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    Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut
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    1. Alderheart_IsBramblestar’sSon

      *but I love snakes, frogs, rodents and other reptiles :0*

    2. Irtza Anwar

      Y'all not gonna talk about the girl's name is Thotiana? Blue face should get her

    3. Ivy’s TEA

      That Asian dude cute

    4. Marcus Martinez

      “Reminds me of Ariana Grande!” LMAOOOO Did she just call Ari a Pig???

    5. Harriet Gane

      I have an indoor pig

    6. Van Van

      I like the bird guy

    7. // sunny //

      ok but can someone tell me why Winston looks like Logan Lerman?

    8. Jessica Vo

      Hi I'm sorry, I'm in LOVE with pig owner

    9. Lakeeva Mitchell

      That man with a pink shirt mean

    10. Lakeeva Mitchell

      OH MY GOD

    11. Organic LEAF

      Did she say her name was Thotiana

    12. phaleo bby

      4:38 Alexa play I'm a slave 4 U by Britney spears

    13. Bren Rylee Pollfer

      6:02 I know I'm not the only one who yelled their House. I screamed: Ravenclaw!!! 😂

    14. Toothless : p


    15. MrEvelyn

      I love the snake lady

    16. MrEvelyn


    17. paintasy

      “not all gamers are snake owners but snake owners are gamers” *the more you know*

    18. - B x b b l e G x m-

      Yo when that guy said “Is that ....a sonic” I FELT THATTT

    19. stektirade

      I was thinking like which cats and dogs belong to whom. Then whip out the exotics

    20. its not a phase mom

      I can’t look at pigs the same after black mirror. If you know, you know.

    21. Colette Winterpie

      I need that snake lol

    22. The GachaGlitch

      Can we talk about the pig owners sweaty armpits for a sec tho..

    23. Keckie's World

      I doNT ThInk PeoPle WhO LivE On FarMs arE PreTtY Dude, I live on a farm

    24. Tiffany Thomas

      How old is bommie

    25. Lunalovestaz 56

      I have a bearded dragon

    26. Gianna Madrid

      The vet tech was so cockey

    27. Jimin's jam

      No one: Abdul: is this a SONIC ??

    28. sparkly duck

      Dude I want a rat

    29. Kawaii Panda xx

      Beginning my name is Winston I’m already Winston also my name is Tatiana BUST DOWN TATIANA

    30. Rango

      He has put stains

    31. Nuclear Status

      "I sleep with a pig, yeah" Story of my life

    32. OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa

      4:45 I swear she said "This N word is trying to kill me"

    33. JJ Slater

      7:22 look at the armpits

    34. Boujee Sisters


    35. Catherine Branch

      my sisters name is tatiana

    36. J e s s

      I personally think it was rude to say that snake owners were weirdos. :"/

    37. I once killed A man with my shoe

      I feel like the girl woukd be scared to even own a pet rock.

    38. I once killed A man with my shoe

      “I could spot a rat owner in a crowd... they tend to shower less” **cries in rat owner**

    39. Luna Giannola

      Those three guessers were possibly the worst people we could think of to put them with animals like they be the basic people who only go with puppies. That snake was majestic wtf

    40. Sophie Koscielny

      Dude-I’m Winston My mind-hI mY NaMeS CArmiN wInsToN...

    41. Shuga Doll

      Winston's high af

    42. Unknown Girl

      *is that a sonic?*

    43. Ankit Roy

      I'm here for the girl in the background 😍

    44. Rex Ian Pahang

      I love how the pet companions are comfortable handling the other pets

    45. park jimin

      3:27 i dont like this girl sis said that the pig looks like ariana grande besh what

    46. Jan Eloisa

      “I have the spiky potato, yes.”


      It's ok i get shit on all the time by goats

    48. Juli Luli

      Pigs are my favorite ❤️

    49. Michael Mugnano

      I got a corgi!

    50. Tarik M.

      As a hedgehog owner i knew it was hers the moment she didnt have gloves on

    51. RunAwayAkime

      How about we do Match Underwear To Owners

    52. Betzabeth Perez

      Worker: *gives him a hedgehog* Him: “Oh Is ThIs A sOnIc?”

    53. The Corgi Queen

      I swear the dude that got the most right then said imma get a corgi is like my long lost brother or something😂☠️💖

      1. Arctic Klondike


    54. Sugatron5000

      "This is uhhh... a Sonic?" That fucking kill me holy shit hahaha

    55. gengar

      i want the guy in the beanie to ruin my life

    56. Kaitlyn Kalina

      Tatiana: He tried to kill me so he’s chill Weird Snake Lady: hehe CuDdLEs ThEReS a DIFferEnCE

    57. Alexandra

      That pig went sicko mode “REEEREEEEREEEEE”

    58. Maddy Heinberg

      Why’d they all talk shit on snake owners :/

    59. Merritt J

      :13 the pig was ADORABLE what the heck😭💜...and the goat...jk their all so cute😭

    60. makenna shuter

      I own 3 pet goats. Guess I'm not pretty 😦😒