Mr. Plinkett's Star Trek Picard Review

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    Mr. Plinkett's review of Star Trek Picard is here! And it's way too long! But who cares? What else are you going to do during an endless pandemic? Also, how many nails can they finally put into the Star Trek coffin!? Well, Star Trek Picard is another one!

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    1. Matt Fors

      plan 5 from outer space

    2. tony corleone

      Mr Plinkett Pleaaaaaaase make the rise of Skywalker review pleaaaaaaase!

    3. michael801

      *Wil Wheaton Being a Shill -* Timestamps: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="745">12:25</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="776">12:56</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1150">19:10</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:07 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:25 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:55 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:05 Bonus: Michelle Hurd, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>:19

    4. TheGreatHibiki

      I also have to point out they never once mentioned what positions people had In the show nor mentioned anything truly science based. Of no our warp core broke let’s get a maguffin. Raffi was a gold shirt, but what role did she play beyond being Picard’s #2? Was she a comms officer or a sensor tech before she rose in rank? Why did Starfleet allow a addict that high to begin with when apparently she’s been this way before she was kicked out. Agnes was the only one we knew had a role (scientist if only loosely speaking) the rest were kind of vague if completely overlooked. Everything before std and stp they had clear roles and everyone had a reason. Now apparently saying this person is an engineer or this person is a doctor is BAD. It puts a label on them! Heaven forbid. Now everyone can do everything and no one has labels. I can’t believe now more than ever the cartoon movie incredible had it right. Everyone can be super... because when everyone is super... no one is. Just change super to special. Fuck this show. Also as someone who loved Star Trek for its nerdy side of things it hurts how little (aka none) science actually went into this. No effort on trying. They just said a bunch of things and poop came out that sounded vaguely in a useless shitty writer kind of science speak. I’ve had it no watching season two. One was perfectly fine at ruining what little hope I had left of CBS actually making a real Star Trek. Gene must be rolling in his urn at this.

    5. Mark Santos

      Tell me the truth Mr. Plinkett did you enjoy cancelling your subscription as much as I?

    6. Matthew E

      *scans Alex Kurtzman* probable IQ... 37 points.

    7. Counter Kazan


    8. Crimson

      This show is made out of love. Out of love to money and political agendas.

    9. shrub7777

      Was that a real tweet at @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a>:30? With the template for the bots to tweet

    10. darkprince56

      I skipped around this video and watched the end. so basically this new series is about murder, suicide and alcoholism? Oh, and nihilism? No thanks. How hopeless and depressing. I guess I will continue to endlessly watch reruns of TNG. Picard and Discovery look ugly as fuck also.

    11. Jonas Dahlbeck

      The ending of ths video is just brilliant! Hahaha 😂😂😂

    12. BringYaLunch

      Star Trek - Jonny

    13. darkprince56

      Look what they have done to my boy… As a huge fan of Star Trek: TNG they're just trying to catch lightning in a bottle again and they will not be able to, probably ever. As for the look of Discovery and Picard, it just looks fucking ugly. I hate everything about it. Too glossy, too modern, sterile, yet ugly. Dark and yellow tinted. 😑😬

    14. T-800

      In highschool, I had to write essays and stories, and they were more coherent and easy to understand. Apparently worse writing is acceptable and worth millions. I still failed most of my classes because I was bad at writing.

    15. BrodeurBear

      Given what came before this, you have strangely high expectations of the Star Trek franchise.

    16. EL Barto 666


    17. hans strang

      Mandalorian had it right. Every little detail adds to character, (like Spielberg) adds something to the story. Chekhovs gun comes to mind.

    18. CP25

      'I guess being gay really is a choice!'

