Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Zoro Roronoa

      this song entered my head, 🔝 and the two of them entered my head too 😍 spam like if one day they will see it

    2. CavemanNinja100

      Was like what the fuck is this...... but its good!!

    3. Marriesa Birjukow

      Mgk Rock's .. I need s ticket to his next show... Love him

    4. Renato Casadei

      Sembra una canzone anni 2000. Bravo hai stile, apprezzo;)

    5. Ax T

      Eminem ended your carrer like a rapper , thank’ s em

    6. Dillon Berry

      maturity is when you can like mgk and eminem both....

    7. Sarah Jackson

      Couldn’t help but laugh that she put her foot on his face considering he has a foot fetish

    8. Dremillion

      You’ve found your flow bro. Rock😈🤘🏾🤘🏾

    9. Makik Lokam

      Loved it..but m missin the hunger he had during EST

    10. Doesn’t Care

      This is like a Ashton and Demi scenario. He’s the tall, scrony big talent right now. She’s the pissy old washed up has been with 6 kids.

    11. DJ JaffaCake2

      THE SWITCH!!!

    12. Krayzie Roach

      someone needed her lil limelight back

    13. félix


    14. jaco Kruger

      Oky he wins.........

    15. Prasanna Tamrakar

      Only here because of Megan fox

    16. NUGGER BOI

      did he quit rap?

    17. Royvi5

      Sorry not sorry, Eminem had Megan Fox in his music video before MGK did

    18. Richie Wang

      Why does it look like they're in the Clout House

    19. Joseph Rodriguez

      Bro Eminem made him quit rap 🤣

    20. Destiny the Aries

      Been crushing on Megan since Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen. 🔥😍

    21. donald keefe

      I probably still won’t purchase the cd...

    22. angel hook

      2005 me is back ..... get avril on this track it would be loud

    23. Ivyyouidiot

      Ok.... one of the BEST music videos I’ve seen in a LONG time. Along with this song, purely amazing.

    24. Mr J Carlos Garcia

      Clicked in because of megan fox. The Song is pretty good thought

    25. Khris Blanchard

      Dang. Eminem killed his rap career so he pivoted. And I hate to say this but I really like it

    26. gino pilotino

      i also want a foot of megan fox on my face

    27. Oz Nerol

      Hope he stay on this kind of music he fits more here than trying hard to be a rapper

    28. Cleo 920

      Yo solo vine por megan fox 😂😂

    29. jin yi Lim


    30. StratosFear1992

      So happy to hear 00’s rock again. Brings back so many memories.

    31. Acuario Calypso

      This Guy is like having, blink182, limp bizkit, and eminem all in one. What a talent. I didnt knew anithing about him before Em dissed him, but he have a huge talent. I already have listened a few songs from him and he sounds like the top 5 o the mtvs top 20 from 2000. Impressive! From now he should be called the Time Machine Gun Kelly.

    32. muhammad rizky

      Come just to see megan, only megan not machine 🤣🤣

    33. James Lee

      I love this side of mgk, let’s not overlook Megan fox in this though oml 😍

    34. julio frerez

      hurl blink 182, tom delong , american pie and everything good that humanity needs to recycle. happy Days.

    35. Pjunnisaq Sulman

      Just asking. Am i back in 2005? All this lockdown is messing with my perception of time. Then, i heard this song. Dont get me wrong. I like it. Really hopes i am back to 2005 right now.

    36. izzy L.

      Jennifer is back

    37. Douchy McDouche

      **plays Tommy Lee in a movie once**

    38. Matty Boltch

      Bruh it's just a blink 182 rip off song


      simpin for meg huh ?........ respectable.

    40. rideordieguy rideordieguy

      Rapper? alternative? gangster? Rock? Hipster? which is it

    41. Tracy Hoffmann

      Fucking love this!!!!

    42. Jeremy Halstead

      Eminem murdered him on wax. So he moves on to this blink 182 bullshit? Lol

    43. Trollin Gremlin

      This is like 1999 rock BLINK 182 SUM41 LIMPBIZKIT KORN

    44. Aliza A

      Im so confused i thought he was a rapper

    45. Just a Lauren

      This song brings me back to 2000.

    46. Jesus Is Fake Our Presidents Are Too

      This the kind of music his white ass needs to be making instead of tryna rap

    47. Brandon Hall

      Smashed it yet again. closer to becoming the CEO of music every day.

    48. GoonsMerk


    49. Dennis Msta

      I hope to see travis in the video💤💤💤

    50. Kii

      how Megan looks at mgk just like nothing but him while they're singing tgt in the mv, gosh

    51. Brian TooSavage


    52. SamuraiWolf

      *great music* sound so much like 2007-2009 (without extreme autotune ) mgk got so much hate in after dissing Eminem but for me i discovered a great artist ...

    53. C H

      She got blacklisted for speaking out against the misogyny she experienced in Hollywood. That's why we rarely see her anymore. Megan has always been beautiful and *smart* , I wish people could see more than just her looks.

    54. Social animal

      *Thank god he didn't kiss my girl*

    55. Andrew Masc

      Pretty cool to see someone completely switch genres actually

    56. Join The Progress

      The good and really bad: -Megan Fox fixed her face. Whatever the botch job that was, is gone. Looks great again. -The song is what I expected; really, really, bad modern music. Rip off of 1999's drivel. Why would people listen to this predictable noise pollution. (Oh; because Fox is in it).

    57. Marleen Taut

      This is fucking art!!!!!!! 😧😧😧😧😧

    58. Manuel Gallazzi

      Incapace con il rap, schiacciato da Eminem ora prova a copiare i Blink e i Geenday

    59. Tyler Dolan

      This shit raw

    60. Ammar Rizvi

      The Eminem feud actually helped grow his career quite a bit, Eminem failed to destroy this man 🔥

    61. Robert Sullivan

      They look like they truly had fun, good chemistry

    62. Lord Of chains

      Get a Camaro and watch her work on it.

    63. Rilka Boyukova


    64. Scott Wickline

      This is what happens to “rappers” when they go against Eminem.. good strategy bringing in Megan Fox lol she brings more views than this song

    65. Fredrick Johnson

      He's not a rapper anymore?

    66. Olivier Gimenez

      Wtf? The rap devil who tried to diss eminem singing 90's punk rock American pie like songs ?

    67. Guala Guala Guala

      do a song with eminen

    68. Tales From Last Night

      Lost the battle with eminem so badly he changed genres. Lol. You went from garbage to trash.

    69. Жарас Жортугулов

      Денег не хватило, что бы поцеловать хотя бы Мэган)

    70. Elena Gomez

      This gives me major Jennifer’s body vibes

    71. Bradley Faidley

      Sommer ray and now Megan fox, I want to be reincarnated as mgk

    72. Andrea Paul

      So this is where it all started??....

    73. Дмитрий Козлов

      Gun Kelly 182 ?????

    74. QueenZelda95

      Featuring Megan fox one of the prettiest actresses alive.

    75. Charles Goss

      Am I the only one that forget what a smokeshow Megan Fox is?

    76. Kostas Pantry

      Guess he is done with rap songs

    77. Deeraj Raina

      Em really killed him with the Killshot.

    78. Gerald Obitts

      This guy has real skills that way he's better than Eminem when has slim shady sung a song because slim anus can't sing!

    79. Matt Ryan

      Mgk just dropped his biggest hit. 10 million in 3 days!

    80. Cody Wright

      This sounds like some mid 2000s punk rock. In a good way. 👍🏽