Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix)

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas

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    1. Sibusiso Worldwide

      #year2040, Spiritual Vision...., see the video here in youtube

    2. Junior Gouveia

      This will have a grammy right?

    3. Rizki S

      This song hits hard.... thank you

    4. Dario - CADalyst Architecture

      WOW! Joyner Lucas + Crank Lucas really brought out the best verse in 2020 from The Fresh Prince. 5 Mics for this

    5. Kristine Barber

      Don’t think I ever got goosebumps from a rap song...but this one I get them every time lol damn will

    6. Zodiac World

      Will Smith stop it dude you are a better actor

    7. Richie Rich

      They Must've forget who invented get jiggy Aye

    8. Choclatekissed

      Love this! It’s truly admirable that Will became of part of this track. He went hard with an inspiring message for someone who has now became more than just a fan. Joyner Lucas, you are deserving to be very proud of your accomplishments. You put together a piece of work that attracted an icon of Hip Hop.

    9. Terra Faye


    10. Benti

      RIP James Avery

    11. Who Is Craig Rich

      This was supper hard...,... I'm mad the song was over so fast I wanted to hear more shout out to two great MC's the song was creative to the point grabs your attention and makes everybody want to listen dope as hell. #this is how you do

    12. Zayd Carolus

      Woah. Power of Will

    13. xM1lkyx

      Wow these fuckers blow my mind man big willy still got it 👌🔥

    14. Higiro Blessing

      Check out this will remix guys 💥💥

    15. Higiro Blessing

      Check out this will remix guys 💥💥

    16. theanderson9


    17. Honz Tapu

      Still Will

    18. Fat Xharra

      2k21 ? :D

    19. Kevin Both

      Great song

    20. tony pack

      Waiting for the video ???they need one

    21. Aljaž Seriki

      how can people dislike this

    22. Nativesun Fla

      Young Mumblers take note!!


      ahhh will came in haarrrdddddd !!!

    24. Giovani Gonzalez

      Goosebumps everytime i play this! Will needs to drop more music!

    25. Spinning

      sooo litttttttttttttttttttttttttt good job Will

    26. manqoba songo


    27. LizardMonster

      When you see joyner and somebodys head bobbing you know theres gonna be heat

    28. Ty_Destined_2B_Great

      will kilt it and if you dont think he did you just a hater plain and simple

    29. Prosper Nkala

      Man will be spitting supa hot fire

    30. MR. Franklin


    31. clørøx.mp4

      I love Will, he’s honestly one of my favorite actors. He seems like a person that you could easily relate to.

    32. Alam Abz

      The bars he said about Muhammad ali rip greatest of all time


      Yahhhhhh that's hot that's hot

    34. Christopher a. Scott

      Yoooo!!!!!! Will OG Smith is still a beast on a track salute 2 the both of you

    35. Destroyer NWO

      Joyner and Eminem together in Lucky You, couple years later Joyner and Will Smith get together, I remember when Eminem dissed Will smith in The Real Slim Shady, Then I think about how sad I was when Robert Williams Khs before alladin came out... So I am evenly looking at this as a weird level ground area of life ig

    36. I've Been Waiting For This For 10 Years!

      This sounds like a dababy type beat ngl

    37. Benny mc cabe

      All respons tracks are only ever Diss tracks. Great to see the respect. Its so refreshing.

    38. Zalker YT

      Will Smith like

    39. ShadyFIF

      What a collab. Wow! Mad respect Joyner for making this happen man.

    40. Norman

      Will Smith spitting 🔥🔥🔥

    41. Gerber The Gardener

      I think Will Smith will be very disappointed to see what happened to Nelson Mandelas legacy in South Africa, the current government the ANC now goes against everything they fought alongside Mandela with, the moment he died they forgot him and what he stood for.

    42. Skittily Diddily

      Bruh will still got it...

    43. Takudzwanashe Mupfurutsa


    44. Silver D Word

      Whills always never going to lose his game what the fuck

    45. Bobby Boy

      Big willy style . Yea boiii

    46. Kerry Keller

      🔥 fire very inspirational

    47. Adam Dennison

      With the help of Joyner Lucas, this is tge best Will Smitg rap in history of you ask me. Other than the Fresh Prince theme song of course. Will sounds good on this tracl

    48. Orisha R

      I forgot how good of a rapper Will is

    49. Jonboi 2sik Peveto my link to my song if I want to listen.

    50. Foul Mouf

      Jayden, your father just bodied yo ass 💯

    51. mava ndzulu

      Daaaamn will

    52. Hanvir Dhillon

      Legend 💯

    53. Cheery

      Will Smith just gave himself a crown for a king

    54. Non Applicable

      Will spazzed on this

    55. Ashley Furey

      YOOOO imagine a live concert 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #makethishappen

    56. bcvbb hyui

      Will isn't a goat. He's a LEGEND.

    57. bill squire

      Holy shit. Big Willy blessed this jawn!

    58. Devesh Kumar

      yoo yoo yeee yahh! 🙌🙌🙌

      1. bcvbb hyui

        5k dislikes Ion understand it

    59. Dan H

      Bro killed it!!

    60. Isaac Urizar

      BROOOOOOO !!! 🔥

    61. Dylon Bailey

      Very Touching

    62. Andrew

      The dislikes are from people that couldn't break the wall

    63. David Israel

      Will Smith I got one question for you wtf is your name doing in the Jeffrey Epstein flight log❓

    64. Hare Peri - Affiliate Marketer

      This is super dope 🔥🔥🔥

    65. timothy peppermuller

      everytime i pray to u my prayers feels like they are always been answer i feel like all i need is u everyday in my life that is so true because of u even though i am not perfect u still got faith in me everytime i pray to u my prayers feel like they are always been answer i feel like i got faith because of u everytime i pray to u feels like they always been answer everytime i pray to u everytime i pray to u feel like they are always been answer

    66. Z

      Miraculously, lucky you appeared below this.

    67. Imdatskater

      will still killed it😭

    68. ShayBabé Lyfe

      Damn it man #unclewill still got it!

    69. Bryce9671

      I love this but i feel like Joyner should of put one of his actually verses in here

    70. David chi

      Will still a Beast on the Mic

    71. Nehemiah Bone

      Man I love this track. Joyner Lucas track is great,I love the remix with Will grew up listening to you and watching the Fresh Prince.

    72. バイパー / V I P Ξ R

      Aladdin: I can rap if you give me a chance ME: He have proved himself.

    73. Emily Ratzmann

      Biggest banger of 2020 right here

    74. Yagi kun

      5k dislikes Ion understand it

    75. Félix Leblanc

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="38">0:38</a> makes me feel things

    76. Michael Nelson

      The five thousand of people that dislikes this video are some hoes 🤣🤣🤣 🤣

    77. Mike McNally



      Will smith dont gotta cuss in his tracks to sell records well i do so fuck him and fuck you too- EM

      1. LETHAL STAN

        @Terra Faye who the hell r u

      2. Terra Faye

        Psychiatrist: mm hm and how does that make you feel??

    79. Ivory Davis

      Original and remix are FIRE! Will did an awesome job of course. I'm sure Joyner is still in disbelief

    80. Don White Productions

      Somebody needs to give Will 50 trap beats and let him just do him... Shit would be Fire based on this verse alone.