JRE MMA Show #83 with Firas Zahabi


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    Joe sits down with the head coach of Tristar Gym, Firas Zahabi.

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    1. Colin Joseph

      Pop Pop

    2. Micron

      Great guy

    3. Сергей Сергеевич

      2:42:35 - whose name did he say?

    4. J J

      Phenomenal guy. Brilliant

    5. MMA RiffRaff

      Joe an hour and a half in- "I don't like Chris Weidman at LHW...He's a Middleweight" (a guy who is naturally about 215)...then Joe about 2 and a half ours in- "I don't like weight cutting...we gotta get rid of it!"...LOL

    6. Angel Berrios Jr.

      Podcast at a table....still need 1080p60fps

    7. suckonrange

      Hey guys I'm going to compete in Fresno Open this February anybody got advice??

    8. Nathan Hill

      I just took a 3 hr shit my boss is gonna kill me 😆

    9. Jordan Woodward

      What's the name of the book about joints and alignment?

    10. 963

      I like the sound of *Roulette* *Rumble* , make it happen JoRo, spin a wheel for random fight factors. Also the 1 round at 15 minutes is a great idea by the guest.

    11. Victr Silva


    12. Danny Nesbitt

      How can you lose 20 pounds in 24 hours?

    13. Cameron Hatch

      Firas "1+2=fake" zahabi

    14. Garrincha

      Joe should let his guests speak more, we want to hear from the guests maybe 60 or 70 percent of the time but instead it's the other way around on every podcast.

    15. Casey Goldberg

      That was epic!

    16. Trevor Goodale

      #1 Trainer in the world, much respect.

    17. Trevor Goodale

      I love this show I've learned soo much on this site down the show is great you Joe and all your guest respect.

    18. MMA Keyboard Warrior

      One of the best podcasts ive listened to in a while by you joe hoggs

    19. Eddie Marin

      Joe and Firas should have had a roll session after on the mats in the studio! and live stream it

      1. Eddie Marin

        Breakneck dude then if you roll you know it’s not about winning then. Firas and Joe could easily have a high level flow between 2 black belts. Barring Joe’s body isn’t too fucked up and he can still roll light. Why would they compete. I didn’t say let them have a live go to the death. Firas is also much younger than Joe.

      2. Breakneck

        @Eddie Marin I do hence my post. I take it you're never seen Firas roll lol? Go watch his latest against an Olympic wrestler that is huge compared to him.

      3. Eddie Marin

        Breakneck I take it you don’t do bjj... lol

      4. Breakneck

        Firas would murk 9th Planet black belt Rogan. Rogan is like 5'8 lol. Firas would stomp a mudhole in him from the start.

    20. smokestrong1000

      the alien part had me weak. My brother got abducted allegedly a while ago saw the aftermath of it he had incisions on the base of his thumb and back of his calf. He got into a car accident later on and in the x-ray they saw he has a foreign object in his hand. SEsels alien implants shit is real.

    21. Víctor De La Herran

      This is the highest level of MMA Knowledge that can be talked between two people,it’s so incredible.

    22. Liam Malone

      It's not salmon it's Coral!!

    23. This guy

      Firas “hmm” Zahabi

    24. Chris Macias

      We need Lil Wayne on the podcast

    25. Jeremiah Lopez

      "You need to be perfect for 12 rounds. I just need to be perfect for one second." - Wilder

    26. Kirpa the sherpa

      But when he said dyxterment.. to explain its a detriment... Lol

    27. SomeBodyIUsedToKnow

      2:45:00 sitting correctly chat

    28. Balla Thug

      Zahabi re arranged is... Khabib

    29. kw1213

      2:05:37 104.3 kg is not 210lbs it s 229.46lbs, so basically 230lbs, that's a pretty big difference, it's kinda weird that the guy known for looking things up didn't bother using a simple calculator to check :)

    30. kw1213

      2:02:17 Joe : "Sleeping on the mat" with a koy smile, don't think Firas caught that or maybe he just didn't want to go there. Sleeping on the mat, sleeping under the mat, sleeping under the ring...lol

    31. Philip Hernandez

      How about you fight on game preserve 😈🐆🦓🐅🦒🐢👍🏽

    32. Joe R.

      Firas: If I feed you, I make you weak Me: *staring at my 4 month old* I'm sorry I made you weak. No more.

    33. Oceanic Dangernoodle

      Jamie, let's get that salmon covered t shirt on the cast

    34. Matt Jones

      Hey Joe, One isn't doing anything about weight cutting. If there's no weight cutting... How come guys over there are going down to other weight classes all the time

    35. Aleksander Skachkov

      I was actually searching for The tristar podcast and then I saw this.... I thought its the old one !! Respect.

    36. irony

      Let's have a part 3

    37. Lincoln Microphone LLC

      A Kevin Lee not yet in his prime that is acquiring endurance and discipline under Firas is a scary combination. Long Kevin Lee.

    38. Alex Fonseca

      I’ve been talking about this guy since Serra / gps , knows his shit!

    39. OK DOK

      no gym can help ronda. ronda has problems within. she has bad character and very weak heart, if she was better she would have known to leave that gym a long time ago but she liked getting hyped up and getting fed lies. she broke down when she lost. no gym or trainer can help that. heart and character is something from within.

    40. 23 Skiddoo

      The first podcast was better!!!! I loved when he talked about philosophy in the last one! Opened my mind 🤯