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    1. Also Fitz

      i'm sorry if things have seemed slow recently. I've been going through a difficult time. Really trying to get better - hopefully returning to form soon. Appreciate you guys sticking with me.

      1. Xander Wyatt

        Pls do more Cards Get Humanity, such a funny game

      2. uilani lia

        Also Fitz take care of urself

      3. Jurnee Tinsley

        Also Fitz ur gay

      4. Clash with Simon

        Also Fitz 👌

      5. Porridge Boss

        Just borrow some of Fitz's contents Also Fitz, not all work have to be done by yourself

    2. chance 1222

      Swagger and zuckles should get njoys

    3. kaza blancas


    4. Trak447

      "Jew Jew's bizarre adventure" I was drinking pure orange juice after 30 mins of squeezing some oranges, to just drop it all over the floor when that shit made me laugh.

    5. micah

      Mini lad is dog shit end of story

    6. Rex 1V

      i think everyone gets hellen keller and anne frank mixed up every once in a while

    7. etan_esketit

      Something dryer than McCreamy’s jokes is Schlatt’s steak

    8. Assar svedén


    9. Francis Villanueva


    10. Chris Coul

      Wait, stop talking a moment I need to go make another drink.

    11. Pain Zane

      Watching this on acid is great 😂

    12. xboxboyzac

      What game are they playing/where can i find it

    13. Caprie Sun

      6:23 😭🙏

    14. Sizza FN

      Why is everyone saying that mini lad ruined the mood?

    15. BlueDude

      *Jewnothan Joestar*

    16. xSoporific


    17. Mr. Retard

      I hate that i know where that cow girl is from

    18. MGKeith 24

      I accidentally laughed in class brah I’m crying 😂🤣😭

    19. Mister Listerine

      I played this a ton in elementary, if the card starts with a lower case word then its obviously typed

    20. Kenistry Marsh


    21. Jessie’s vlogs

      Jacksepticeyes sweet Irish ass

    22. Raph

      I just sold my soul for Dry steak

    23. Specsh

      What game is this? Where do I get it?

    24. JaxPlayz

      More of this game :D

    25. HamPrince

      8:19 I can't believe I actually recognize the art style and game. It's an unfinished nsfw game called Breeding Season. Don't ask me why I know. Just take your information and go.

    26. ItsThatSimple

      “Who sold out Anne Frank?” Me: Jew Jew

    27. Eliseo Leija

      The only mess up thing about "Jew Jew's bizarre adventure." was that it was actually a adventure and it was bizarre.

    28. sad cannibal

      The dry soup is called sopa which is basically a mexican spaghetti

      1. Emily Fields

        sad cannibal damn those Mexicans always on some weird shit

    29. Angel Lopez


    30. sehhi vooty

      Mini Ladd: I want to be known as Vanos‘s friend Also mini Ladd: goes to misfits

    31. Kool-Aid Pipelining

      hey mini watches the same porn as me thats cool

    32. H Y S 7 E R I A

      1. sehhi vooty

        Okay I've had that freaking pony in a cum jar image on my side bar all freaking week. Fitz this is your fault.

    33. EpAr18

      This passes the vibe check except Mini Ladd

    34. SUCA SA

      My social life in atitle

    35. Jimmy - TLOPO

      Why have two channels? Why not upload all to Fitz so it seems like the channel isn’t always neglected :D

    36. jazzpip1

      I really dont like Mini ladd

    37. ceerw buty

      “What site did you find that off of??” Kryoz asking the important questions lol

    38. wheelz.

      You. Me. Dry steak. NOW! Why was that so funny?

    39. Arrows Apples

      This video was one of his best

    40. boi yeet

      what are chompers