Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows



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    Find out how the parents reacted to their kids reacting to adult
    jokes in kids shows.
    Content Featured:
    Kids React To Adult Jokes In Kid Shows
    Flash can't get a date
    FULL SCENE - Season 2, Episode 13
    The Coin Slot
    Spongebob Watching TV *Clip*
    Amazing World of Gumball
    Smile Dip
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    Reactors Featured:
    Anjelica, Julia's Mom
    David, Jordyn's Dad
    Denise, Bowie's Mom
    Don, Don Jr.'s Dad
    Jamie, Janelle's Mom
    Marco. Lucas' Dad
    Sarah, Hadley's Mom
    Y, Tida's Mom
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    Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

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      1. BMG CHOPPA

        I new ever single one of these

      2. Sebastian Barreda

        You should do teens next that would be interesting

      3. Avery Anderson

        I was today years old when I understood the gumball one

      4. roblixiim

        FBE is there any way I can be in teens react

      5. Deadpool Gamer

        Ok the spongebob TV had me dying

    2. durwood

      Did he put it in his fill

    3. Rio Feb

      I never know all of that is adult joke before i watch this

    4. Ayush Shrestha

      Next episode be like: Kids react to parents react to kids react to adults joke in kids tv show

    5. nightmare timothy

      Dont forget when robbie did "those hand signs" in the mini golf in gravity falls

    6. RubyNeedsHelp 0_0

      Why do I understand all of them when I’m only 11 😭

    7. Veemo Licious

      Anybody else think that these kids are kinda dim witted... also the fact that some kids are like probably older than me and I understand is kinda saying something


      I understand all im 14

      1. I Don't Care I Ship It


    9. Meat Ball

      I know all the adult jokes and IM 12

      1. I Don't Care I Ship It


      2. Not GG IndieYT

        Me too

      3. Rafa Bernabest


    10. ThatOneKid_ -

      who is that much of a karen to not let their kids watch spongebob

    11. EthanBlew_Up

      Not allowed to watch spongebob, thats tuff!

    12. EthanBlew_Up

      Even i understood this as a kid. Come on

    13. B&N fortnite

      How do u now let ur kid watch spongebob the show is for like little kids

    14. Frozen Effort

      I didn’t get the first gum ball one

      1. EthanBlew_Up

        Its ok kakashi since im neji dont worry about it

      2. SLOWPOK3 SLOW

        Sky head

      3. Sky

        Frozen Effort sex.

    15. claire yagami

      didn't get that soap joke on spongebob either and i'm 19. somebody pls explain

      1. Elliot Ps

        If you drop the soap in prison another inmate goes up to you and hands you a brand spanking new bible, and you start studying it.

      2. Rebat _

        Dropping the soap in a male prison can be pretty scary and touching moment.

      3. yummymel owo

        In prison, dropping the soap in the showers leaves you out in the 'open' if you catch my drift.

    16. Punch

      Im 2 and i got all the jokes

      1. Genna Bella

        Bro I'm a 3 month old foetus get on my level

    17. Avianna Harris-Hubbard

      *“The sea horse got mad because he put the coin in his butthole”* I’m dying

      1. Slime_Faith Goofy_One

        Avianna Harris-Hubbard SAME 😂😂

    18. Isaiah Garcia

      You now what that was the thing he wasn’t supposed to watch

    19. LaTasha Rich

      I got most of these 🥺😭

    20. Ant Esc

      I am 11 yo and I got every single joke is that bad

      1. Mâbëy I dîssëd hîs wîfü

        @Quiet_ Creeper3 you sure about that

      2. Quiet_ Creeper3

        No it’s not bad. Good job kid

      3. Mâbëy I dîssëd hîs wîfü

        I think most kids these days get them M

      4. Ballora Exotic Butters


    21. 24Dylan Childs

      5:50 "COIN SLUT"

    22. That is not correct

      i’m 11 and i sadly get every single joke-

      1. SLOWPOK3 SLOW

        Story to break it to u but who asked

      2. Julian Mcguigan

        I'm 2 an-

      3. Blue Weirdø

        That is not correct *I’m 13 and I already know all of em-*

    23. Ken

      Next video should be those kids (10 years later) react to them react to funny adult jokes in kids shows See you guys 10 years later!😀

    24. Elliot Ps

      Make this an inception until the kids are adults themselves

    25. Noahs Hyper1107

      I get all of them

      1. Cade Castle

        Noahs Hyper1107 same

    26. i am l3R4VE

      Imagine all of the kids get all of them

    27. xGothxLunax

      What does all these jokes meeeean? Im 15 yet i dont know ;-;

      1. xGothxLunax

        @SK Z Oof probobly :P

      2. xGothxLunax

        @KILLA QUEEN Sadly :'3

      3. KILLA QUEEN

        Ah I see you still haven't lose your innocence

      4. SK Z

        you're not stupid you just haven't seen enought stuff yet

      5. xGothxLunax

        @Callum Miller Cause im stupid TwT

    28. Really

      How the sea hourse kick the fish guy if sea hourse has no legs???

