JRE MMA Show #71 with Rico Verhoeven



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    Joe is joined by Glory Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven.

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    1. later kijken

      cant write it at that level but i can speak english like this too but i had hiphop to learn from haha id ask the man if i ever meet him H O L L A N D

      1. later kijken

        shout out to slapboxing btw

    2. Terry Wrist


    3. Vasili Blokhin

      When will we get a new talk about the match where porcelain Badr quit again?

    4. WarfaceCrew


    5. Official Yassine

      Talk about badr vs rico 2 please!!!!

    6. Lurking Ruckus

      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    7. Loodgieter Amsterdam Amsterdam

      Wow man great talk never see this in holland you ask him everting great job👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪👊

    8. Nandato

      N E D E R L A N D S E G L O R I E

    9. Don Lavos

      Whaha Badr de huilbaby... 2 x opgeven tegen Rico.

    10. Boter Sauce

      Cirkeltrekkers hier?

    11. A XS

      No one in America cares about hiding behind big gloves unless it’s pure boxing

    12. Daniël van Deutekom

      Haa zo gaaf dit.

    13. Han Schouwman

      Rico gaat letterlijk en figuurlijk op zijn bek. Ik hoop het niet. Maar de houding. Trouwens hij was in training. Maar hij had nu ook kunnen gaan.Rico jij gaat.

      1. Han Schouwman

        Je snapt het zeker niet.

    14. eukatech

      Ramon Dekkers ppl, check him out on youtube.. The Legend.. The Dutch has had so many legends.. Hoost, Aerts, Bonjasky, Schilt, Overeem. And the boys from Holland that represent their own country..Hari, Saki, Zimmerman, Gerges.

      1. Rennende Rukker

        Manhoef, Holzken, Roosmalen, Groenhart, Spong

    15. Gustavo Fring

      1. AlexoTv

        Ok gustavo

    16. David

      Total fan of Rico. Awesome champion. Thx Joe

    17. Brent T

      Rico soldaaaaat weer pak slaag gegeven

      1. People Champ

        Brent T Pakslaag?

    18. a vl

      Horse meat is something only Overeem does. It is looked down upon and removed out of food snacks years ago

    19. skydivemaniac

      23:15 I like that 😄

    20. Lickle Pickle

      50:00 LMAO

    21. Sibby

      Joe, yestherday almost 4 million people watch the fight only in Holland.....to bad badr torn up his muscles near his ankle a anticlimax....Joe, great interview keep it up bro it was fun to watch

      1. Kosher puppet Xi Jinping

        ''torn up his muscles near his ankle '' …. huhu

    22. obiecostamesa

      Rico's very cool. Great fighter & athlete.

    23. HeatIIEXTEND

      "I always push my car to the limit :D" XDD

    24. Petter Houting

      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    25. Tim Immink

      Get Badr on the podcast😈

      1. Paul Allen’s Card

        Tim Immink Badr doesn’t speak English. He can only say “fuck you”

      2. Stijn Bos


    26. BarkiePun

      Well then...

    27. nomar Dinkleberg

      I am here after that anti climax again lol

      1. Lickle Pickle

        Gij blieft godnondeju van munne nugget af kut

      2. Petter Houting

        Niemand komt aan Maaskantje

    28. ZybeZ

      1:12:35 Thank you Joe

    29. kees karel

      Aaaaaannnndddd Rico has won once again

      1. Andrew Williams

        @People Champ Again, my pedigree chum... You're clearly deluded by fanboyism, which is fine to be perfectly honest, you just can't expect people to take you serious.

      2. Andrew Williams

        @Paul Allen’s Card I wouldn't say he faked his injury. But I do think it was fairly obvious that if Badr didn't knock him out in the first two rounds he would've lost the match. It is literally that simple, rico has the stamina of a lightweight fighter but the power of a heavy weight. And Badr has the stamina of a guy that's smoked a pack of ciggies every day for the last 5 years but has insane strength too. Regardless of Rico getting 8 seconds twice, he was still in control of the fight, setting the pace etc, he was going to make it another round and then win by a marginal point difference.

      3. Paul Allen’s Card

        Badr was weak. He didn’t have the stamina for another 2 rounds that’s why he faked an injury. He knew that Rico would batter him in the upcoming rounds.

      4. People Champ

        Andrew Williams check the podcast of Brendan and the post fight glory show rico was fucked but again everybody has their own opinion

      5. Andrew Williams

        @People Champ Would you care to link your sources? Because from what I've seen it was a very close match where Badr had used all his gas and was not going to be standing for another two rounds.

    30. klayed


    31. Kenneth

      Badr or Verhoeven?

    32. The Beginning Gamer

      Rico: " well what do you want to know about me" Joe: "How does Badr Har trains hs body" Rico: "....."

      1. Dope Soldier

        @Garrett Jansen But tbh Hari was winning until he broke his ankle on Rico's head

      2. Garrett Jansen

        ​@don dappai guess he did time travel

      3. don dappa

        @Stiopic yes tell us how you know this? Did you time travel u twat?

      4. Stiopic

        Bahaha. Badr lose again!!!

