MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Joker Trailer Teaser MK11 (2019) HD



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    MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Joker Trailer Teaser MK11 (2019) HD
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    1. Forward 2

      He looks wayyy better than in the cinematic trailer.

      1. Daysn Lucas

        I never really saw anything that wrong with his old design, but this is a perfect look.

      2. cee gwola

        @nobuddy just wish they'd listen about new/klassic stages and the return of stage fatalities.

      3. Cordel White

        Nah he look gross now lmao. I liked him looking like s normal dude

      4. MG

        @cee gwola its loooks like a mix of Hamil and ledger

      5. The Shaded Ninja

        Also mark hamil is voice acting him :0 :)

    2. Anonymous

      0:19 we didn’t need to know that

    3. DarthVaper \//\ Gaming

      Yes let’s wait over a year for a single character. When’s combat pack 2 coming out ? October of 2021 ?

    4. there's a taco in my sock yo

      Killface2.0 needs to react to this lol

    5. Goldchain 101

      Kano: You beat me the first time we met (MK vs DC reference) Joker: Oooouuuu a vengeful robot Kano: This time, its my turn

    6. UFH

      I swear to god there better be a move or a fatality in which he does the pencil trick

    7. Nathan

      Hasn't he been in about 50 fighting games already. These characters are constantly the same in every game.

      1. KCJ506

        This will only be his fourth time being in a fighting game. And for certain franchises, even returning ones play differently than they did in the previous ones.

    8. William Torres

      I hope he laughs when a brutality or a fatality is done on him. Kinda like how he was killed by Superman in Injustice

    9. Sailor Waddle Dee 5

      The society man is here

    10. wavycali

      A trailer for a trailer is da dumbest shit I ever seen

    11. Genius of the Console

      Wow ! Cassie Quinn abuses The joker

    12. Mr. Magistral Malik

      This Joker just looks like Ajit Pie dresses as Joker voiced by Mark Hamill.

    13. AdoreYouInAshXI

      His design still sucks. I'm glad it's not the Heath Ledger Joker because he's way too played out, but this design sucks. As does The Terminator.

    14. powerful being

      Its gonna be so weird seeing him get ripped apart

    15. Dylan Shanley

      I Love Batman Movies

    16. Overlord226

      Baraka: I will cut my blade through your heart Joker: Such anger from such a pretty face.

    17. J. C.

      They need to give us the Joaquin Phoenix skin and Heath Ledger skin.

      1. Weston S

        And Tim burton

    18. Squirrel

      Joker: So this is what a guest gets upon arrival? Geras: What else should he get, Clown? Joker: What he fuckin' deserves...!

    19. John Boko Show

      I wonder where is this dlc and then I saw the release date and then I remember why...ugh

    20. Tristan Gustafsson

      I like how he just completly ruins her mood

    21. The geek Goblin

      He looks like the I’m the joker baby guy

    22. CaptainKiwi2

      I just want a Arkham Asylum/Arkham City skin

    23. ArchangelExile

      Troy Baker's Joker voice feels like it's trying too hard to sound like Mark Hamill's Joker voice, especially during the laugh. Troy's the closest to Mark's but it just feels too forced. Just my opinion.

      1. Azrael Cain

        @KCJ506 those people are deaf as silence. I've heard hamil from arkham knight, and they don't sound a damn syllable alike.

      2. KCJ506

        @Azrael Cain Some people probably aren't aware. Hell some actually think it's Mark Hamill.

      3. Azrael Cain

        Well this ain't even troy so why bring that up? Its emo joker.

      4. KCJ506

        It's actually not Troy voicing Joker here. It's Richard Epcar. Same guy that voiced him in the Injustice games.

    24. lichlord267

      I can't wait to see a montage of every fatal blow and fatality inflicted on the Joker.

    25. Тумэн Тимофеев

      Only two weeks left...

    26. Mack Lotus

      I wish they gave him a skin in one of the comics where he rips off the skin of his face and he wears it back again as a mask


        I hope they do

    27. Austin Peterson

      Kano: This is gonna be fun killing you! Joker: You sure about that, cyborg? Kano: But this time, i won't miss.

    28. videogamehunter820

      I want this interaction: Joker: I'm a man of many faces; all of them marvelous Johnny Cage: Wasn't one of them too "Damaged"? Joker: Well, you can't win them all Thumbs up if you get the reference

      1. respected mercenary

        @the boy skeet yeah but when I saw damaged I thought ledger then 52

      2. the boy skeet

        @respected mercenary i thought of new 52, fucker's whole face was gone

      3. respected mercenary

        @videogamehunter820 I was thinking of ledger because his face had scars

      4. videogamehunter820

        @respected mercenary Exactly

      5. respected mercenary

        @videogamehunter820 Jared was terrible

    29. Sebastian Flores

      Joker vs D'vora Version 1 (terrible dialogue) Joker: Now that's a giant mosquito i might need a bigger crowbar. D'vora: I'm going to watch you get eat by my family. Joker: Ha ha ha Not if i squish them first. Version 2 (cheesy dialogue) J: I wonder if my joker venom would serve as a bug spray?. D: Don't you dare destroy my Colony clown. J: hahaha you colony is BUGging my view. Version 3 (weak dialogue) J: so you fuck with the bugs? D: I breed my colony to rule others. J: hahaha no wonder poison Ivy hates bug, you from Alabama.

