Justin Bieber RANKS Hailey’s Famous Friends -- Including Kendall Jenner!

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    Justin played ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ Thursday night on CBS.
    Exclusives from #ETonline :


    1. Nicat Heart


    2. Issa Youssef Issa Youssef

      ET 2020 2020

    3. Issa Youssef Issa Youssef

      ET 2020

    4. preston sperry

      Dear Justin, My name is Preston Sperry. I am a senior in high school in Lincoln county WV. if you would just take a moment and listen to what i have to say. You may be a good person and not use profane language and do the things that this world does, but are you saved. you can be a good person and go to hell. I just want to tell you that JESUS loves you but the devil can take your life it doesn't matter how young or old you are. The devil came to kill steal and destroy. And Im not going to tell you a What to do but I wanna see you in heaven with me. not of us are perfect. but do you wanna go to that place called hell where there is " In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" Matthew @. This is a serious thing Justin. Hell is real. Even though you don't know me I love you and Jesus loves you. no matter what you have done he will forgive you. There is no fear of God anymore. I hope one day that we can meet and talk about Jesus. I heard a message preached last week called Holiness Or Hell. Its Jesus or the devil. Matthew @ says " No man Can serve two masters: for either he will Hate one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other. ye cannot serve god and mammon". read Acts @. repent and be baptized and turn from your wicked ways and the promise of the father will be upon you. the gift of the holy ghost will lead and guide you to the path of heaven. I hope this gets to your heart dont take it lightly. I love you Justin.

    5. Jonathan Cineus

      People made way more of a story about this than it deserved to be.

    6. Nicat Heart


    7. B. K

      What happened to him? He was beautiful.

      1. Angela Burke

        He was a child.

      2. Savannah Claytor

        B. K he still is the hell

      3. Silver Girl

        B. K Still is

    8. the majestic

      Screw haters...

    9. Belarus Rocky

      That lady that keeps interrupting is so pointless

    10. Balkisan Rathi

      What they both drank ?? Pls tell me someone

    11. Ziggy Stardust

      We all know that he wanted to see the Philippines is the worst country🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤑

      1. M Bnvnd

        Ziggy Stardust why what happened over there

    12. Brooke

      Where is her lavender top from?

    13. Workout & Music

      "NewShirtsCompany" - company of print clothing and other for you) with your favourite STAR Justin Bieber

    14. M Badar

      i knew he would be dragged for it the moment he started ranking hailey's friends he is always dragged for small things

    15. Mini Kkkk

      Harry is 26

    16. Brendan Murphy

      Lol I love that he took the time to explain the reason for Kendal being his favorite over the other 2 that literally showed so much class it’s not even funny lol it just goes to show you how much of a sweetheart he truly is, I’m seriously loving this side of Justin lately he’s literally back to the old Justin and excuse my French but I FUCKINGGG ❤️ IT😍😍

      1. dhruv bharadva


    17. MrStefanDr19

      Its sad that when he looked the best it was when he was drowning in drugs and they made him look so skinny and tired cause he just got out of it.

    18. Linda Lambert


    19. Justin Bieber

      Hard questions .

    20. PLR 88

      🤣🤣🤣 I like this guy show

    21. umesh manubb

      He loves💜 us (Beliebers) so much.. He has an heart of a gold but haters are gonna hate no matter whatever he does.. Love you a lot biebs forever and ever 💜

    22. Shayna LeMay

      This was funny😊

    23. kenneth kahwa

      Haters why do u follow smone u hate haha u alwys after his butt smelling shit n u claim he’s not significant in ur lives huh. U can go n post to those pages of the ones u luv nobody has asked for u wicked opinions

    24. Nat L

      Awww Love you guys sending love prayers and big hugs 💕💖🙏

    25. Angelica luevanos-Calico

      Y does he look like a crackhead

      1. Angelica luevanos-Calico

        @Amber Boiko wow I hope he gets better it looks like it's eating him from the inside GOD PLACE YOUR HEALING HAND ON JUSTIN AND MAKE HIM BETTER

      2. Amber Boiko

        Angelica luevanos-Calico He. Has. Lyme. Disease.

    26. keith cox

      Dam justin looks terrible now...hard to believe he dated that singer..he looks like a younger version of kid rock

      1. Angela Burke

        This is the best he's looked in my opinion, I always found the child version of him odd to look at!

      2. Apoorva Rohidas

        He shaved and looks damn fine now. And stfu and stop humiliating people on the basis of their appearance. He has a lyme disease for god's sake!