    29. Kenelia Cannon

      Do this video again but with the movie Monster House

    30. OverweightedWeasley


    31. Baruto Uzumaki

      I'm 11 and I understand

      1. Noahs Hyper1107

        Me to

      2. Baruto Uzumaki

        @Kaitlynn Powell223 how old are you

      3. TroxX Kami


      4. Kaitlynn Powell223

        Baruto Uzumaki right

    32. Spongeguy full epsoide And more

      M vc bnb cts xxv is ctsedr ur 666 6

    33. Baruto Uzumaki

      I can hear what these people are saying these idiots will stop down.

    34. kenza Zaidane

      me being 10 years old and getting all the jokes thank you youssef (my older brother)

    35. double chin ultimate

      i made it until lucas said butthole that i realized it was the kid from the fbe condom commercial lmao

    36. Fluffy Senpai - Gacha and More

      Boi, I'm 14 and understand none of this.

      1. SK Z

        Bruh when I was 14 I would've gotten all of these idk what yall 14 yo's are up to these days.

      2. Jv Retro

        That’s the point you a kid lol

      3. Ashton Riester

        No you’re not

      4. Jskull01 Cooney21

        Then don't drop the soap in jail or u get are fucked

      5. The Multigamer

        Same lol

    37. Kay Bear-Lee

      Dont drop em Six times a day I thought this stuff was banned in america Gumball and Darwin look high asf Little me-hahahahahha 14 year old me-🤭💀HOW TF DID I NOT UNDERSTAND THIS THO😂😂😂

    38. Amsure Animations

      Bless their innocence You guys raised your children properly

    39. furryland 4ever

      Now they are going to do kids reacting to their parents reacting to them

    40. 박서현

      if u got everything

    41. Leonel Cruz

      I got all of them right but two and I'm 12

    42. Sandy I need water!

      Innocent kids be like:

    43. Landofchugs 2

      I am 10 and I get number 6

    44. strawgarettes


    45. seeni gzty

      "She's not even allowed to watch Spongebob." As an educator who works with school-age children regularly: what?! It's friggin' Spongebob!

      1. Manuel Hernandez

        Also, she's allowed to beat a huge show in the Internet where everyone can now who she is. That's really exposing her.

    46. BLOCC


      1. Himanshu Pawar

        Didnt understand man please explain

      2. seeni gzty

        Luca is da best

    47. Shaan Bhatia

      Ayo what was that prince joke?

      1. Shaan Bhatia

        @Jv Retro then tell me my guy

      2. Jv Retro

        Shaan Bhatia dsmn im 16 and I instantly got it

      3. Shaan Bhatia

        @Nova Nova 16

      4. Nova Nova

        How old r u...

    48. That one Chameleon

      Nobody kids I know all of these

    49. RaveMDew

      If you see this comment you have 1 in a 20k chance

      1. Hdj Hdhdhd

        damn especially how 6 people found you if that🤣

    50. •Gudetama •

      Oh dang I’m early

      1. traceurs619

        So was Flash;)

      2. Loneboy._

        •Gudetama • same lol

    51. Teddy Carlson

      Then I'm one smart kid.

      1. jagir

        Teddy Carlson or corrupted at a young age

      2. Teddy Carlson

        Wow w that fast? Thanks for the like!

    52. Hman wheez

      When u don’t let your kid watch spongebob but fortnite is ok☠️

      1. Amsure Animations

        Hman wheez fornite Call of duty Gta 5

    53. Pearson who made a channel just to comment

      The parents say I'm glad no kids get them and I'm understanding all of them

    54. The Super Gaming Family

      how do i get on the show

      1. Noahs Hyper1107

        That's exactly what I said

    55. Maximillian Osaben

      Looney Tunes alone was wildly full of adult humor. Not even subtly.

    56. Genesis Italia

      I understand

    57. Aaiden Hernandez

      I’m 11 and I get all of these 😂

      1. Noahs Hyper1107


      2. Trash Can

        I learned all this when I was 8

      3. Tech Inside

        I'm 13 and yeah same lol

      4. Super Mario Chris


      5. Madison Belfry


    58. Boi You thought

      Am i. The only kid who gets all the jokes but im a kid

      1. Boi You thought

        I got them all

      2. FOXY CANADA

        Boi You thought no

    59. Yvonne

      Roads Runner Bugs etc did

    60. jnlyn

      what. i dont get the soap joke

      1. France Louise

        @SK Z why

      2. SK Z

        Don't drop the soap.

      3. France Louise


      4. Indra Irawan

        u need watch prison school soap scene, why dont drop the soap