    19. Kelly McGuire

      When Wil Wheaton disgustingly says "I 100% agree", what he is doing is saying "please give me a part, any part, in Star Trek again, I am soooo desparate" lol

    20. Rex makepeace

      In some respects, I'm glad they made Star Trek Picard because it identifies many political belief systems in our own society and the discourse they have with modern life. For instance, we must have a greater ratio of women in movies, otherwise, it would be classed as sexist. In this movie, they have purposely casted women as militant, aggressive, authoritative and ruthless, which would normally be portrayed by their male counterparts. So the entire premise of this program is to provide a platform for political beliefs at the cost of entertainment. It was the same with the new Terminator movie. The women portrayed as badass in Star Trek Picard; if I met them in the street, I wouldn't cross the road in fear. Heather Kadin (the Movie Executive) sums up the reason behind this movie <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2442">40:42</a> She goes onto say that the Next Generation Picard was a sexist character, which is absolute hogwash. As a matter of act, Picard has always been a promoter of peace, fairness, equality and respected the women around him, especially Crusher and Guinan. It's 's sad to see a great Shakespearean actor, like 'Patrick Stewart being associated with a program that has all the hallmarks of a badly written B movie. This level of acting and storyline material you would expect from a fan-made movie. Also, Picard seems a weary old man, fray and tiptoeing around people and being very apologetic. It's cringeworthy. I don't want to remember Picard this way.

    21. TheTime IsNow

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> = the summary

    22. Owen Ziegler

      Were there really so many twitter bot reviews? Can anyone find any evidence of this outside of this video? Cause I can't.

    23. Paul Manafort

      Seasan two? Why? Leave poor Patrick Stewart alone. He's too old to be running around shooting laser guns and the show is terrible!

    24. 1231231232972

      Westworld is full of illogical shit too, thanks to last 2 seasons, especially the latter one, only these human riots based on predictions that they read about themeselves , destroys all the seriousness of the plot and where is all the governments

    25. No Thanks

      Watching the reactions to this type of garbage, is better than consuming said garbage.

    26. Eric Coldfire

      Back in the day, scifi fans would argue "which is better; Star Trek or Star Wars?" Nowadays, they argue "which is worse; Star Trek or Star Wars?"

    27. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

      indeed the 12 colonies of kobal make cylons

    28. Huesos 138


    29. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

      they give picard a 1/2 price walmart adroid body you know as a joke

    30. Evamaren

      My guess is that the story was actually written without any Star Trek characters (nor even in the ST universe at all), and that ST character names, species labels and actors were simply inserted afterwards to make it more marketable. This really looks as if when Patrick Stweard agreed to do a show, they just took a script they had in a drawer somewhere and quickly re-wrote it to be "Star Trek-y" and added Picard (which is why he doesn't influence the story in any way whatsoever).

    31. Macs Eagle

      TIL Everyone in the future is a paranoid asshole.

    32. BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse

      hyperviolent cursing thugs NOT STAR TREK

    33. Sevro

      Make Picard Gay!

    34. Ken Lai

      All 1.17 million subscribers watched this video

    35. douglas stewart

      All I care about is DS9. Where were the Changelings, the Jem'Haddar, and Quark in all this bs?!

    36. nextJen

      i know nothing about star trek and now i know even less

    37. John Gill

      "Give it a chance, it was made with love." -Jeffrey Dahmer about his altar made from body parts

    38. TacticusPrime

      If the Romulans have so many ships and so many resources available that they are investing in that ridiculous Borg project... why are any of them living on a refugee planet? Do these writers have even a single clue about anything?

    39. AJ Garcia

      Who is the girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="630">10:30</a> that he says is the worst actress in the world?

    40. Damien Kennedy

      He needs a classic Plinkett cutaway to his basement, where a synth is chained up.

    41. Andrew Robertson

      Getting to know Hugh.

    42. Paul Birchenough

      Star Trek: Picard stole the entire plot from Mass Effect. Mass Effect stole it's entire plot from Babylon 5. J Michael Straczynski, thou shalt be avenged!

    43. Jeffrey McConnell

      Why doea it seem like Stewart hates Picard.

    44. Chandster

      Alex Kurtzman has the most *punchable* face i've ever seen, just the sight of him makes me angry.

      1. Chandster

        @esathegreat Both

      2. esathegreat

        I think you confuse him with Rian Johnson

    45. Chandster

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a> What the heck? So it's Star Trek but you don't need to watch any of TNG, what does that make it then other than normie garbage?!

    46. Dualhammers

      I knew to expect they'd fuck up Star Trek way back with Enterprise. It's fun to watch a new generation learn the same truth though.

    47. Chandster

      Why and HOW is Red Letter Media or Mr Plinkett blocked by Will Shatner?

