Kanye West - Closed On Sunday

Kanye West

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    Director: Jake Schreier
    Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Cody Ryder
    Producer: Joe Faulstich
    DP: Adam Newport-Berra
    Production Company: Park Pictures
    VFX: Chris Buongiorno
    Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
    Creative Direction: Angel Boyd

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    1. shadarcouch86

      Ummmm. 🤔 not sure wtf is going on.

    2. Katie Bailey

      I swear I’m not convinced Kim want Kanye 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. Rich Litt

      Ye always got a track to shut the haters up!!

    4. Evan McLean

      Imagine one more verse though

    5. Kiki Dejean

      God and a God fearing doctor for proper medication can do wonders.

    6. george brian

      Rip juice wrld

    7. alexander davis

      Your music is terrible kanye. I could write a better rhyme in my sleep. Prepare yourself, for you have been challenged by the one true god "Jesus Christ"

    8. Enrique  Hernandez

      What gloves is he wearing?

    9. craftedbythemoon

      Eh...what is this?

    10. 88 Over Everything

      Don’t show Elon musk those vehicles

    11. Eugenia Cristina Rivero Sanchez

      i actually really like this song. very good kanye

    12. LoFiAquatics

      What an artist genius. Honestly

    13. Mr. Keondre

      00:14 When your family eats the leftovers, you've had your mind on all day

    14. Tonia Attempts Things

      Kanye is an example of Jesus forgiving and not judging, especially given Kim’s past. I think we can all learn from that.

    15. Sole Cali95x


    16. Destiny

      this song would’ve slapped if he just left out the chick-fil-a verses

    17. Sealand

      Why does Kim Kardashian looks homeless

    18. yAyO


    19. Stephanie Otto Bottazzo


    20. NOJ Thanks

      I get it! Your eyes are now open!

    21. khaled sakhri

      3:34 rip headphone users

    22. sweet bikelife


    23. ScorpiusXnadiA Uniwalrus

      Kanye: Uses Chick-fil-a as a fay to single his attraction to a woman Gays: You checked every box. We hate you. Except for Real Friends. That song was lit

    24. laura Allen

      This song speaks volume's. ....

    25. SACATTACK716AK420

      Kanye got his. Whole family driving in tanks looking for a chick fi la on sunday in the 🏜 desert

    26. Feride Dogan

      Why are all His newest Songs under 3 minutes?

    27. Scarlett Nugent

      Found out he literally owns the mountain he was standing on 🤭

    28. Arnold Carrera

      "And I am Kanye West"

    29. Lolo Sain

      I don't why I laughed hard when i saw kris Jenner

    30. pulcolo p

      Fuck Donald Trump

    31. Shane Bell

      The most overrated human being alive.

    32. Look At Me

      We need second part !!!! Its to short. 😩😶

    33. Terri

      cristicism from enemies, christians and unbelievers because you came from one place and you going to another and we all expect you to be all put together like your perfect and for you to get there in one day! !im sorry henry and monique are right!

    34. Jake Cotton

      1:29 is the best part

    35. Elridge Davis

      His daughter scared me at the end😂💀

    36. Antonia Ifteni


    37. onib1127

      "put the gram away"..... " chik fil a closed".... Ok then... lyrical genius.... yes I'm sarcastic.

    38. A H

      Yo the chorus is fire af💥

    39. onib1127

      Jim Jones approves this message lol.... and so does chik fil a

      1. onib1127

        @sue yu evil rat?? Lol... God bless u sweetie

      2. sue yu

        Jooo evil rat be gone

    40. bIgKiDsDoN'tCrY

      I do love how this may be a very large transition for Kanye his whole family is supporting himmmmm!!!!