Lil Mosey - Noticed (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Lil Mosey - Noticed
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Produced by Royce Davidd
    Director of Photography - Logan Meis
    Animated by Tristan Zammit
    Color Grade by Cole Schwartz
    Lighting + Gaff by Reel Goats

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    1. scott webber

      I want to know how @_ColeBennett(Lyrical Lemonade) only has 13 million subscribers???

    2. Special G

      To many LIL’s

    3. Dynasty TMoneydynasty

      Me when I win in fortnite

    4. Nate Dawgg

      when you realize hes drinkig an icee

    5. Basil Killer

      Song is so good

    6. EDINSON{RG} Lopez

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    7. Vita Giron

      Very good

    8. Timothy Glidden drums

      this song is fire

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    10. keith ciolino

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    12. Ferdie Khalifa

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    13. Bilal Mak

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    16. Landyn Dominy

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    17. Giovanni Barget

      Ok he is Underrated if u dont agree... screw u

    18. Alexis Taco

      1 de junio del 2020?

    19. Smokrz

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    20. Dylan Rüchu

      very cool song🥵

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    22. Fahim Mosharrof Ratul

      The girl doesn't seem like she's happy to act like her over-enthusiast classmate's chick for 20 $/hour

    23. zUnxque

      He got sponsered by Bang


      Yo mosey I'm Lil mogy I wanna be like u where do I start

    25. VFX_ Kerlyx


    26. Oisin Ide

      Who else been with lil mosey since day 1 🤷🏻‍♀️💯💯💯

    27. Master Yaseen Essawy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> his wife / gf is like wtf

    28. TrelleBlazing

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    29. PMS Wade

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    34. Shuurz

      Кто когда-нибудь полюбит это, вероятно, будет миллионером

    35. wesley douglas

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    39. dekpa 02

      Love you boy

    40. Barnee

      I just listen to the gay version

    41. Karlie Redd

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    42. Maxton Msp

      Lil Mosey looks 13 in this lmao.

    43. James Hoovler

      Mtn dew + Gatorade + blueberry Faygo makes his version of g-fuel

    44. Thick Oatmeal

      bruh hes like 5 years old, got everything handed to him on a silver plate

    45. EliteCactus138

      He was 17 when he made this

    46. THE DIEXX

      Like si te sabes toda la letra pero no entendes ni mierda

    47. Edgardo Pulunto


    48. Edgardo Pulunto


    49. junior gomez

      i am love mosey😍😎

    50. Ashley Williams. why do guys not like tedious

      I love your videos 😹😹😱😱

    51. elsogt uwe

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    52. BadAss 5430

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    53. Civils Ann

      Ever made him is the queen ❤️😷

    54. Civils Ann

      Love it😍

    55. Je suis Con et je suis une tranche de jambon

      Allo j’aime le jambon toi tu aime tu sa

    56. Jake Mora

      Lil Mosey crying because Juice and X died Me Crying in my room because a creeper blew up my house

    57. Myles Sangco

      Matter of fact this is the first song I heard from mosey

    58. Red Royal

      can we take a second and admire that it says that the music in this video at the bottom of the description is noticed by lil moose?

    59. W7M Code Tfferfe43 Mito

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    67. Buakaw Chen

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    69. Carrie Kautz

      Lil mosey is the only person that I know that flexes with soda and jewelry

    70. Jakub sechovský

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    71. Chano Gonzalez

      Lil mosey is my nigga he nose how to rap a lil mosey keep on bollig all that money you better keep that shit safe

    72. Sarah Thompson

      Is it just me or is he hot asf

    73. __s___j

      Lil mosey look like diet patrick mahomes

    74. Top Guns 23

      I swear I feel like I'm invisible in the comment sections ppl that comment months after me be having way more likes 🤭🤷😭

    75. Zyn God_

      What a good Music to listen while coronavirus is happening.

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    80. Buttons 123

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