Our Wedding | Safiya & Tyler

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    Here is part 4 of our wedding series - the grand finale, our wedding vlog! After many weeks of historical wedding dresses, franken-cakes, and custom black wedding dresses, I hope you guys enjoy it! :)
    You can check out our full first dance video here!
    You can check out our wedding highlight film here!
    You can also check out Amari Productions behind the scenes video here!
    PLANNER: So Smitten Special Events
    VIDEO: Amari Productions
    DRESS: Odylyne The Ceremony
    HAIR: Kayley Melissa
    MAKEUP: Yukina Mitsuhashi
    PHOTO: Love Tribe Weddings
    FLORALS: GingerSnap Florals
    VENUE: Carondelet House
    PHOTOBOOTH: Paper Moon Shoppe
    NAILS: Simply Nailogical
    TUXEDOS: The Black Tux
    RENTALS: MTB Event Rentals
    You can check out our Colourpop frankenlipsticks here! colourpop.com/collections/safiya-nygaard-makeup
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    Safiya's IG: safiyany
    Twitter: safiyajn
    Facebook: safnygaard/
    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden, Claire Wiley, Josie Latino, & Ben Chrobak-Prince
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    1. Safiya Nygaard

      HELLO FRIENDS and welcome to our wedding video!! we hope you guys enjoy it

      1. Sqackle

        Congratulations!!! Ive been watching your channel for quite some time now and I’m so happy for you! I hope you’ll be very happy and I love your content because it’s so funny and different I hope you enjoyed the wedding and you both looked amazing I’m pretty sure if was getting married I would have already smeared my makeup all over my face!🤣😂🥳🥳😜😋

      2. Tiffany H

        Congratulations you two!!! The wedding looked literally perfect. And you made me sob the entire video because...love and joy and stars and magic and black candles and YAY! Happy Wedding!

      3. Sukanna Sarker

        I hope y’all are happy!

      4. Candy Valenzuela

        I started crying uncontrollably congrats Safiya😭🥺

      5. {_• Łíłäc Drēãmš •_}

        ei agreed! May they have a long lovely life together as a couple!

    2. --

      Seeing Ben at 13:14 Was like seeing Flynn and Rapunzel in Frozen1

    3. Ciara Jenson

      You'd look good as Cleopatra

    4. emotionally._.depressed ._.

      OMGGG you got married the day after my birthday!!!! Im soo happy for your guys

    5. Summer’s Ratchet

      i cried..more than i should've i hope you guys spend the rest of your lives happy together

    6. obsessed with it


    7. Queen Hannah of Pandas

      whoever disliked this video, i don’t like you no hate but this was a happy moment! who would not love/like a happy moment?

    8. Jasmine Dubois

      I love the whole aesthetic of the wedding. It's so fanciful and whimsical and magical and beautiful.

    9. Jasmine Dubois

      9:58 you're cute sad sacks.

    10. Jasmine Dubois

      The wedding dress turned out incredible. Since the "Choosing my wedding dress" video I'd been wondering what the dress would look like in its final form. The detailing is perfect. Everything is perfect.

    11. Johanna Baker

      I saw BEHHHNNN :3

    12. Kashvi Miglani

      Love from India

    13. Someone

      I started crying when you 2 cried.

    14. Peggy Hartog

      It's Fred , the frankenstein red's, time to shine

    15. Peggy Hartog

      20:32 Tyler's sis : any objections ? Baby Elie : *swak* Saf : well timed , well timed

    16. Juan Taquito

      16:32 *PaUsE*

    17. Accalia


    18. quaking

      I almost had a coronary watching this this is so cute, and like I don't feel love much at all but I felt it so much here and it was magical. I wish you both the longest and most loving marriage, you both very much deserve it.

    19. Skylar

      Ty's sister was like i'mma back up just in case he does a drop swoop kiss

    20. Juan Gonzalez

      16:32 ok

    21. Jeffrey Corry

      also is that Matt Patt?? 21:17

    22. XxAnniexX

      Congratulations! >:D

    23. Jeffrey Corry

      Is that Ro and Husky?? 13:12

    24. Alondra Hanton

      You're wedding is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!

