Leaving the YouTube Bubble

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    1. Nina Boston

      Sounds like a laugh track.

    2. Owen B123

      0:05 I’ve never seen so much cringe in my life

    3. ParrotMan01

      Lily got her own ongoing tv show...but Swoozie, the better and funnier version of her can't even get a single low budget Hollywood movie? "Superwoman" was never funny and I'm amazed that no one realized this before this.

    4. Blue Jolly Rancher

      I literally didn't even laugh once when I tried to watch the first episode. Thereafter I never watched the show again.

    5. Lesson Met

      Lily, you have your basket. It could have been something that is yours like the thank you letters are for Fallon. But you just fill it with lame jokes and not learning for your mistakes. Refill your basket, Superwoman! Be like the cool kids.

    6. ok

      I'm so happy about the fact that this video is the number 8 video (in views) when you write "Lilly's Singh's late show" I wonder when it will become first (?)🤔

    7. hira

      Just wanna say that for a lot of South Asians like me, some of Lilly's original youtube videos were actually pretty funny, and not merely kid humor, they articulated a lot of parental and societal dynamics in a playful manner, and it was something that we could all relate to. That being said, I do enjoy all the constructive arguments that you make over here, and I hope Lilly listens. I think she is speaking for a much wider audience now, and she should think about doing jokes that are much more diverse than what she is used to. To be honest, if she can't do that, its best to stick to her niche, or choose another platform that suits her style of humor more. Why choose to do a Late Night Show that is watched by a much more diverse audience, and then refusing to make that audience laugh? I hope she learns, works more on the originality and the diversity of the jokes, and of course lets the guests speak more.

    8. A K

      Indians are the most racist people in the world. Their whole society is stratified on the basis of the upper & lower caste system. It is ironic that Indians in Western countries become the advocate of race equality. Fuck such hypocrite people.

    9. Having Fun Staying Average

      I legit had to skip some parts because it was just too cringy and unbareable to watch. Sorry Drew. Poor pitiful Lily.

    10. rehab wael

      Shut up your jealous

    11. elsa sharma

      Now , this is called constructive criticism. I hope Lilly Singh doesn't overlook and understands what everybody is trying to say. Good luck Superwoman and i really like this honest review.

    12. Nor Enmiga

      God, she’s so much more likeable in those natural vlogs as opposed to her over acting, snooty, arrogant show segments

    13. Eric Hulett

      Explain why you don't think you can comment on her commenting about not being a white man

    14. Katherine Hwang

      classic youtuber to TV didn't translate well kinda story. Although, I do think a lot of odds stacked against her. Too little audience, low budget, not enough creativity in jokes/poor writers and not realizing this all was gonna be trash until the day it's finally released and everyone hates it. Hopefully, she is able to redeem herself and be find how to adjust to this new role in TV/Hollywood where everything is curated and fake or she returns to a place (like youtube) where her creativity and personality is able to thrive more without a planned setup and everything. I don't think we should confuse the idea of "success" with making it big as a talk show host. Our generation doesn't really enjoy all the TV stuff. At least I don't. We enjoy the cringe, "naturalness" and feel of intimacy you get from just a youtuber talking to you. Humans do-enjoy intimacy that is. TV's got a whole crew in between them and you as the audience. Putting up a video on youtube, only one physical thing separates you from your audience, that camera. It's so much lower production, but it doesn't make it any lesser in quality or enjoyment for us or the creator. Anyway, I'm ranting and being biased for youtube. If she's gonna keep doing this, she's gotta learn how to be more natural I guess as a host and entertainer/comedian. edit: oh god. i'm finishing the rest of the video. is she really flexing as a means to humor people. SADDD T-T pompous indeed. omgsh. your nick offerman example. preach. why subject yourself to criticism of a broad mainstream audience when you can have a loyal fanbase? wtheck :'( sad. I just feel bad for lily. wondering what career move she'll make next.

    15. HouseHoldAdventures

      This is so cringy I have to skip the actual parts of the show

    16. Ritankar Sasmal

      She is extremely OVERRATED tbh!

    17. Tucker

      The fact that you think u cant have an opinion because you’re white proves your a simp

    18. Matthew SHAW

      Jokes so bad even Amy Schumer refuses to steal them!!

