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    What do you think? Should Brad join Claire on Gourmet Makes more often? Just think about how differently all of the gourmet snacks would have come out: fermented M&Ms, dry-aged Peeps, campfire Cheetos. Anyway, in this episode, join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Butterfingers.
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

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    1. Emma Bush

      The mercury retrograde comment is perfect bc I’m watching this in mercury retrograde

    2. Skeleton

      why is claire so bad at tempering chocolate? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Cidney Winterton

      Claire should do Gourmet Pirouettes.

    4. Nikki Anna


    5. Linda Nguyen

      Slightly inconvenient. Literally if I ever made an autobiography.

    6. Sally

      Pastry chef attempts to make gourmet Girl Scout cookies??

    7. LillerThatIsMe

      What’s the silpat budget on this show?

    8. Mel T.

      Claire getting distracted and ruining something because she was defending her decision to wear sweatsuits outside the house is a mood but for my whole life.

    9. Sam Li

      Claire could probably sell that notebook with all her notes of each episode for a million

    10. Tiffany Tran

      I think Claire should do like the Kinder products next. That would be so fun to watch.

    11. Molly Boley

      Chiming in to express support for a Gourmet Makes Bueno episode

    12. Thuan Ta

      Spring is almost here so you should do the Cadbury Cream Eggs

    13. ✰✰✰ 𝙈𝘼𝙔𝘼

      Gourmet Lunchables!!

    14. William Wade

      Would love if you did 3 Musketeers!

    15. flameoace

      if you guys ever wanna do a caribbean/guyanese cultural episode id recommend big foot ☺️ its an almost puff cheeto chip in the shape of feet lol

    16. Captain Laramie

      She should remake Rolos 👀

    17. Cameron Varley

      Day 3 curse strikes again

    18. Samita Pariyar

      Clair plz make Asian “coconut milk drink with Nara De coco”

    19. Yasiris

      Claire you should make Gourmet Lemonheads or Flipz!!! Love this series btw❤❤

    20. Emily ONeill

      do gourmet funyuns!!!

    21. neptuneslove3

      Make Hostess Ding dongs

    22. Iona-Grace Walsh

      Claire needs to make Jaffa Cakes (Pims, I think, are the closest thing there)

    23. Silver Surfer

      Do crunchie, or we have a bar in nz called pinky, be great to know how to make those.

    24. Countryside Kitchen

      Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

    25. Erika Whitfield

      Me the second Claire started talking about sweatshirts : "she's about to mess up "

    26. Miranda Hester

      That bottle of Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla paste, I’m jealous.

    27. Kaylee Robb

      Claire! You should try to make gum but with longer lasting flavor....

    28. marika m

      concept: gourmet makes club crackers

    29. Audrey M

      I think that you should make Funyuns ngl

    30. Iris s

      do maltesers next!! 🥺

    31. T R

      Next attempt, store bought frosted sugar cookies!

    32. Farah Zamir

      Is NO ONE gonna mention 26:05? Gaby: (on the squall) if you are a tourist and you have no idea you're gonna be like "WHAT THE *******REDACTED*******" LMAO

    33. sophie

      can you put the amount of ingredients in text at the end? i SUCK at hearing the amounts when it goes fast so I have to rewind like every ingredient three times hhhh

    34. Mo Fo

      Why does it feels like every single guy who visits he is flirting with her like crazy

    35. QuiznosBear

      If you're gonna try and be fancy with "fillateen" or whatever it is you're saying.... Don't show the cornflakes box in frame... Or the very obvious cereal bag...

    36. Anush

      26:50 I think I’m crying this is so wholesome

    37. B uppy

      To me it's like a brittle maybe blended with additional oil in a blender, and quickly formed and covered in chocolate.

    38. Allie Dahl

      I miss Butterfinger BBs

    39. rev it

      "pastry chef Attempts to make gourmet whoppers" ALSO, WE NEED MORE BRAD CONTENT.

    40. Dionicio Lombera


    41. Givin'a Spook

      Please make gourmet Star Crunch 💖

    42. Rahma Alfarsy

      we need brads deleted scences

    43. Cecily Thomas

      An episode where claire has to make Chris Morocco's favorite dessert (*simple* Chocolate cake and mint chip ice cream) and it's put side by side with store bought and he has to blind taste test guess which one claire made and which one is store bought. Plot twist; it's a gourmet makes because she replicates name brand items. Ex. (I guess) Ben and Jerry's ice cream and chocolate cake (bodega vs claire). PLS DO THIS EPISODE ILL CRY 😭 *likes are encouraged yall* ty!

    44. Cecily Thomas

      Ok ok but get this: Chips Ahoy. OR. Cookie. Crisp. Cereal.

    45. Berenice Morales

      All the reds look so red in this video

    46. Jason Yamir

      I would die for Claire

    47. ICriticX3

      Brad: Clair should make Yoohoo

    48. Carissa Dominguez

      They should make a new rule: a gluten free item needs to stay gluten free.

    49. Brianna H.

      Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Brad saying Claires name in every sentence after biting the butterfinger

    50. rtmordecai1

      The corn flakes went in the peanut butter in the unwrapped episode. I wonder why she didn’t replicate that?

    51. Jessica Alexzandra

      Can you please make gourmet Nutty Bars ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    52. Erin Thomas

      Claire makes butterfingers sound delicious, too bad they suuuuuuck (I love you Claire I’m sorry)

    53. Rebekah Bailey

      What about Gourmet Makes Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

    54. rtmordecai1

      If she had asked for fan info on Butterfinger, which totally got ruined with the “new and improved,” I could have told her that freezing makes removing the chocolate much, much easier; I’m like Molly in my dislike of chocolate.

    55. Tyra I

      I love being American b/c we can date events by whatever ecological disaster was going on at the time

    56. August Schultz

      All the struggles and experiences that Claire has had up till this point were so worth it for the masterful success of this episode. So glad she waited to do Butterfinger until now!

    57. Anthony Ennis

      PLEASE Make Gourmet Peppermint Patties!!!

    58. tylee cassinera

      You should make robin eggs for Easter!

    59. Clash

      I'd like a bag or bar if you need to get rid of any... PLEASE?

    60. Mason Wong

      Claire should make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies also I wrote a research paper on Gourmet Makes this channel is great