’m also rewatching like all their videos cause I’m bored...

    18. Apryl

      I love how fast Julien went DinkDinkDink 😂

    19. lady grinch

      Julian is food driven = peach

    20. Cat E.S

      It took me almost the entire podcast to take a shower.

    21. Nadine Alfvegren

      lmao watching this during quarantine and hearing them say they love bats.....

    22. Bails bear

      I now identify as an indoor Aries who also struggles with sloth.

    23. AlyCattt

      Jenna is funny. As a Virgo who is nutritious for being sexual and great in bed, she is such a prude 😂 xx

    24. King explosion murder fuck off

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> Anyone notice Marbles staring into your soul?

    25. Katy Finley

      MEEBLES omfg he's an angel

    26. ishereforfuns

      the dogs have 1 singular collective brain cell. Bunny has had the brain cell for over a year

    27. Dublin Duro

      When the friendship H I T S

    28. Mystic Tulips

      BOBBY'S EAR FLIPPED INSIDE OUT AND POPPING BACK UP <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2850">47:30</a> I CANT HANDLE IT 😭

    29. Boin Whyte

      Bats: natures pest control 2020🤭🦇😶

    30. TheSadieChannel

      You should take weird buzzfeed quizzes please it would be so funny

    31. Allen Berryman

      Mine is also sloth!! Like I love to work but if I get the opportunity to be lazy.. sign me UP

    32. Whatsup

      im so happy that they found each other

    33. Aidan Ziegenhorn

      This should be called the Jenna, Julien, and Meeble Podcast

    34. Daniel

      this was kind of a horny one, lads, not gonna lie

    35. Mack Ross

      is it just me or is jenna with natural hair and jenna with bleach blond hair 2 different people😂

    36. Anna Shields

      My love language is I fucking love Jenna Julien. Anyone else?

    37. Anna Shields

      Brooooo I’m a Virgo in Q-tine and I feel that Sloth life. Always have. I think it’s because we are organized thinkers and our minds cannot handle the lack of work purpose organization in this time. I’ve been saying for a long time I’m really fucking good at doing nothing. Now that it’s not my choice though...🤨 I make up stories about the Iggys and the tigers and Julien interviewing Joe.

    38. Winny Pif

      does anyone have a link to this quiz?

    39. April Ragels

      There was this one time when Julien thanked Marbles for taking care of Jenna before he met her and that stuck with me. Hands down one of my favorite moments ❤

    40. Candice McRorie

      Lmao marbles constantly trying to look at Jenna and Julian keeps switching him back

    41. Bork

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2958">49:18</a> why is Julien touching Marbles like a gear stick

    42. Madison Letts

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> the look of da baby marble

    43. Frøzed

      marbles sleeping soundly whilst his parents are just laughing loudly around him is what im here for

    44. Mirriah Doyle

      watching on April 07, 2020. uhhhhhhhh don't do it!

      1. Mirriah Doyle

        CORONA VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. SINternet Entertainment

      I havent took this test because that is what it would be to me.

    46. Kristina Sandnes

      I'm literally just like Jenna, and I just realized that. Holy smokes, we have most of the same answers (only I love hugs over cute notes lol) and the gift thing... I HATE getting gifts. I say thank you and I feel thankful of course, but I feel so awkward, because I don't really need or want gifts. I understand why people give them, but I don't like getting it. I like giving tho! So weird. :)

    47. divya

      wanting a gift isn't a bad thing

    48. abigail patron

      ya'll they just friends😆

    49. kristina Baxter

      Oh this made me realize just how sweet julien really is

    50. Mxnkeyz_524

      You know u were in a toxic abusive relationship when u cry NOT tears of joy when u hear these from trauma

    51. Audrey Engelmann

      I love that this is just the same 5 questions 30 times lmao

    52. Amy Stuart

      Jenna just unlocked the bonus level of connecting with my soul! "I like crows... and bats", but do you read Edgar?

    53. Alysha Caron

      When Julian said “If I pick this one does that mean you won’t give me the other kind of love anymore? 🥺” my heart went UwU

    54. Daiky

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Julien: DiNK diNk DinK dINk . Squarespace

    55. _onpointnails

      Jenna hardly answered any questions and why is every other question answer about gifts!?

    56. sophie li

      outdoors aries band name called it

    57. Lizzy

      This is one of those podcasts that are better to watch

    58. Orenda Noisecat

      This is still one of my favourite podcasts!!!!

    59. rebecca ok

      juliens big dick energy is confirmed

    60. Hope Mackenzie Frey

      I'm 1000% gifts, I got an 11 on that and the next two were acts of service and words of affirmation both with a 6. It's not that I need lots of material possessions (although as a taurus I kinda do) but the fact that someone pays enough attention to the things I like and am interested in and care about enough to get me a gift that shows they are consciously and intellectually invested in me IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE. it really matters that they're meaningful gifts though, not just random fancy shit. the test really phrases all the gift questions like they're meaningful so they all got me lol

    61. 1NonlyDilligaf66

      I love that he still makes her blush

    62. Anna Barker

      I’m only here for the ad Segway’s

    63. Mikayla

      so nice to see two friends growing their friendship 🤠

    64. Montana Leathwood

      No ones talking about how Jenna practically said julien has a big dick and a lot of junk

    65. rat king

      i *just* broke up with my boyfriend, why am i watching this im gonna make myself cry

    66. Maya Henderson

      jenna and juliens love literally radiates.. ow.

    67. Kylie :O

      Just learned I’m an outdoor Aries. Self exploration is pretty chill.

    68. Rose Blush

      Friendship Goals ❤

    69. QueenMaxine

      Lmaoooo hey Marble!!

    70. Paige Helfrich

      julien: intimate jenna: *weird face* julien: what we're adults

    71. Jordyn Sullivan

      julen be like *eyyy bebe i like gifts you a 33 year old lady how bout you propose to me bebeee*

    72. Geek & Glow

      @julien get her a bouquet of the herb Thyme. Problem solved

    73. Not your mom

      My last name is Moore ahhh

    74. Savannah Joseph

      Bobby- *turns away from Julen* Julen- *turns Bobby back* Bobby- *mission failed, we'll get em next time*

    75. Another Brunette

      Aw I really want a relationship now but I don’t know how to find fun nice guys

    76. Bargins Galore

      This is a lot of love for just friends

    77. Kinsley Alexander

      aw mom and dad are being sweet

    78. Hannah Hawkes

      Dinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdinkdink His Aries popped the fuck out

    79. Hadil Z

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="638">10:38</a> oK BOOMER

    80. Naki-dono

      Just started listening to these podcasts at work, and they make my workday go by SO MUCH FASTER! Much appreciated ❤