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    Alright, look. We're warning you now. Don't mix Mentos and Coke at home unless you want to spend way too long cleaning up afterwards. Anyway, making Mentos should be just like making Skittles, right? So this shouldn't take too long... hmm.
    Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes gourmet Mentos.
    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Mentos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. Bon Appétit

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      1. Total RC

        Bon Appétit can you have Claire make a baked Alaska cake please 🙃

      2. blahblah2316

        Bon Appétit make gourmet jelly belly!

      3. The Glasses

        Gourmet Makes, gourmet Mike and Ike!!

      4. hailey andrews

        Bon Appétit you should make subway raspberry cheesecake cookies next!!!

      5. pradeep kumar

        Try halidirams kaju katli

    2. Leila Bagenstos

      i love claire but mentos r GROSS

    3. pineapple

      _delany in a suit_

    4. Angeliz Rodriguez

      Claire's ring looks fantastic

    5. Star God

      @mentos "it's not a chemical reaction???" bruh yours is like the only candy that does it it's the candy bro it's the chemicals

    6. Ram

      They sould learn how to cast food grade molds!

    7. yomi _

      I want claire on it's alive and brad on gourmet makes 10/10 would watch for some switch it up thing

    8. club a

      gaby is chaotic good

    9. Sr20VE

      32:20 is why I watch 😯😂😌

    10. pria glenn

      I love that we’re all skipping over the designer drugs Andy comment

    11. Madi Buettner

      i love gabby sm like she’s so cute

    12. Kerstie Sweeney

      I love the Mentos in the rainbow package, especially the 🍍pineapple🍍!! Nummy!! 💖💖💖

    13. Clover Howlter

      Dan and Phil are s h a k i n g

    14. Millie Thomas

      Gourmet makes funyuns

    15. Fransheska PerdomoR

      Poor Claire this one was a nigthmare

    16. FiReAn

      I feel like all these candy have the shells made like jawbreakers? they're tumbled in industrial machines with the sugar being poured in while they spin so they're coated evenly. Also the carnauba wax is added to make the candy shell shiny

      1. Manakuuchiha

        Like a rock polisher for candy shells

    17. Emma Esparza

      "Let's have it be the one even if it's not the one."

    18. Estrella Matilde

      1st I love Claire she did such an awesome job 2nd I’m happy she’s having fun 3rd the interaction between Delany or however you spell it and brad was so weird lol

    19. Emily Stallard

      I know Brad is married, but who else ships Claire and Brad? I know I do. I have for a while.

    20. Matt Maxwell

      Claire: a corn starch and egg white mold Me: oh honey, you’re just making a different version of oobleck (a mixture that is solid when pressure is being put on it but a liquid when no pressure is put on it, hence why the mentos just sank into the mold. ) :D

    21. John Gabkin

      Minute 19:16 twitter reaction video 😂😂

    22. ChocoThunder z

      Shape them when the candy is hot

    23. Jenny RH

      Try to make gourmet hi-chews!!! Please like so they can see this!!

    24. Floccinaucinihilipilificator

      39:44 Nani!!!!

    25. Czarina Marushka

      After Brad’s interview with Sean Evans and him talk about the Kombucha explosion involving him and Chris Morocco, I now understand Chris’ cautiousness here. Lol.

    26. Ezra Raphael


    27. Maxim Ksiendzov

      I think the whole idea about the OG Mentos (and Skittles) filling is it being a non newtonian fluid. Therefore, when a high force is applied to them they behave like a rock (bounce off a surface or break into pieces), but under a mild force they act chewy, this is literally what non newtonian fuilds do. And you know what a NNF is? Wheat starch! Literally what you pointed out in your video when you attempted to make a mold out of it.

    28. punsiella

      that intro of the coke exploding made my excitement for this video quadruple

    29. Hannah Morton

      Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet chewing gum?????

    30. Chloe S.

      I love love mentos

    31. ZoeZoe 817

      Claire I love your tye-dye shirt!!!

    32. Dennis Bruinink

      Chris using the anglegrinder got me turned on

    33. m

      Make canada mints, aka grandma's pink!

    34. Daniel Arcure

      I tried the numbers thing and my left hand feels just a little stiffer than my right but I can do it with both

    35. keeahrah r

      Can someone please just get Claire a cheap rock tumbler?

    36. shannon carr

      The fermentation station is a bio hazard hah

    37. Sean Alexander

      She needs a pulling hook and a Brad

    38. Raine Belanger

      Where she get her first shirt

    39. Gerardine Sephora

      That’s soo cool 😂❤️

    40. natalie belanger

      you need to do smarties!!!!! i don’t if it would be difficult or easy 🧐