PIKE FISHING: Huge vs Tiny Lures 🐊🔥 (40 cm vs 10 cm)

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    Is it true that you catch bigger pike with bigger lures? Today we go pike fishing and will put HUGE lures (30 cm+) against tiny lures (smaller than 10 cm) to find out the answer once and for all.
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    1. Ken Wolfe

      love it.... i can tell you watch D-yang bass.

    2. Paxton Cooper


    3. Medzonar73

      frankly good video

    4. Triceraptus 96

      My first Pike was 79cm 4.0 kg it took on small bite

    5. e_1han

      A bunch of anomaly fisher men

    6. Not Noaaahhh

      Were they kissing @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="908">15:08</a>

    7. Mr Fou

      Super vidéo j’ai adoré

    8. PuO 2

      7cm is a small lure xD

    9. John Puckett

      Okay guys got a question how do I get them here in the United States

    10. Mehdi Dada

      Poisson !!

    11. _gmmaann_ WOTB

      It’s crazy that you fish a massive bait like that with a medium/heavy action bait caster. What lb test your use?

    12. Brendan Spencer

      Im a beginner musky fisherman from the northeastern USA, and i love this channel!

    13. Odafishing

      POISSON !!!!! POISSON !!!!

    14. Leon K

      Like and Abo for the scheiße

    15. TaNa

      PLS READ. where can i get one of the shuppy custom lures. Looks awesome

    16. Mr Bird

      Er fra Norge

    17. Mr Bird


    18. The Lost Lures fishing


    19. Terreur Rouge

      Le brochet fait la taille du leur 😂😂😂

    20. króliki 234

      Canibal 25cm

    21. gadda33

      This is the best time for big mamma's :))

    22. Mega Sigge Forsström

      Kan ni svenska?

    23. Ethan Sharpe

      Come to Canada.And fish in like -36 degrees

    24. sebastien sebastien

      You guys should do small to large rods

    25. A. E.

      Very nice video, greetz from Germany

    26. Justin Eloi

      I am actually french and it is funny to see you saying "poisson" or "brochet" because on france we said "pike" or "fish" 😂

      1. le tueur 7K2scht

        Ha bah oui 😂

      2. Hops

        oui ça m’a fais bizarre aussi le « POISSON POISSON »

    27. Leandro Alvarez

      Put subtitles in Spanish pls

    28. Leonard Ciupei

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1285">21:25</a> it should be everybody's goal to have that kind of bromance in life.

    29. Ants CZ

      answering the age old question, does big lure catch big fish, also i love this channel even though i just found it

    30. Mike Puusa

      Canadian lure gets the job done Well done guys great vid

    31. Leo Felipe

      Poisson Poisson !!!!! j adoree clein d œil a scarna fishingg :)

    32. Pavel Kovalsky

      more fishing less fake hype plz

    33. Rdr2 Dude

      Lure bigger than there pike😆

    34. Nicolas G

      Took me a while to realise you were actually saying Poisson ! Now you have to tell me what that is in Swedish ;) Awesome vid guys, !

    35. mckean naegle

      and i'm over here thinking that 40 degree water temp is cold.

    36. sundie

      Really good for french ! thanks you bro

    37. Ivar Eriksson

      Man hör att ni är svensk

    38. No Robot

      Scheiße! :D

    39. patch14270

      vous pouvez venir en France maintenant vous avez déjà notre vocabulaire ! brochet !!! , poisson !!! et le meilleur merde!!! you can come to France now you already have our vocabulary!

    40. Chasing The Fish

      I eat like. In colorado I hook into alot of them brown trout fishing in a undisclosed lake.

    41. Тимофей К.

      One question about bout Is it Vbout?

    42. Anton wiklund

      vart var ni på åland

    43. Erik Bohlin

      I got a 7kg pike on a 4cm soft plastic

    44. Kieran Parrish

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="373">6:13</a> at this moment they both nutted in their pants lmao.