    48. Chandster

      Patrick Stewart has lost his mind, he should retire from acting cause he's lost all respect from anyone who enjoyed him in TNG

    49. M S

      It's a such a shame Picard died of a sudden artificial heart failure in his sleep a year after Nemesis. I'd like to have seen a show about him in his later years, going on a last round of adventures.

    50. James Skilton

      Great review as always but I disagree with the diatribe about actors, they often bring a lot to a project, so long as they are knowledgeable about it. Think of Ian McKellen walking around on set of the Lord of the Rings with the books, correcting the script as they went along (let's just forget about The Hobbit). The problem here is that Patrick Stewart isn't knowledgeable about Star Trek, he demonstrates his lack of understanding in the clip where he implies he never saw Voyager.

    51. Abyssus

      Zombie Picard wants some yummy brains! But sadly the writers have none.

    52. Andrew Ydna DuBuc

      The stationary transporters drive me nuts. They're continuously killing and fabricating people from pure energy 24/7/365. Dozens every minute, thousands per day. ok so I guess it's the same thing with transporters in general, which created Thomas Riker that one time (and ONLY that one time, somehow). They're literal gods and have unlimited power over life, wtf is this universe when you can just spawn anything from energy. well it's just a dumb scifi thing I guess...

    53. Haase

      Damn man, I never subscribe to anyone after 3 secs of listening. You're (f...'ing genius) XD brillant, all my love!!!

    54. Not Logix

      The last ten minutes were great. Red Letter Media is what a true Trek fan is at the moment.

    55. artman2oo3

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1345">22:25</a> etc “galactic treaty galactic treaty galactic treaty galactic treaty....” Oh THIS is why this video is over an hour and a half long. Why don’t YOU STFU? Sorry, but, yeah, there’s some chuckle-inducing jokes in this like your other videos, but no, you’re wrong. This show was a delight. I loved it.

    56. [ ]

      I hope coronavirus cancels picard and discovery.

    57. Louis Brantmeyer

      OK, so I loved Picard. But then I watched this, and I was like...Oh. I get it finally. I also love taking the viewpoint that it's a dumpster fire. Because that viewpoint is fucking hilarious. Thank you, Mr. Plinkett.

    58. Folish Owl

      why do a synth need an interface that activates with the hand when they are a computer? is like making mechanical hands and a camara for a computer so it will be able do ejecute ha .bat every time it turs on, and a mouse or how else will it do a doble click

    59. MALICEM12

      Huh, never realized Xenia Onatopp was in Star Trek, neat.

    60. Clippy Clippington

      Every time it cut to Worf : "The house has been OBLITERATED"" -- LMAO

    61. Replayability

      Is Star Trek: Picard the kind of show you make when you're high on adrenochrome and covered in the blood of your victims?

    62. ScipioAfricanusI

      I enjoyed the original Star Trek and the animated series. Everything Star Trek after these was mediocre. The Next Generation seemed like a cash-grab. I found the writing bombastic, juvenile, and frequently boring in the The Next Generation. Mainly, if Picard was terrible, big deal. This series was dead for decades. Star Trek is dead, so what. Star Wars is dead, so what. Frankly Star Trek could have been great. The idea of Horatio Hornblower in space (which is what Star Trek, the Original Series was) could have been wonderful. Another opportunity squandered. Add this to the pile. Be inspired by classical literature (ie: Homer, Milton, etc.).

    63. Enigma

      The worst thing about this review is the seething pain you can feel coming out of Mike. I'm not really that much of a Star Trek fan, but I always had respect for it, and Gene Roddenberry's vision of a humane future that had it's roots in the intellectualism of golden age sci-fi. Alex Kurtzman is an embarrassing, talentless, soulless corporate hack, and did so much damage to this franchise. I'm so sorry to any Star Trek fans out there. You didn't deserve this. Fuck Kurtzman and fuck CBS.

    64. bcvbb hyui

      I wonder how the cringey shoehorned vernacular of the 2020's will age this movie.

      1. carriermodulation

        I half expected Sutra to rebut Picard's moral argument speech with just "Ok, boomer.".

