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    Let me know if you want Mama to do this aswell B-) I got this idea from the SEselsr ohnickel! Be sure to check out his videos aswell!
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      Wonder if I can report what I lost in CSGO skins as gambling loses on my tax return

    2. Your Nan

      You're getting fat bro, get off yo ass or you're gonna be underground early

    3. Jacob Lopez

      2:38 Loool

    4. Peca Neandertalac

      Tbh every thumbnail is cringe xD

    5. peke peke

      How can swedish houses be so cheap? Waddaffuug!?

    6. Theodor Nøkkentved

      Are you danish


      Бляяяяяяя я а где же русские субтитры ну или же цены на экране?

    8. Dennis Hu

      Thumbnail *$35.000* That’s $35 It’s $35,000

    9. Cravex _

      ,,Its the same color all the knife"" papanomaly 2020

    10. * ROCKYRAFTY

      $35 knife in thumbnail lol

    11. Barack Obama

      Gae blue EYBRows

    12. SighKOpath

      I got my atheris for 3 dollars aud and my phobos for 2 dollars aud

    13. CK Flo

      Did he get a facetatt? Looks like it tbh

    14. Made to Watch 18 videos

      At 0:10 he hit his funny bone it’s a part of your elbow that if you hit it I will send a shock through your arm the more you know (it also FUCKING SUCKS)

    15. Максим Москвин

      Does Karambit without a star belong to you???

    16. MsLampalampa

      That's so crazy why would you pay for these things

    17. dragon 173

      Next time Anomaly guesses price on beer

    18. Fever x

      yo is that papas only shirt? take papa out and get him some new drip

    19. IceAndFire

      *Because I'm **_STOOPID_* - Papanomaly

    20. I'ts oKai

      Everyone asks who is papa, but nobody asks if papa's okay 0:07

    21. L0R3NZ_GAMER

      Are you German?

    22. AWP Senpai

      Imagine the Karambit case hardened being a statrak

    23. Qwenter

      Does Anomaly have face tats?

    24. Trite

      I actually wonder if Anomaly hates his mother or something I mean he never speaks of her.

    25. Bird

      i told you it was blue!

    26. Zyrelle T.

      does papa play cs go too? :O

    27. Esref Eşrefoğlu

      some peoples very lucky in life. we play with wormgod awp... global player 4k wins with wormgod :(

    28. Rafif Hassan

      If a knife was 10 euro then I would have so many

    29. gabbe viking


    30. Twilzeth

      Well, technically, the skins are only worth what some idiot is willing to pay for it, not the price someone is asking for it >.

    31. Henrique Dobscha

      You can literally buy a house with a pixel Lmao

    32. iulian Playz

      Anomaly: karambit emerald 3k euros. Papa:maaaaaaa......oh shid

    33. Granth Khetan

      His eyebrows are fucking blue

    34. Dunpeal 192

      Why are the eyebrows of the autistic child blue?

    35. Dunpeal 192

      After all that time with his autistic son he doesnt even know that there are no cheap Knifes like for around 5 Euro? Man he should stop drinking xD

    36. The Berliner

      blue eyebrows :D

    37. Isaac TheGod


    38. Tomasvluha


    39. Jon Cliss

      iTs ThE sAme COloR AlL thE KnAif 4:03

    40. SD SWITCH3231

      So when you unboxed a blue gem karambit,you just like unboxed a house

    41. SplasJ

      What is the Website He uses to Show the price?

    42. dihe maverick

      Why you wearing mask my friend!?

    43. RavioliRavioliSteam

      the views

    44. Andrew W.

      Face tattoos?

    45. Nazim Boubenia

      Life is unfair, 6 years playing cs go no knife than there is this dude .

    46. esquiloespacial br

      papa is thinking how many beers he can buy with all this money xD

    47. zxl -iwnl

      Blue haired anomaly?!!!

    48. Scythical

      i think he should sell his knifes for a better pc lmao

    49. Penguin King

      Its a knife! Its a pixel! *boomer asf*

    50. 5with4

      No one is buying my StatTrak CZ-75 Auto Tigris MW and i posted it on the steam market with 2.10 (actual price 2.20). Why

    51. CoDestroy

      Mamanomaly guessing the price of CsGo Skin

    52. Nebulan Eclipse

      ok hold up, knifes with scratches on them look more detailed and more "authentic" so shouldnt they be worth more???

    53. OAV 481

      What is that site that has that knife up for 30 bux Someone tell me pls

    54. Venarius

      I love how all of these skins are in Chinese yuan

    55. Joey

      if only the skins were as cheap as Papanomaly thought they were....

    56. Supreme TheOne

      200.000$ for an in game item that doesn‘t even effect the game🤦‍♂️😂 crazy world....

    57. somebody人

      y pay 4 pixels when u can buy food or up ur specs

    58. N00bPlays

      which was the website he always showed us?

    59. Pizza boi

      no one talking about those ''eyebrows''

    60. Patrik Schuldes

      do you really have blue eyebrows?