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    i just made this video by improvising some stuff that sounded like video game music and it's honestly a terrible video but thank you so much for watching!
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    1. SethEverman

      thanks for the million views, my friends! (i am in fact not dead! i am doing something new... and it may or may not be related to zelda music, hehe)

      1. ShrimpZ

        Oh hey

      2. SymbiontUV Plays

        ima use this Ⓐ

      3. Anime Girl

        Seth you’re the best

      4. Observable Universe

        Nah it’s avatar

      5. Der Erzfeind

        Why u smile

    2. joachim willumsen

      Welcome to youtube 47, your mission is to entertain the masses!

    3. DreamingWasTaken


    4. Rayki

      anus 1921 (sry)

    5. DarkOfLight21

      Noddle chesse

    6. JubThe Crafter

      do you purposely make your headphones like that behind your head or do they just slide down your head because-- uhh lets not talk about why

    7. StrikerPlays

      How many n64's do you need NOT FAIR

    8. Luke

      *4: find myself :'(* i felt that

    9. The Gaming Creeper

      Honestly just sounds like a Zelda game

    10. ANDY Díaz

      i feel like in a eroge rpg

    11. Fraser McIntosh

      The finger at 0:34

    12. Smoemper King of bricks

      he grins at 0:03 that’s a rare moment folks!

    13. cerulean58

      why do i feel nostalgic for this

    14. Madison Sloan

      I’m playing Pets 2 on the Wii

    15. I like cheese

      The way he does the eyebrows is funny af

    16. MadDevilOfficial

      This has every RPG game ever vibe

    17. Hex TeaRex

      Fucking water level man

    18. sans

      excuse me but is this ocarina of time just under a different name

    19. Mush Mello

      Alternative Video Title: Every TLOZ-Game ever

    20. blackmail boi

      0:40 perfectly cut screm

    21. Kirsten Johnson Love love love.wirekjob.

    22. Trieu Chi Thanh

      U look like tyler1

    23. Grant Britton Is Taken

      Everyone: Zelda Me, a Smart: Dragonquest Builders

    24. Bloxxerhunt

      why the fuck does the unskipabble scene song sound just like Inochi No Namae (from Spirited Away)

    25. Grimmm 3124

      you should make a game

    26. Marzano Video-Aulas

      Papas pizzeria

    27. Jayden Calderon

      Breath of the Wild is the boss.

    28. ppom

      Complicated Puzzle gives me Zero Escape vibes, you played it Seth?

    29. Alan Bermudez

      1:15 FF9!!!

    30. this is hell

      Serious final fantasy vibes

    31. I'm stupid so don't mind me

      Lmao my dog got mad at the noise in 0:45

    32. Arjun Nameirakpam

      Petition to make a game based on this music

    33. Артем Штукерт

      аххах, гляньте-ка, на футболке написано "анус"!

    34. Seyram Kartey

      Legend of Zelda?

    35. Philip La Done

      @0:34 is that the lick?

    36. Frankiestrange 123

      Getting some classic Rayman vibes

    37. Professor Mc Professorface

      6666 comments niiiiiiiice

    38. RIP DONTAI

      Who else thought his sweatshirt said anus

    39. Z3 r01

      i, Kenneth the Very Evil (and strong), have come to tell you about my plans (which in the end could not possibly be the reason that you, a simple child, would have the knowledge to defeat me). my plans are 1. take over the world. 2. be the Strongest (tm) 3. have a great time 4. find myself :'( 5. DESTROY THEM ALL 6. milk 7. bread 8. mustard i feel you, man

    40. SuperSight

      Very nice.

    41. DaRealGeo

      0:02 best smile we're gonna get from seth himself

    42. Xavier Jones

      f zero

    43. Xavier Jones

      this is inspired by zelda

    44. dodgie

      Genre: Ocarina of Time

    45. Kirsten Johnson wirek job..boygiress.hoy. Love love love love.

    46. Cj143 Pepe

      Fuck it this shit is game of the year

    47. Саня Неважнов

      Не смотря на АНУС на кофте , чувак хорош

    48. Shrimp Shell


    49. william cutsforth

      you look like logic and eminem but cooler

    50. Yalcin Mizrak

      You are a treasure my friend

    51. Silberx66

      Was 0:05 song inspired by Chihiro's Journey?

    52. Kirsten Johnson

      Sirey.youtireus. Wirek job .mirey. 🐱 🐱 cat .dog. Love love

    53. IceArro

      Someone should make a game with all this in it

    54. Robowizzy

      This feels like it could actually have come out a Zelda game

    55. Adrien Õtsutsuki

      I want to have those glasses

    56. Slamalox Piece

      Seth Everman gave green screen material

    57. Gameboy-Steve Gaming

      This man has taken Dire Dire Docks and done a thing to it.

    58. Miss Kiss

      Да у него же буквально написано АНУС на кофте ахпхах

    59. Nigar Ahmedizade

      *c r y i n g b y s e t h e v e r m a n*

    60. kevingamegast