Lil Mosey - Kamikaze (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Lyrical Lemonade Presents
    Lil Mosey - Kamikaze
    Northsbest debut project Out Now:
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    Song Prod by Royce David & Kid Culture
    Director of Photography - Paul Mackay
    Steadicam - Grant Philips
    Ex. Producer - Antoine Dixon - Bellot

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    1. Minehuntter Bw

      Lil mosey robbing a bank Police : stop the car right NOW Mosey: Im in a fast car VrOoM VrOoM

    2. Javen Li

      𠄌l𠄌 M〇丂巳丫

    3. Czarek Filipowicz

      Kto z Polski | | |

    4. Я буду миллионером

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="19">0:19</a> sounds like in thotiana and blueberry faygo

    5. Dwayno

      This guy is the Blackest White Man

    6. Abdou Diene(ST)

      were is the american mony

    7. Man

      Who’s we’re after he quit smoking and drugs and is completely sober

    8. wsz1to pe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> jumpy

    9. Yameen Patel

      I’m not sure if he is in London shooting this but I saw he had pounds in the start where he should the money

    10. wsz1to pe


    11. Gaming With Kj

      Who ever likes this will be a billionare

    12. Gaming With Kj

      I love mosey💞💙

    13. Before NBA

      Self party

    14. CN4 FF

      Does this song have copyright?

    15. Ion Hartogarescu


    16. small Fry's

      Um ware are the lyrics

    17. IssKryptic

      could i use this in a montage?

    18. mosey ,negga

      mosey est métis.

    19. lilflocco

      aye Royce you did right here

    20. Ashley DeSheuquette

      Bruh y’all act new. Ice T is the first whitest black to do it. Shout to my niggas

      1. Hey Hey


    21. The PseudoGym

      This song has 45k comments so if you find mine, ur a legend

    22. Qeensy

      damn, that beat is so nostalgic - reminds me of early 2000s ....

    23. qwerty

      se jeux est ma passion je suis passioner

    24. qwerty

      je suis accro a fortnite

    25. qwerty

      je nait pas dargent pour men procurer 1 seul

    26. qwerty

      je veut un pc gamer svp donner moi un pc

      1. / 667 \ NAT51RT /

        Ptdrr tu gratte toi

    27. Rawand. exe

      yo kid behave urself

    28. Omar Sarr

      Speed it up to 2 it sounds goos

    29. Emmanuel Canedo

      mosey and pump would be fire

    30. Jord4n

      I'm from Brazil I'm love you

    31. Henry McCracken

      This is better than blueberry Faygo no cap.

    32. mohamed is toxic

      Best song in quanrintne he broke his.girls backs

    33. miguel Logan

      i think hes mixed with white and then light skin

    34. miguel Logan

      tbh he sounds like nle choppa when he was calling soombody

    35. miguel Logan

      IKR he is

    36. UseLaY

    37. Steazy Ahmed

      This is the beat

    38. Gaming Clips

      British money?

    39. fff fff

      What a racist kid

    40. Jessica Rios

      Why he look so white? Like nigga he lightskin

    41. Kxng Jhamal

      Who gave him the N word pass,they shall be omitted from the race

      1. Nihal Dhaliwal

        He's half black, his dad is black or his mum is black or something. Genetically he is black.

    42. shumaila jaffar

      Good example of a song everybody likes.

      1. Мастер

        This song is ass why is it on Lyrical Lemonade bruh

    43. Lourival rogerio Menezes

      sou fa do seu trabalho sou do brasil

    44. Lourival rogerio Menezes

      me deem like os brasileiros

    45. Lourival rogerio Menezes

      cade os br?


      Which is better lil mosey kamikaze or eminem kamikaze

    47. buv r

      Life was only good vibes when dis came out

      1. 37Drin Prod

        hell yeah

    48. LND opzz

      Nobody: Lil mosey: Vroom Vroom

    49. LND opzz

      Who else didnt know what thus sonb was until they listened to it

    50. im God like to this game of life

      This boy can rap

    51. im God like to this game of life

      This boy can rap lol

    52. Grzybson !

      kurwa oddawaj triple s wariacie

    53. Baddies Bundles

      Sooo nobody else here cause the song in the end of How High 2??

    54. Jaylen winter

      Am I the only person who thought that he was going to talk about NARUTO?

    55. Eddie Alvarado80

      This gives me the vibes every time

    56. Officer mike VU

      How dare you stole the name and put the name on your song how are you the name was original in this song

    57. Lucas Games ツ

      *Me on Dictionary* Me finding the word LIL MOSEY. Me reading the description Description : Whithest man + Blackest EVER

    58. zsolt molnár

      Not bad!!!!!

    59. Thiago Zamudio

      lil petes giles jajajaja :v

    60. Uchiwa Clan

      Best musique lil mosey 2019

    61. Eclipse Clan 234

      If mosey dies I’m never listening to rap ever again

      1. Rxid 察

        @lilflocco lol

      2. lilflocco

        TokuWaku stfu kid ur no older than 9 why u cursing pussy go back to playing Fortnite

      3. TokuWaku

        What the fuck ?

    62. Alexis Thegamer


    63. goku1234

      This guy a mumble rapper and he even black damn this generation is bad ngl first corna now these trash rappers copying lil Wayne lil pump lil xan lil mosey imatating lil Wayne I should aim at everyone in the game pick a name im tired of being humble and rumors is I'm hungry I'm sure you heard rumblings I heard you wanna rumble like a empty stomach hurts it's mumble the mumbo-jumbo

    64. Jordan Lapierre

      i like so much this song good job!

    65. LG.Birdmansthere

      The thumbnail is creepy

    66. XYZ

      I tried searching Eminem

    67. Salvador Tierra Rodriguez

      Algún español

    68. LuucK FF

      o que eu to fazendo aqui? 🥱🇧🇷

    69. JuNNNkie YT

      Nice One! 🔥🔥

    70. Delmy De leon

      His music is Fire inthe future its gonna be #1

    71. Jamie west

      Is he white ????

    72. Mystic_ Aura

      why do it matter to yall if he dark or light i dont think white people be talking about some your the tannest pale guy I have ever seen like tf 😂😂😂

    73. วีรภัทร ณ นคร


    74. Joleyn Ireland

      Like the brases


      Anyone still listening to this 2020 while we are in quarantine

    76. Jonah Bradshaw

      Lil mosey. The whitest black man I’ve ever seen.

    77. HNHP

      I hate edited comments

    78. Zahier Garcia

      sick bro money

    79. Drip Nxgga

      So we just gon ignore the fact he said nigga?

    80. Brandon Guerrero

      he is a mumble rapper