My enemy Became My Slave

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    1. Peyton Rittenhouse

      Stop copying maid sama

    2. vickyy lol

      why TF does she speak like that 😐

    3. KKInTheSpring 22

      She sounds like she’s 13 or 11 years old 😂

    4. Leila Larrea

      Oh noes to I smell REGINA GEORGE AND I OOOOOOOOOOOF!?!?!!

    5. Dove art

      Girl:Im the most popular and pretty girl in school Me:I already don't like ypu

    6. Michelle M

      Michelle Obama has a very good position for a long time now that she has been on the same way that she was in

    7. Poptrop

      Stop recommending me these videos

    8. Toffee• LPS

      I feel like she's a total jerk in real life😅

    9. super hunter bros

      This crap is not right. This is why I need some dank memes to calm me down.

    10. yoyo


    11. let's do stuff

      Why does she sounds like a flirting drunk person?._.

    12. pmnx official

      maid sama vibes

    13. Ramdom Giltter

      Sounds like a manga I know.....

    14. Winter Frost

      MAID SAMA!?!?! 😂😂

    15. Bombs on Lasagna


    16. D B

      Why does this channel exist.

    17. Valeria Verme

      what about her mom did she get to even help her put food on the table

    18. Rebecca Lewis

      Her: I’m like very popular Me: oh I hate you already

    19. blueTaco Dovydas

      Den mins you ar gold digger

    20. Jake wars yt Burns


    21. the blue bird

      Her : hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheehheheheheheheheheheheh Me : next job is the ice in Starbucks

    22. Jaz Hopkins

      I. Loue. Vy

    23. Jaz Hopkins

      Wut yrs nubr

    24. Jaz Hopkins

      My fon. Nubs. is. 269. 685. 7663

    25. RaYhYuNg

      Bruh this sounds like the anime "maid misaki"

    26. Jaz Hopkins

      Vy i. Wot. Yrs. Fon. Nubrs

    27. Jaz Hopkins

      Vy. is. Prite

    28. Jaz Hopkins

      Hi. I. Loue. You Vy

    29. brooklyn evans

      this girl is weird but wait till the end

    30. The god of Basketball


    31. Marie uwu Lol

      I hate her voice

    32. jungcookingnoodles

      why does jordon look like logan paul ?

    33. Rgplays roblox


    34. Alicia Won

      Why is this literally every fanfic

    35. Sims Gaming

      Is it just me who thinks these girls are literally crazy

    36. Amerikah Heginger

      Wtf she is a gold digger and a snoty brat. Karama is coming for you.

    37. Grace ;D /a alien in secret

      Use me as a THE F* Button

    38. Cohen Demere

      She is soulless

    39. Lilly Hunt

      But did what the hell do u expect

    40. Lilly Hunt

      Yo, this reminds me of a story on wattpad

    41. JayJay

      Anyone else not like that voice actor...?

    42. Brittany Fink

      Becky: “AnD i’M ReALlY POpuLaR” Me: and your a spoiled slug

    43. JayJay

      This sounds like Maid Sama..

    44. alex delgado


    45. Cks Ironic

      Who else thinks this is like maid sama

    46. anya hall

      She sounds like a brat

    47. Gollua Gaming Hxh

      This is familiar story

    48. klanger1387


    49. Theodore Yang

      Is Jordan Logan Paul lmao

    50. Wheator Bread

      when the video started, I already hated her due to her voice....

    51. Cassidy The potato

      Sounds a lot like maid sama...... 😑

    52. Levi Vlogs

      Why do you not make more

    53. Hannah Mendez

      What the hell is this???? Lmaooooo

    54. Gini Norton

      Why is this pretty much maidsama..

    55. peace and equality

      Honestly, why does being popular even matter? I know she hates her job but who cares. She is supporting her family and she is a good daughter for that. I would of told that guy to f off.

    56. angelic gazingblxssom

      “ I wAs sCreAMiNG iNsIde” haha my mood when my teacher gave me a D on my test ;)

    57. Kori msp

      lmao this has me dead laughingggg

    58. dance mom’s clips

      50 shades of shit

    59. Include Iostream

      Kaichou wa Maid sama, agree??

    60. Epic gamer Danny

      I thought it ended on 1890’s when slavery is stopped I learned about slavery in my Minnesota studies class