    65. Aleekat79

      Do roller blade 1986 ,the dark backward, exterminators of the year 3000 on best of the worst. Pleeeeeeease

      1. Aleekat79

        Dark backward is actually good but do it any way. Unless your chicken. Bock bock

    66. Wes Oss

      Oh and then taking CANNON And Fucking RECASTING. Like all the Trekies Wouldn't Know that wasn't ECHEB. OR FUCKING WHATS HIS NAME THE GUY WHO WANTED TO TAKE APART DATA.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        At least we'll always have the Star Wars prequels.

    67. sphelps31

      I agree with just about everything Mike and Rich have been saying about Picard except not so much that Picard only viewed Data as a crewmate. I always felt in some episodes Picard was almost fatherly at times with Data, teaching him to paint, all the times in the holodeck trying to help him understand humanity. If not fatherly at least as a sort of teacher. Data died in The Most Toys and Picard is ready to move on with a new Ops officer but in Nemesis he storms off to be alone in his Ready Room. Anyway this show is crap, at least the actors will have something new to talk about at the conventions for the next decade.

    68. Wes Oss


    69. Red Pillaging

      Star Trek: Picard is sheer f-cking garbage. The four dorksmen should be ashamed of this abomination of a show.

    70. Tetrapodum

      I want to pound that like button a million times untill my mouse catches on fire!!

    71. Andre Moreau

      The unknown does not define the lives of these writers. They've probably never thought about the unknown once in their lives. Their world is constructed around convenient excusses to avoid anything close to self-exploration. None-the-less exploration of anything else.

    72. rosenyne

      Picard ended around when the quarantine in my area began. I was so disappointed in Picard that I started binge watching Voyager. I had seen a handful of the first season eps when I was a kid but never got into it as much as TNG. I remember thinking Voyager was a very poor imitation of TNG when it was on the air. Now that I've seen Voyager as an adult I can confidently say: Voyager has its fair share of issues and some of the eps are supremely campy but the writing improved a lot mid season 2, much like TNG. The writing in the worst episodes of Voyager is more sophisticated than Picard, and Seven on Picard may as well be a completely different character. I also decided to binge-watch a show from 2013 called Almost Human (mostly because I'm a fan of Karl Urban) which I was hesitant to do for a long time because it was a JJ Abrams Bad Robot production. However, it was actually a decent show and I think most of that has to do with the fact that Alex Kurtzman and his cronies were not involved in the making of the show. (JJ Abrams was not the creator, merely the producer.) The show explores aspects of synths integrated into everyday society almost in the same way Picard does but the themes are handled better, the gritty dystopian violence fits the story and settings, and the mystery boxes actually seemed to be steadily leading to a broader story arc, but they were never able to resolve anything because the show was canceled after only 1 season. Almost Human left me craving for more of that universe, whereas Picard didn't, even with all the built-in nostalgia.

    73. Jacob

      Didn't Westworld shit the bed after season 1?

    74. marvelous LIE

      Star Trek Picard is not the Picard I grew up admiring as a kid.

    75. xJxDxKx

      Well that an hour and a half I will never regret, Unlike discovery and picard. Thank you for being the honest voice we needed

    76. Marcelo Carvalho

      You've got a HUGE point here...!!

    77. 9610354

      Dahj got stretched out beyond use with her boyfriend. Def not attractive anymore.

    78. binkyboy448

      A couple of years ago, William Shatner played a broken old grandfather who disowned his daughter for marrying a member of a rival family, and came back to their hometown to make amends with her children long after she and her husband passed away. And he played that part with all the dignity fans wish _this_ show had. This was in an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic called "The Perfect Pear". _My Little Pony has more dignity than modern Star Trek._ (That, and John de Lancie playing a send-up to Q.)

    79. Graf Zeppelin

      I think this mostly shows how creatively bankrupt the industry really is. No room for thought, just a weird mix of nostalgia, senseless violence and CGI fireworks. Extra lol at the "Romulan" swordsman who look like a 70ies Hong Kong movie swordmaster.

    80. PhazerSC

      If Maddox and Agnes had a romantic relationship (at minimum) 14 years ago, when they worked together in the lab on creating synths before the ban, wouldn't that make Agnes 14-16 year old at that time? She looks like she's 28-30 in the show now. And wasn't Maddox already working for Starfleet in 2340.... so 60 years before this is happening? How old is Maddox when Agnes kills him... like at least 84? What kind of an abomination relationship did they have?