      1. Sebastian Flores

        @Azrael Cain that one sound weak in my opinion but is still good thx i would try to fix it later on the comment

      2. Azrael Cain

        @Sebastian Flores here's a demo one. Joker: I've got a good joke for this. Scorpion: I don't want to hear it, clown. Joker: oh trust me, the ending will KILL YOU!

      3. Azrael Cain

        @Sebastian Flores best advice I could give is watch joker's injustice 2 intro's for inspiration.

      4. Sebastian Flores

        @Azrael Cain is there any way that i can make it sound like a joker would said?

      5. Azrael Cain

        All of those were cringe.

    30. Vincent  Uchiha

      O.25 speed, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Deeeeeeee Deeeeee Deeeeeeeeeee" 🤣😂 Looove the Joker!!! 👍❤

    31. RooByrne24

      Now all we have to do is wait for his gameplay trailer

    32. Mustafa Koç

      Harley quinn

    33. The Shaded Ninja

      Damn Mark hamill is back with that voice broo 😁😎

      1. Bluinator X

        it's not mark

    34. Daniel Krueger

      Joker: Time to kill you in a "Flash". Kabal: Damn, hearing that joke is getting old. Joker: That's why they call me the Joker.


        @Daniel Krueger its

      2. Daniel Krueger

        Hope this intro I made up is okay. I thought it off the top of my head.

    35. Cardinal Kid87

      Joker venom most likely to be one of his brutalities. Just imagine it everyone of your favorite mortal kombat characters dying in a fit of laughter with that big horrifying grin on their face. Isnt it just to die for? Hmmm Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

    36. Shiven mehra

      Anyone noticed mark Hamills voice

      1. Bluinator X

        it's not mark hamill

    37. theundisputed

      need gameplay !

    38. Lance guo

      Robotcop NEXT

    39. spongeyspikes09

      Joker vs Shao Kahn J: And who might you be? SK: I Am Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld! J: KAAAAHHHNNN!!

    40. eyeh8eternal

      you know what the fuck thing is, about mortal kombat 11 and its season pass, is the timing between the release of the new characters, we have to wait till the 28th of January for this Joker character, but even worse which really pisses me off is that Spawn is not going to be available until Mid March, seriously WTFF

    41. Murilo Silva

      he looks ugly af, i tght it will be like joaquin like arnold

    42. ChillStormtrooper 2003

      NetherRealm logic: Gore is fine Boobs are fine (yes ik they make the females a little less revealing) F-bomb is a no no

    43. Tom Nemmers

      J: My, what a sharp hat you've got. KL: The better to cut you down with. J: I was remarking on how stupid it looks.

    44. captain beastwinger

      His design is bad but Not as bad as his injustice 2 design

    45. R0V4

      *If pennywise was in Mk11* Joker:You look like one funny clown! Pennywise:And you look like a feastyy clown!!😄 Joker:Perhaps take that back give me that red balloon.

    46. Average Channel

      Cant wait to see Joker's Fatalities, Dialogue, Intro poses, and victory poses. January 28th can't come soon enough🤬🤬

    47. TacoJuice

      Hard to believe Richard epcar voices raiden and joker

    48. Victor Cardenas

      Out of all the new potential for characters they brought back one we've played twice before

      1. KCJ506

        Except this time he's playable in a game that's M-rated and thus his moveset will likely be more violent. Not to mention the brutalities he could have.

    49. Codenamed Zombie

      Detroit: Become imposter

    50. Christmas Imago

      How do you get the Harley Quinn suit for Cassie?

      1. tim smith

        U have to buy the kombat pack

    51. N0vA17

      They should bring Joker’s Injustice 1 victory pose and make it as one of his brutalities


        Or just as one of his outros

    52. lonecourierjoeyV2

      Gotta love it that its always mark hamill voicing him in the games

      1. x unforgivable x


      2. lonecourierjoeyV2

        x unforgivable x ah shit ur right its richard epcar right?

      3. x unforgivable x

        Yeah but it ain't him thats voicing this joker

    53. B. MaC

      I swear that the Joker presented here looks just like James A. Janesse from Dead Meat!!!

    54. Zenix Wolf

      Joker: Why did the Raiden cross the road? Raiden: Your jokes are nothing but wind and air to me. Joker *In a sarcastic voice* So he could consult with the elder gods

      1. F-ck Off

        Zenix Wolf delete this bruh 😂

    55. Jmz_x89

      They should have made him look like the 2019 movie version tbh

    56. Simonbkn8YT

      Yo queria a Pennywise =(

    57. April Ortiz

      Joker 😍😍😍😜

    58. Nhan Johnny

      Who else thought Harley was gonna be in the game and then realized that was just a Cassie' s skin?

    59. Eddie_ Eggplant_

      0:14 I love what he did with the cane

    60. Blood Harvest Morales

      Vamos tio Joker