Plants That Give Tattoos

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    Fidget Spinner:
    Card Trick: kriod
    Rug Face:

    Raccoon: pB8SV9c0pis0/
    Koala: pB7khqrKAlWC/
    Dog: pB8SCXA5pGP6/

    Ice: blueicehiggins/status/1225852974813110277
    Austin Carter (UCSD), Jacob Morgan (UCSD), Dr Sarah Shackleton (Princeton U), Dr John Higgins (Princeton U), Jenna Epifanio (OSU), Ian Nesbitt (U Maine), Tanner Kuhl, Elizabeth Morton, and Anna Zajicek

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    1. Exhileris 4k

      I will never see koalas the same way again😨

      1. Angel Ponce


      2. TΔLON


      3. Jackeroni Draws

        Look at wet koala

      4. Kimchi Fried Rice

        Me neither

      5. Cedric


    2. weed bang

      2:08 PUBG MOBILE players be like.

    3. weed bang

      This is the videa that made me hate koalas

    4. Wahaj Khan

      Aliens hiding in Antarctica farts* Humans : Strange voices coming from hole

    5. e t h e r e a l

      1:16 ประเทศไทยนี่หว่า555

    6. El perro kawaii

      yo hacia esto siempre de niño gracias a los que me preguntaron

    7. Zippitty22

      I'm not scared to punch a koala.

    8. Ka6 Gaming

      temporary tattoo?? try a mosquito trying to bit u slap ir carefully

    9. It’s yo catfish Joe Mama

      “Hello everyone this is *YOUR* daily dose of internet” Me: Are you ok because that *YOUR* sounded really aggressive

    10. 0HerRO5

      Spidget spinners

    11. i must wait 90 days to change nickname

      America: we have best tattoos India: 0:10

    12. Vyansya

      Ice: fell into hole Hole: *peace was never an option* *_loads gun_*

    13. Sour Trollz

      *Me when my throat is Dry **1:25*

    14. Ayaan Ahmed

      Daily dose:this plant gives a temporary tattoo me: it's a fern ,Ferns have a silver side and a green side


      2:26 it almost sounds like gunshots from a World War II movie

    16. Terra Chase

      See a koala thinking awe cute then behind you, one starts making that sound and youre like 'well crap'

    17. Weird muscle contraction

      As a Filipino that tattoo is relatable

    18. justayoshigamer

      Koala: growls Me a Australia: thats just you're average Tuesday

    19. Jacob Lopez

      The hole sounds like a world war fight

    20. Bella Bee

      Larry from Minnesota

    21. kinkone

      Esto es un poco de todo Perdon me equiboque de canal

    22. Wings of Fire Geek

      O gawd I can never see koalas the same again.. That’s just wrong dude.

    23. TheTwistedTwilghtForest

      I think that koala needs a cough drop

    24. Xx FitzPlayzxx Xd

      Ice falling down a tube made of ice sounds like bullet ricochets

    25. flamethegod

      The koala is just like HEUUUHEUUYYEHUUUUHEUUUUU

    26. Nekomancer

      2:22 @HALO can you do this for ricochet sounds for your recordings?

    27. Hope Tik toker

      Koalas sound more like pigs than pigs sound like pigs

    28. Addison Wancio

      That dog though

    29. Synix.

      Big respect to the dude that has his own radio antenna. That’s insane. Oh also, checkmate flat earthers.

    30. Winged Coco

      We use similar plants to decorate eggs.

    31. liquidblueyes18

      Will the fidget spinners ever be sold or be on sale

    32. waffle man

      Even remembering your past videos Thats what good content creators do(in your case content sharer ,but hey)

    33. waffle man

      0:04 Its the spore of a fern Just look under a fern Its just spores.(fine by me,but might be gross for some) Pretty tho

    34. Raging Torchic

      Fidget spinnerssss

    35. Noir Andrade

      1:28 didnt know they smoked :[

    36. King Faisal

      If that guy with the fidget spinners makes a lot of them and sells them they are going to be popular again

    37. Pedro Ruiz

      Nobody: Me and my friends playin with ray gun mods in COD: 2:31

    38. Sbigrox

      This reminds me of amazinglife247 ... rip

    39. Colin BoB -_- volpe

      what are koalas no way he made that im nevouse

    40. Paul Bogaert

      So that’s what my moms Tesla sees

    41. Timeus Plays

      those tattoo plants are not only in india there is one right next to my house and I live in the caribbean

    42. Leon Kalšek

      The plant that gives you tattoos is actually in Europe and N. America and that white things are actually its seeds that are on the opposite site of the plant you could only get "tattoes" only in spring because then its some kind of mating season when those seeds are blow away by wind so good luck when looking for the plant that gives you tattoes

    43. Fruit -

      1:13 pretty sure the door was a push door to get out lol. Notice how the door was closing from the outside indicating it was a pull door from outside.

    44. Antonella Hans

      Me recuerda a un poco de todo

    45. sans the skeleton

      I just really like how daily goes straight to the point of the video instead of talk and show some other video and talk and shower another video and then the point of the video shows up

    46. Draqon Fruit

      I didnt see them drop the snow so at first I thought they dropped a phone or something

    47. Preggars on CRAK

      1:30 Australia most deadly creature the drop bear

    48. Draqon Fruit

      What is the plant called?

    49. Aiden Leddy

      1:39 he do be sounding like a zombie pigman doe

    50. FelineEmpanada

      1:27 me when i cry

    51. Ashlynn Rose

      Why is nobody talking about that person that cut a hole in their rug just to stick their face in it..?

    52. Niksa Kascelan

      1:25 top 10 scariest animals

    53. Idiot

      i hate koalas

    54. Idiot

      i hate koalas

    55. Le Phong Nguyen

      0:37 moonwalk incoming

    56. friends of the 406

      Don't lie the koala sounds like your dog before they throw up

    57. Yoko Miki

      Now i want a fidget spiner

    58. Eric Lin

      Girls: Koalas are my favorite animal! Koalas: 1:25

    59. Conspira-Tea Meltdown

      And noooow I don’t want to see another koala in my life

    60. Adox 177


      1. GingerLy IceY

        Plus thats from light

      2. GingerLy IceY

        Koalas can have different coloured eye you know