    33. Plastiqo

      Hope he goes to the UFC in the near future🙏🏻

    34. Ken Grand

      guy looks like captain America after the juice....wonder if USADA can detect secret serum?

    35. Abdelhakim Meski

      Rico, I have no idea which Wikipedia you checked, but Badr Hari has 120 total fight 106 wins 92 knockouts, besides your statistics, 65 fights 55 wins and 2 knockouts Please refresh your knowledge you said Wikipedia here you go en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badr_Hari en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rico_Verhoeven

      1. TehNetherlands

        You can add another loss to those statistics now.

    36. Jense Bootsma

      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

      1. Ian Taylor

        Nieuw-Amsterdam weer van ons!

      2. barned

        Stoer man

      3. nomar Dinkleberg

        Jense Bootsma zeg makker

    37. Adnan world

      Any moroccan here, watching this video befor his fight with badr Hari 💯

      1. Adnan world

        @Robin fuck you 😑

      2. Robin

        @Badr Maghrani Hahahaha! En alweer verliest Badr :-) #TeamRico

      3. Badr Maghrani

        @Robin #jemoeder

      4. Robin


    38. Michael Hartmann

      always great interviews from you man ! big greets from Netherlands, (Cousin of Rico's Wife )

      1. Mauro Zarate

        @Jaskinia31 maybe he will get some money when he rides good enough his dick bro

      2. Benny Bos

        @Jaskinia31 haha

      3. Jaskinia31

        Who cares

    39. Hanan Karachi

      Rico Verhoeven take steroids stimulants and the responsible for the game they must test him URGENT WARNING

    40. Tim Boersma

      Guys what Rico meant with 'you're so small' is 'you're so short'. In Dutch there are two words for the word 'small' and he meant short instead of small.

    41. New Jones

      Where the fack you from ? I'm from Holland Bitch.

    42. hjkllkkl hjhhkjkkj

      lafaard loser

    43. Nick Bosman

      For once i don't feel ashamed hearing a fellow dutchy speak English. :) gg

    44. Surf Fear

      But when ufc? Or did i miss it....

    45. el mohammed

      great guy wish nothing but the best

    46. susanne foort

      Rico Verhoeven sounds like and ÍS a véry intelligent person !

      1. Sisy Phos


    47. Optimist

      Hey, Rico! Gee me here? ... hahahaha. I didn't know this. He's with Joe Rogan.

    48. friend2truth

      Damn, that Wes Watson dude has a lot of paid trolls in the comments section!

    49. Douwe Dabbert

      Jamal Ben Saddik wil kick both their ass

    50. j Herb93

      Adesanya and Rico top guys just humble sports men

    51. Rob Afm

      In the K1 kickboxing times Rico would have been an average fighter. If you want to see real quality heavy weight fight search: Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, Remy Bonjaski, Ramon Dekker (not heavy weight but there is no fighter like him), Melvin Manhoef, Sem Schildt.. the Dutch legends whom dominated kickboxing on the highest level for a long time. Badr Hari was also one of them when he was younger. If Badr shows up in similar form as back in the days.. Rico doesn't stand a chance. Check out any K1 badr highlights and you know what I mean.

      1. SK420pro

        Thank you so much for this list of classic fighters!

    52. Enes Furkan Onur

      I like Rico but hearing that he has nothing to do with steroids, well, not that much.

    53. Laurens Sipahelut

      I thought Rico was American, until he pronounced that venue in the Netherlands.

      1. -_-naab-_-

        @Laurens Sipahelut if so KILL KT WITH FIRE

      2. Laurens Sipahelut

        @Jesse Klaver You're not _the_ Jesse Klaver, are you?

      3. Jesse Klaver

        Laurens Sipahelut its kind of true, the Netherlands was a very rich and influential country back in the day but these day the dutch steal everything from the Americans but a lot of thing that people think is typical American is actually from the Netherlands.

      4. Laurens Sipahelut

        @New Jones I second that.

      5. New Jones

        It's not to crazy to think that but, Americans are more closer to Dutch then the Dutch is to the Americans. New York(amsterdam)was ours and without the invention off capitalism there would probally no USA like we know today.

    54. Gummi Tarzan

      K1 fans always talk about how much clinching there is in muay thai. First of all, there rarely is that much clinching in muay thai, not enough to use it as a reason to call it boring, at least when compared to all the clinching and time spent on breaking up clinches in K1 fights, its not like K1 matches are straight up continous fights... Second of all, muay thai clinching is highly technical and amazing to watch, atleast if you know what you are watching, imho

    55. Rbatie

      Did he just said everybody is starting kickboxing after he's fight with Badr ahahaha and did he call himself a national hero whahahha this dud lost his fucking mind.

    56. dean gaming

      Bro kickboxing is king

    57. tomo

      14:40 Joe Rogan please get Badr Hari on your podcast he would be hilarious! Interesting character

    58. chucku00

      Dirty Hari and Rico "I'm doing my part" Verhoeven.

    59. huihui l

      I hope Joe Rogan will invite Tyrone Spong or Bigi Boy one day 🇸🇷


      20:10 when she asks if im dtf