    27. Fadwa Swive

      I love him 😘😍

    28. iguerino

      Who cares what Justin say? He’s a human fart 💨💨💨💨🤮

      1. iguerino

        M Bnvnd only for write these 🤷🏻‍♀️

      2. M Bnvnd

        iguerino but you clicked the video lol

    29. عاشقة للوطن الجزائر

      بالعربي أحسن أحم أحم هلا جاستن كتيير متغير موبس شكلو حتى تصرفاتو كتيير صاير غريب مين لاحظ هاد الشي طبعا إذا فهمتو خخخخخخ

      1. عاشقة للوطن الجزائر

        .لا متغير والكل شايف هاد الشي

      2. creative girl

        No he is not, he look so mature now, maybe he made some strange moves this because his illness

    30. Macie Lynne

      I love this album

      1. dhruv bharadva

        Me too

    31. BMAD 86

      That kid got so ugly lol

      1. Grace Mariya

        @Jesse Paul hate selena Gomez sooo much 😂😂😂😂

      2. Grace Mariya

        @Jesse Paul God is always with them Amen 😘😘😘 Selena Gomez shitty and trash 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      3. Grace Mariya

        @Jesse Paul 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

      4. Silver Girl

        BMAD 86 yeah right. Where’s your pic?

      5. Amber Boiko

        Jesse Paul surprising to meet you here.. 🙄

    32. bizzle fenty

      justin's haters are so rare as they hate him but they see everything that has to do with and even take on the task of commenting 😂 powerful the justin

      1. Angela Burke

        @BMAD 86 Really?! Things seem to be going pretty well for him! Rich as hell, beautiful family, successful job... hardly a bust!

      2. Apoorva Rohidas

        @BMAD 86 just like you are making fool of yours?

      3. kenneth kahwa

        bizzle fenty so au better than him hahah poor Twat

      4. kenneth kahwa

        BMAD 86 no stop consoling urself just admit he’s a big deal n ur obsessed with him period ..

      5. bizzle fenty

        @Andrew Grandma Baby Justin, thank you for being aware of his life

    33. dhruv bhuwanta

      9th dislike is mine

    34. Jesse Paul

      Justin trash man ihate him so much

      1. Grace Mariya

        Slut selena Gomez

      2. Grace Mariya

        @Jesse Paul feel sad for your selena Gomez she has only 1 kindney and she is addicted to drugs 😂😂😂😂😂😂 god know how long she will last mark my words she will finish sooon we hate selena Gomez she is trash I wish selena die 😝😝😝😝 I hate her

      3. Silver Girl

        Jesse Paul haha why you here?

      4. clear skins

        You are a rat .

      5. Apoorva Rohidas

        @Jesse Paul lmao go get a life!!

    35. Yousra Madrid

      Justin's best album is Purpose. Definitely😊

      1. Music is life

        I dont think so, its just different, and plus he just came back after 3 years of battling anxiety and drug addiction, and he started doing drugs at the age of 13.

      2. Z T

        Agree!!! I love that album! ❤️ Way better than this latest.

      3. Unicorn Potato

        don't give'up you think that because you are a pop person maybe........THIS ALBUM IS R&B and did I mention it surpassed purpose.....


        bro he didn't take this album much seriously just like his album journals.. he didn't put much effort and kept it simple sober totally dedicated to his wife.. wait for his next album.. definitely will break much more records than purpose broke..

    36. Alanna Duke

      Love him but this album definitely wasn’t my fave!

      1. Luisana Carrillo

        I liked it


        hey, he didn't take this album much seriously just like his album journals.. he didn't put much effort and kept it simple sober totally dedicated to his wife.. wait for his next album.. definitely will break much more records than purpose broke..

    37. Marthe Darlene Matike

      Please explain i don't understand

      1. Music Is Important

        Marthe Darlene Matike watch the original on james corden's channel

    38. Plot Twist After Credits

      Hailey is disgusting Why did he choose that gold-digger?

      1. Apoorva Rohidas

        You're disgusting. Get lost!

      2. Whiter Smile

        Because Justin does not like Selena. Is it too hard to realize? 😄

      3. Haleema Iqbal

        You don't know her so shush.

      4. Macie Lynne

        Plot Twist After Credits ???? LMAO do you know who her dad and uncle are? She was a model before they even dated

    39. Lynz Trex1906

      Woah I was second

    40. Lynz Trex1906


    41. Annalise Doyle

      I'm his biggest fan since baby came out

      1. Harley Quin

        Annalise Doyle I just read this wrong.. “I’m his biggest fan since his baby came out”

      2. Sharmilaàa Chettri

        Annalise Doyle same same

      3. The Corrupted Cat

        Omg same


        mee to.. cheers