Laughing At Youtubers That Said Logan Paul Would Win

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    1. Peachy Senpai

      Donut nips xD

    2. SM_TIVIS

      The whole video I thought jj was gonna stand up on accident 😂😂

    3. Ethanbro 1

      Send LP to the ranch

    4. Wonton Jr.

      I had a dream about you last night, it was that you posted everyday. Best dream I’ve ever had.

    5. Psycho_Watri809

      2:03 are you sure they were only medical drugs?

    6. Rais Hills

      KSI: let's get a beat and dim the lights Also KSI: dancing weirdly in front of a camera with no beat or dim lights for the internet to see

    7. Raymond Nguyen

      imagine ksi having a roommate and walks in while doing the Ricardo dance

    8. JShadow

      I feel like anyone who is black believed KSI was gonna win😂

    9. Jack MacIntosh

      I will bring the nation up from ash and we will rule your channel once again

    10. Jaetyn Clarke

      I herd roomers that you wana join WWE

      1. don't take my cookie


    11. Kma Dominique

      Someone should mention that he showed his pubes on camera

    12. Mason Oliphant

      Odd intro

    13. B-ball 34

      Yo ksi u got man titties?

    14. unvound

      My man got his tits back🎉

    15. Jaxon Dickson

      JJ, accept Jake Pauls challenge. I know big Gibber wants his chance but it would be more satisfying if you took out both of the Paul brothers. Plus you most likely hate Jake more than Gib which will be more satisfying if you gave him a fat L.

    16. Classicgamer 545

    17. J Travels

      Really milking this Logan Paul fight, huh? Needing to keep having his name in your titles, my guy. Sore winner

    18. Kasuri Boy

      Christmas is near and KSI gets an another Controversy with Deji for this Video

    19. Yogward

      On god can’t wait for the next arc of dragon ball

    20. got any grapes

      Bruh he still talking bout it

    21. E.B Gaming03

      The PFP is golden, thank you KSI, very cool.

    22. CJR LIFE

      We love him still all my love goes to him he has done well for him self rip

    23. CJR LIFE

      RIP juice wrld

    24. Mikael Khan

      Pls Subscribe to YWB Soze he my friend

    25. Ec Adrian

    26. Lexi Jenkinson

      I went on my car and turn ed on the radio and your song down like that was on it btw it's beats 😂😂xx

    27. Linux Unix

      Hahaah that hat is a dealer hat cunts be wearing that up north too

    28. hollybol123

      Still going on about that🤣ur sad

    29. Lewis McIver

      Sort your brother out

    30. TrickshotWalrus

      3:33 lmao

    31. Caden Fowles

      Who wants a try not to laugh Redit challenge

    32. Frost Alex

      Matt will beat the fuck out of you in boxing

    33. kaoo :3


    34. Albedo Purpp

      Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows

    35. Carlangas ll

      Laugh dud

    36. Cringy Editz

      KSI: I’m naked 6ix9ine: Actually

    37. ReDxPilot

      Did anyone hear about the heart breaking news of juice wrld

      1. Lilschmity24


      2. Tech Tutorials

        Yh 😢

    38. Layziah Addison

      why are you still talking ok we know you won we do not care

    39. DARKZniper

      I always knew JJ was a weeb

      1. chding zuure

        Your profile is Bobby Lashley with the fortnite noob suit my nobody cheats on me xd😂

    40. MaRcO tUrZo

      I wish JJ’s gfuel flavour was watermelon juice.......

      1. chding zuure

        Can't way for Rice to make a shitty send at you