    19. Subhojit Dey

      pewdiepie mentioned you but i couldnt find you in rewind

    20. piyusha savaruth

      It's her first show...let her learn..give her time, if you guys don't find the jokes funny, others do. If she wasn't suitable for getting a late night show, she wouldn't have been approached. Instead of showing hate by making videos and leaving hate comments as such, try to see the good aspect of it..if still you don't like it..just don't watch the show. Making hate videos about lilly will not affect her, it just shows you're alone and are trying to get others on your side so you dont feel insecure. That's what I wanna say. Be happy.

    21. F. Format

      the audience are a bunch of woke zombies so they're already used to being herded...

    22. Ancy chandra

      Whose googleassistant on at 0:11

    23. Le reddit silver member

      I’m going to step out on a limb here and take. Wild guess that you don’t actually think she has ever been funny.

    24. JAProductions103

      reminds me quite a bit of Trixie and Katya's foray into the world of TV after being successful on SEsels

    25. Nav P

      You did a great job with this video. It was actually so accurate and I agree with pretty much everything you said!!

    26. christdolphin69

      stop giving her constructive criticism. it doesnt work because they are forcing equality of outcome based on gender and race. don't tell them how to cheat their way to forcing it successfully

    27. Heartwing Arts

      Lily went for the 💰.... Nothing else mattered. She crafted herself into a bisexual racist to pander to an imaginary audience... #intersectionalpolitics

    28. JeremyWK

      She's as funny as small pox

    29. Heartwing Arts

      OMG, her posturing is so damn cringey!!!

    30. Heartwing Arts

      Her subscribers are mostly children. Her content is about how to deal with your parents...and what it’s like being a teenager (even though she’s 30).

    31. Katrina M

      Ok you have a valid point. But i had to stop your rambling halfway thru. I have never found lilly to be funny and its due to the juvenile comedy. I definitely think they propelled lilly to fame knowing shes not funny just to undercut the talent of minority groups. And by 'they' , i mean white men who control and run the media machine. They know they are slowly but surely losing relevance as they are only watched by an aging population. If they really wanted the show to succeed, they would have put Gina Yashere. A nigerian comedian who is actually funny and a unicorn like Lilly Singh. Not that i care for this unicorn nonsense.

    32. sisbrawny

      I just gotta say the guy is being very level and nice about it, but come on WE ALL KNOW why this sucks: affirmative action. I've never heard of anyone in this video but it was recommended twice and I thought it was about the new YT terms and some sort of exodus to other platforms.

    33. Oligarch Destroyer

      Nina Conti = Funny Lilly = No Funny

    34. Laura Athena

      The sad thing is that the old Lilly was actually really funny. When she made the videos about her parents. I used to be a major fan but once she moved to LA her content became boring.

    35. Jenn

      I've taken many art classes in my life time and something that I just noticed is that people tend to make excuses when the art teacher or professor give them criticism, oh I'm not done, oh actually that's was intentional, oh actually its cuz the picture was blurry, actually the sky looks like shit because it was cloudy that day etc. And I noticed that those who continue to do so don't improve.

    36. Crafton Barnes

      Bollywood Late Night. Like being bullied in the locker room by the rich girl. Only with even less humor.

    37. DisneyStarsTube

      I always thought it was intentionally cringey over the top and dry lol

    38. Andrew 安堵龍 Stewart

      She is like a slime mold on the bottom of a jar in an alley.

    39. Honk Honk

      I have to disagree with your take on the "not a white man" jokes. I'm not saying white people should be exempt from being made fun of, the issue is the OBJECTIVE/BLATANT double standard when it comes to comedy. You can make a joke about about straights, whites, men-yet jokes in reverse are forbidden. And The concepts of "punching up/down" is a thin-skinned crybaby excuse to avoid the equalizing nature of comedy. Comedy is unbiased and fair, NOTHING and NO ONE is off-limits. As iDubbbz notably stated in his Tana Content Cop, _"It's either ALL okay or NONE of it's okay."_ Also the people that hold this double standard of comedy ironically appear to have their jokes/humor come from a place of ACTUAL irrational resentment or hatred. Yet edgy/offensive jokes are the ones you want banned, shammed and are worried about "spreading hate"? And News Flash for those that don't know: most people that like/make edgy jokes don't hold this same double standard, that should should tell you something. Regardless, you come across as pretty leftist so you're more than likely gonna disagree HEAVILY, but that still doesn't change the fact that I'm (at least) more in the objective right on this point.

    40. Marshall A.

      She should've studied Conan and Ellen