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    Mortal Kombat 11 - JOKER NEW LOOK REACTION! During The Game Awards tonight we got a brand new look at the Joker in MK11! Here is my reaction.
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    Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise.

    The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own. The new graphics engine showcasing every skull-shattering, eye-popping moment, brings you so close to the fight you can feel it. And featuring a roster of new and returning Klassic Fighters, Mortal Kombat’s best in class cinematic story mode continues the epic saga over 25 years in the making.
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    1. Jack Cutter

      "He's voiced by Richard Epcar from injustice." Yeah he's also the voice of Raiden 😂 you could have said that

    2. Florian Plank

      So excited bout joker will Main him😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    3. Justin Fernandes

      He lookin kinda gay tbh

    4. ETHDreamer 774422

      Honestly I don't like the change I think he was fine before

    5. Shoaib Khan

      Can someone give me link to that trailer video just before joker's trailer starts

    6. Christopher Rosa

      I don’t like the long ass nose, or the droopy bits of paint off the lips.

    7. XFinz

      Harley Quinn

    8. DarkAssassins17

      My point of view: Joker's old look was better

      1. Jon Shull

        DarkAssassins17 I’m fine with either one

    9. rAnDoM eDGy tHouGhTs

      We better get that Batman who laughs gear.

    10. Skep py

      *Aren’t you just as creepy as f**k*

    11. cris ramone

      Looks like Tom Ellis whit Lucifer actitude

    12. Edward Nygma

      DAMN they fixed him up as if he was Sonic

    13. juan romero

      I gess taht cassi beep when saud the F word it might refrence to new harley series

    14. Bobby John

      I can not wait for joker (what else im about to say is my opinion) i think the young version of joker looked better because it suits the game if you know what i mean

    15. Star_Killer55

      January 28 couldn't come any faster.

    16. Germany Valencia

      Lets be honest caboose the type of guy to go into a school and ask to turn on competitive mode

    17. Overrated Teenager

      Lowkey liked his old version

    18. Hamza El Bahy

      I miss the injustice 2 😔

    19. Xeno ツ

      One of the fatalities best have a crowbar in, or its shit

    20. Reese BynumGames


    21. Atomic CPU3

      The joker be looking good

    22. Joshua Santiago

      Love joker how look now is better then the dlc trailer

    23. K-Bridge DaPrince

      U can get the comic pack look too

    24. 20Mike Masimalo

      I like how you reflect on the reveal trailer which he kinda looks so childish.

    25. SITFUstraw1075

      I don't believe that you did not see this before filming yourself, do not buy your "reactions"

    26. yo momma

      The trailer may be sick but the games story is still trash

      1. Crumbo Crumbo


    27. Mass Debate

      Still looks like shit, lol. I would stil rather have Ash Williams from Evil Dead honestly

    28. Даниил Явдощук

      Look like Joaquin Phoenix

    29. Scott Mabry

      Thats Joaquin Phoenix joker

    30. Relentless Revenge

      I swear if we dont get a brutality where he says "You get what you DESERVE!" BEFORE Gat blasting their dome off Ima be disappointed

      1. Florian Plank

        Nee too buddy

    31. Anthony Aguilar

      made his chin pointier. 10x better

    32. luciano kenshiro


    33. Fmm_General

      U should play injustice 2 more

    34. AdachiAndMarie

      Damn I really liked the one that they showed in the kombat pack trailer

    35. Darius Bell

      This design is better than his Injustice 2 design 👏🏾

    36. seren gül

      amıa godumun jokeri

    37. raza momin

      Well aren’t you just as cute as a button joker Cassie Quinn well aren’t you creepy as fuck lol

    38. Afro XD

      So much better

    39. Giorgio Evans

      He doesn’t look like Arkham joker he looks like he ledger Joker

    40. Naruto Rasengan

      He sounds like troy baker

    41. Tony Snchz

      NRS is going to have different face paint like Pheonix, Ledger, calling it now

    42. Dale Duckling

      Everyone-Looks better me-nah the original was fine

      1. Dale Duckling

        PS don't wanna hear oh to big oh cosplay

    43. Jonathan Harwood

      You know what I just realised. The alien from The Thing (pretty much the Thing lol) would make an amazing character in Mortal Kombat.

    44. TheManado

      Guest characters ruined Injustice 2 so MK deserves to be ruined too.

    45. FlikM

      Thank God they didn't go for Phoenix joker ! Arkham joker is the best joker !

    46. adifferentgamero7

      Not the original joker

    47. ImBalucas

      People be talking about Sonics redesign... *Naw, naw. THIS is a redesign.*

    48. Iced Ruben

      Hey The Joker releases on my birthday

    49. Twale TheKing

      Caboose is like “ Whooa that’s the joker “ And am like “ rEaLly ( 0 __ 0 )” You know damn well he was gonna show up haha

    50. Larowyn

      He went from a guy in a Joker costume to being the actual character.

    51. psysoka Kujo

      Because he the Old Joker

    52. Aaram Chase

      Hopefully this will lead to a new DC Vs mortal kombat but with actual kills from both sides

    53. noura aldossay

      I LOVE JUKER ❤️

    54. Mighty Mugen-X

      People are complaining about his voice but honestly the voice actor did a fantastic job with it. Not a lot of people can pull it off. Also I hope his 3 customization options are his hair/face, cane, and his flower on his chest.

    55. Drake Merrill

      Another shit reaction from a shitbag channel.

    56. YtNot a Ytbtw

      They did some sonic movie shit😂😂

    57. EpicFace 640

      Oh my god he looks even worse. Sonic pulled off a good redesign for god sakes.

      1. JeffZ1028

        Does he? Looks like the Joker for me... mainly a mix of Arkham with a more realistic facial structure.

    58. Drayden's Studio

      His nose looks weird.

      1. JeffZ1028

        Looks like a Joker nose to me, mainly like the Arkham games or Joaquin Pheonix's nose.

    59. Zig Zag

      You gay kidds of 2019 kno nothing!

      1. JeffZ1028


    60. Zig Zag

      No it not! Mk is more trash then ever!