Lil Skies | The Lyrical Lemonade Interview

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    EP: 001 w/ Lil Skies
    Chicago, IL
    Interviewed by Cole Bennett
    cameras operated by Cole Schwartz + Neil Shukla!
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      I don’t feel you skies sorry

    2. stonerhill skateboarding

      Darkrxse shit u feel me

    3. nikstagritaTM

      "like" counter: 258 Yes i actually went through the 18min vid

    4. mauricio reynaga

      $20 to who can count the amount of times he says “you feel me”

    5. I3lackbird—

      Hiring Manager: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Lil Skies: You feel me?

    6. You Tube

      Cash money A.P.

    7. parker shugren

      he talk like an auctioneer

    8. HighOnCrack

      first time with your gf: yOu FeEl mE?

    9. Madio Hernandez

      Love it

    10. alzz

      still here to this day, man i just hope skies doesn’t leave us, I truly been fuckin wit him since 2016!-🦋

    11. K G

      but fr, you feel me..? like..

    12. LizeFX

      His dad *legit exploded*

    13. MJ Intheflesh13

      Grape BackRoads nice choice Skies

    14. dingysta


    15. Dane Cope

      Lil skies. Your name has know limits bruh

    16. Crystal Roderick

      hes the cutest thing ive ever seen! so adorable for a young boy

    17. Crystal Roderick

      he gon regret those face tats when he gets much hes too attractive to have all that shit on his face.

    18. Jackathiathan

      Lil skies is the goat. You feel me? How many times can one person say u feel me.

    19. Emmett Biggin

      Lil skies we feel you

    20. Dre's Vision

      One of the best to ever do it

    21. Rodk Vic

      He's so precious 😩

    22. kristineofearth

      Nobody: lilskies: U FEEL ME?

    23. oo Joo

      We feel ur music.

    24. MattBarrett Journalism

      this guy is so misunderstood

    25. Callista Muncy

      Take a shot everytime he says like and take a hit everytime he says you feel me

      1. poppibel

        I'm too much of a lightweight for that. Lol

    26. Jaiden Bandala

      U FEEL ME?

    27. Classy Leah

      The interview is dope, lil skies is a super humble man, always pull out the good, real music, great content !

    28. Sandra Van Dam



      Hay guy 😀😜😍 what's up girls and boys 🏩🚖🚥🚗🚄🚅🎁

    30. Subscribe to me for no reason at all

      How many times did he say you feel me

    31. Cynthia La La Lucien

      yall are creative in the comments this is why we don't got as much creative artists out in 2019

    32. Idk Anymore

      I don’t think I feel him🤔🤔🤔

    33. Fish0licious

      Skies never hit the backwood

    34. hollysedits 05

      I feel ya skies

    35. AM - 04TT - Churchill Meadows PS (1314)

      Who said no liked skies

    36. Sally Meatballs

      Ya feel me?

    37. Drako2xdb

      We need a 2019 one👀

    38. Gabrielle Adkins

      yes skies i feel u:)

    39. ilvhi

      You know what I mean?

    40. Aspix

      Every like is every time Lil Skies said "Ya feel me."

    41. souleymane SIDIBE


    42. Ar Ya

      To feel or not to feel that is the question- Shakespeare

    43. k jj

      he is such a g

    44. Teg

      you feel me

    45. Ranks Official

      How are y'all called "lyrical lemonade" yet you push out no "lyrical" rappers lmao haven't seen you lot push out any decent rappers just pure trash ass mumble motherfuckers for these sheep's out here, how do people even listen to these fools? Theirs people like Joyner, token ect that actually be rapping yet you promote these dickheads, not even tryna hate on skies but for real ALOT of the people you promote are WACK and just talk shit about shit that don't matter

    46. imma cash this shit

      Yo what shirt is skies wearing in this video?

    47. TheLadyEmerald809

      i love him, but this is the most mundane interview i have ever heard. he gets nowhere slowly and thats a bummer

    48. Tropical Noah

      On the part where he said he felt stuck that’s where I see my career right now and it’s frustrating but can someone give me advice.I don’t wanna be put on I can make my own way

    49. Parker

      I love this dude so much. Legend

    50. White kidd

      "Like like like like like"

    51. Vagner Julien

      b h hi

    52. N8

      Lil Skies is my idol

    53. Corrie Handyside

      What is the shirt he’s wearing pls

    54. Andrej Barukčić

      he seas like orotund 50 times

    55. NEVRDED

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> Amen

    56. Morghan Ely

      Anyone else love how he sits? Just me ok😔

    57. Oliver Simmers


    58. HUNTER


    59. Smokin' Jesus Titty Cinnamon

      this nigga from my small ass town

    60. Rhymej0nes

      atleast lyrical lemonade is better than t series

    61. broke boi

      i feel you

    62. Mystic Nick

      He said sh** so many times!



    64. jose mclean

      lil skies you rule bro! big up support for helping not give up. thanks bro

    65. jose mclean

      lil skies you rule bro! big up support for helping not give up. thanks bro

    66. Ryan Walsh

      foreshadowing shelby <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="770">12:50</a> man don't lie

    67. Luka Natmeladze


    68. Orio

      definitely was a level up, this album brought me into lil skies fr fr

    69. Imaan Singh

      "in my life shit get happening in such a way that either you can take it as motivation or be dumb depressed about it" :- lil skies

    70. beth Krajewski

      Daddy skies is a supreme legend 🙊☕️👻

    71. BedVibes

      legend says that blunt is still smokin till this day

    72. Liam Quan

      Love u lil skies!! Says sh*t so many times lol.

    73. ILS Frostyy

      I feel you skies

    74. Yero N'diaye

      I'm feeling it Mr. Krabs

    75. Tyler Zapotosky

      This dude is HUMBLE.... wow that was all i needed to hear rn because im at that point where i needed some type of inspiration and he just gave it to me.... keep doing what youre doing skies i believe in you 1000%

    76. XxDark Midnite

      I feel you skies 😂

    77. Paddy Corrigan

      Like, I feel ya

    78. cool kupid

      He says "like" soooo manyyy timessss😂❤️

    79. Kennedy

      *Like you feel me? Like shit you feel me? Like...*

    80. teenamazingsquad.

      I know you feel him, but do you truly feel him?