Lil Xan - Betrayed (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Lil Xan - Betrayed (Prod. Bobby Johnson)
    Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
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    1. Owen Hatton

      At least his one popular song was good

    2. Jimmy garcia


    3. Jimmy garcia

      you are a caca

    4. Ben Miller

      is it just me or does this haunt anyone else that this is the 2nd most popular video on this channel

    5. Chris Stephenson

      This song is nothing without that beat that lil xan didn’t make.

    6. AgentkillzDaGreat

      lowkey when this dropped i played it hella time's especially when peep died those were the days now xan just fell off dam he should of never said that about pac. shout out to the peeps who were depressed and played this

    7. elroe gutema

      He looks brain dead.💀💀💀💀

    8. Brylan Stains

      Are you still

    9. Playboi Mario

      What happened to lil xan? He was starting to blowup Then he got hate and I haven’t heard of him in like 2 years

    10. Adam Portner

      I cant understand what this fuck is saying at all.

    11. Chris Terry

      I don’t understand the point of this. I don’t think it’s even music. Sounds like he’s on dope the whole time and he’s in slow motion the whole song

    12. l3gitlag

      He fell off

    13. BigPrMusic

      This is lit, can't wait for the English version

    14. Lörd Aströ

      7th grade vibez🥺

    15. flov flov


    16. Mr Rumbo

      2pac > Lil Xan

    17. Ума Чалабиева


    18. gounna

      ainda não existe alguem melhor que ele❤️🎙🙌🏻

    19. lil scotch

      How is THIS the 2nd most popular lyrical lemonade video

      1. Txm247

        2017 was a crazy place

    20. Diego morales

      Pay respect to king 😡 Just cause he’s not that good He looks like a e boy and that king of cute 😐🏳️‍🌈

    21. Frankieytufrtt Hargreaves


    22. Taylor Meza

      This music video is brought to you by: Skittles

    23. chi wa7d hh

      i wish i could hear this for the first time again...

    24. kenston santos


    25. Andrew Hockey


    26. Mritunjay Borah


    27. Yuni Wulandari

      I just coming here to dislike every single of this mumble rapper's trash

      1. See Dubya

        you're a loser.

    28. VerZe Aqua

      This is a Bobby Johnson Beat

    29. Esmel Grace

      Lil xan: "you can't taste the rainbow" 6ix9ine: am I a joke?

      1. Dangerous Thinking

        the lyrics are you can really

    30. Voltexx


    31. Stargazer 122

      If only he kept this up

    32. Eryk Kręgiel

      Rip :(

      1. 2slxmpyシ

        @Luca French he means his career is dead

      2. Luca French

        Lil xan is still alive my guy :-)

    33. OffendedGamer

      I feel betrayed that xan can hardly speak english

    34. Jamie White

      At the end he looks like hes about to fall asleep at any second

    35. Juan Gonzales

      this dude made 1 decent song then said "ight finna be trash now"

    36. Luhk Warrxn

      1 hit wonder

    37. Genivaldo Santos


    38. stephen trujillo

      Sad these kids now days are even selling their souls to satan, just to live a miserable life. To only suffer, and regret what they did for the rest of their life. Until they've to repay that debt for all eternity. Unless they accept yeshua/jesus christ as their savior, before it's to late. I pray that everyone will accept yeshua as their savior before it's to late.

      1. Luca French


    39. Also Mason

      say hello to our favorite one hit wonder

    40. C L

      Best music yet🦋

    41. Jocheen Peregrino

      What the fuck is this trash ass bullshit?

    42. Wessick Beats Check out his new song!😂🔥

    43. David P.

      zzz on his face is spitting the truth

    44. David P.

      stupid ass music

    45. kevin upton

      whos watching this whilst on xans lol

    46. Babo Günter

      sorry but I don’t understand his hate in my opinion is this one of the beste Songs ever

    47. МrViktor23

      Xans gone fake you

    48. Markell Mils


    49. Markell Mils

      Materiel hi

    50. The diarrhea Duo

      Beat: Pretty good Lyrics: ehh creativity: good. I give the song a 7/10



    52. Jessica Rios

      This dude made 2 bangers then just dipped

    53. Chasm

      This what he did: He dissed Tupac Points gun at a guy Got face tattoos Got with Noah Cyrus Overdosed on chettos

    54. Dushaun Sharp

      Beat carried this no cap

      1. Visionッ

        Lol l

    55. Darrell Williams jr

      He is good for his age

    56. Nout Slop

      Man this song hits different for me....

    57. Dru1d


    58. 50k Subs With No Videos

      "and her pussy tastes like 6ix9ine"

    59. Iamlimbobaby 7

      Xan you're dumb

    60. Adam D

      dis rapper dumb

    61. Random News

      Lil xan is shit or is it just me

    62. Guillermo Trejo

      Terrible flow, I love it

    63. Ellie Harig

      lil xan was actually pretty good but now hes just a joke.

    64. Yeezythief200

      He looks like that one white kid that threatens to shoot up the school when you make fun of his roblox jacket

    65. Isabelle Heichou

      Fr can’t believe people are still commenting shit on this lmfao

    66. Rizki McCharmly

      mati aja lo

    67. Betty Kirimi

      Those hot Cheetos must be hittin hard because he was asleep the whole video

    68. Vend

      единственный кто умер от читоса помним любим скорбим

    69. TheEnderWolf

      Alguien es español

    70. Lil Fish

      Lyrical Lemonade is the king of Lil Skies, Lil Mosey, Lil Xan, Lil pump, lil tecca That’s a lot of lil

    71. Marcus Stys

      #Blood Rivers Your just a joke

    72. ??

      Life was actually okay for me whenever this song came out

    73. Ishmam

      Who else randomly came back to this video

    74. AjayGaming123

      I still think he's fire ngl

      1. erikcraz898 Máximums


    75. UnknxwnShorty

      I remember listening to this song and red roses by skies... everyone was so happy and the rap culture was popping. 2020 is a joke

      1. 1 Hour Music

        this song made me wanna cover myself in BAPE for some reason, I remeber Catch me outside, Creeping, Money Longer. Those days where gold.

      2. Oz

        hope no one else dies from a stupid OD or shooting :( rip peep x and jw

    76. Lil Roze

      I really really miss you wtfff happened :(

    77. Yolanda Terrazas

      Why yall hate on him?

    78. Wellington Felix

      Overdose de cheetos kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    79. Samuel Killen

      Lil Xan makes me want to put my cataracts back in

    80. Senaga

      i keep coming back to this song.