    45. ismail binmail

      Piro regone minnow iku mas broo. 😁😁

    46. Abraham Stekl

      This sounds like something you would watch on the weekend LOL sesels.info/video/video/qaSMiYfdp458iqI.html

    47. D Kendall


    48. and rew

      Was that a fish in the background at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="229">3:49</a>

    49. Olivier Tissier

      Super émission

    50. Thor Andre M.T

      Those baits ain’t even close to my pp

    51. Leon Nordin

      tog min störsa gädda som va på 110cm på en mcpike 25cm, den vägde bara 7,8 då det va precis efter leken och den va gammal så det va surt

    52. band bam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> ummmm

    53. A Rustamov

      very positive guys

    54. seiska 51M0NEN


    55. Juman Kauti

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="384">6:24</a> thats good bait i got like seven big perch with it in finland

    56. Emanuel N

      Håll upp dom, visa upp dom. Släpp tillbaka dom. Sedan prata om dom, ser mycket proffsigare ut då än att ha den över ytan enbart för att prata om den 🎣👍

    57. cliffyhen 80

      I am French POISSON POISSON !!! 😂😭

      1. Erik Ståhl

        @Wai Mais oo hell no

      2. cliffyhen 80

        @Wai Mais thank you !!! 👍

      3. Wai Mais

        The best people in france



    59. Norden

      Hur funkar spöet utan en bygel🤔

    60. Misael Camargo

      Sub português pls

    61. Felix Garcia

      My Biggest pike I had was close to 21 pounds caught while bass fishing with a whopper plopper scared the crap out of me.

    62. Hasse Suhonen

      pontus/mille where can buy chubby big lures ??

    63. Spartia Fishing

      Good job, 2 beautiful pike ! Very cool vidéo, thanks 💥🏆🎣 Kiss from France

    64. Lukas S

      Minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="630">10:30</a> 😂😂😂 Wenn mit Englischem Akzent auf Deutsch geflucht wird

    65. Andrei Farcas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> Romanian language or my hearing is bad?

      1. Erik Ståhl

        You have probably really bad hearing

    66. lee on the back wheel

      Would a 4 to 21 gram rod be able to hold maybe even 10lb pike ?

      1. Erik Ståhl

        Of course it's most about the thickness of the line

    67. jdogg661420

      from my experience.. small baits are better for the average fisherman.. and for noobies.. good for new people so they can catch fish and easier for them to like the sport.. good for average people also.. because they will be catching fish once they figure out what small baits work in their area ect.. but if you want to target big fish and don't mind not catching and catching very few fish.. and have a fat wallet.. the bigger is probably better. but it just depends on the style and people change over time also.. and even yearly.

    68. Mage noir

      We french love you man

    69. Koutetsu Oni

      I caught my biggest pike on a small bait. Fishing a 3inch walleye lure and got smacked by a 52inch 37 lb pike, shit was wild trying to get that in on 20 lb braid lol

      1. Harambe Harambe2

        Not bad

    70. Ethan

      The sound of your alarm hurts me on a deep level every time, since it’s my wake up alarm!!! 🚨😂🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. _gmmaann_ WOTB

        Ethan same bro

      2. get me to 50 subs

        Ethan same on a deep emotional level

      3. kanalgratisdotse


    71. Oen TV

      I was waiting for them to throw the lure instead of the pike back in the water

      1. Erik Ståhl


    72. Андрей Шаргородский

      Спасибо что с русским переводом !!!!!!! Посмотрел с большим удовольствием !!!!!

      1. pasvladser 2027


    73. Ioan Virgil

      Nike Pike

    74. Sergei Lesun


    75. Brando St

      I’m American don’t hold it against me. But most friends would be rubbing it in. But fair play saying that it’s your lucky day. I’ve fished with friends ever since we were boys and if he catches more fish then me I definitely hear about it.

    76. Kristaps Ādamsons

      I fish for pike with does small lures

    77. михаил коныгин


    78. Андрей Козлов

      Круто 🤘


      Отличное видео, стоит иметь такие приманки в своём арсенале.

    80. Herve Guilbaut

      La, d'accord... C'est Big vs Small 😁