    25. Alondra Hanton

      I'm crying like a baby....congratulations!!!

    26. Benedetta Delbò

      "Kaitlyn has super glue" said simultaneously hit me so hard, I love them so much

    27. Chasity Adams

      U can tell they’re best friends

    28. scrulase

      You looked so absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your beatiful wedding!! The moment when you and Tyler first saw each other got me emotional and giggly, that was too cute

    29. Juliane Jüptner

      I'm just sitting here, eating pasta and getting teary eyed every few minutes

    30. שחר טובלי

      Wish you a lovely life !!!!! S&T

    31. שחר טובלי

      The fact that you cried makes me love you even more

    32. P Krall

      I stumbled onto your videos a week ago. I became an instant fan!! ConDRACULAtions!!!

    33. Brenda B.

      I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Best wedding ever!!!🥰🥰 If I could redo mine, which I might for our 5 year anniversary! I hope you don’t mind me coping you 😍😍

    34. Martine Fure

      Safiyas face after Tyler said "Jinx" 16:50

    35. Emily P.

      Safiya is GLOWING!! everything abt her is beautiful! the dresses came out GORGEOUS 🤩🤩 (oh and ty, u look good too lol)

    36. Sarah Beth Hester

      This is such an awesome and precious video!! Ive cried every time you did Saf!!!! Y’all are such a beautiful couple!!

    37. donmitchful

      Aw was great you all looked amazing xxxx congratulations

    38. Charlotte Cassar

      why wasn't Cristine a bridesmaid I thought they were really good friends, and also did you look were her and ben were seated? They where at the very back corner

    39. Baa Baa Lay Sheep

      16:23 Just a dude way to greet other

    40. Ashlee

      This is beautiful ❤

    41. Kay Crawford

      You looked sooooo beautiful🖤


      2:08..were they wearing sarees?... I'm an Indian...who else?

    43. Sofia Leskinen

      Saf: there's a lot of my crying face in this video Ty: yeah I'm gonna be crying a lot in this video Me: well shoot that means I'm gonna be crying a lot watching this video

    44. Ne znaš ko sam

      It would be better if they put pads under safiyas eyes

    45. Olivia Simpson

      Was that... Jullian? 23:10

    46. Tori

      Anyone else see that cheeky butt grab at 16:32

    47. Lynda Nickerson

      You made me cry thought video. Congrats you two. I love the black dress Safiya 💗💗🎉

    48. Bobbi heart

      This videos gonna make me cry as much as I did at my sisters wedding

    49. Amadancer1956

      And now I’m crying!

    50. xXPeachyRosesXx

      I saw my favorite table for the dinner lol it was a table that had Christine, Ben, Jenna marbles, julien and Shane Dawson lol my fav table

    51. Abby Moorehouse

      Omg I’m totally crying 😭

    52. Melita Savona

      I really love how much effort you put into your weeding and I cried myself watching you too as a wedded couple honestly was like as if you were one of my friends and I’m so happy for you and Tyler and I wish you all the best. I live you guys and have been following your Chanel for quite sometime now and it’s amazing to see how far you both have come xx lots of love 💖❤️😭 congratulations 🥳🥰💕

    53. Yabsira Hailu

      I love you guys so much 😍🥳😘🥰

    54. Shalima Tissera

      love it!!!

    55. Katie 1474

      Saf you looked absolutely radiant ♥ I'm so happy for you both!

    56. Daniel Braga

      I cried the whole thing.

    57. Ellie. Bear

      My name is Ellie!! ❤️❤️❤️

    58. Samantha Stephens

      at 23:14 does anyone else notice MatPat and Steph?

    59. Cat Tayls

      I put off this video because I was going to bawl, like a baby, watching the two of you finally getting married. I still did so (To my shame). I wish you guys all the best in this new(ish) chapter of your lives, Your wedding was just as amazing as the two of you are. Thank you for sharing alot of it with us.

    60. TeamAusten

      Anyone else a little sad no ladylike members were there?