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    Animated music video parody about the movie JOKER
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    Movie Musicals #60: Joker The Musical
    Arthur Fleck just wants to make people laugh, but unfortunately his life is in shambles as he spends most of his time struggling to keep his delusional mother Penny happy, earn money waving signs in a silly clown outfit, and try to keep his mental sanity together as Gotham has cut the funding for his therapy.
    Even hough he gets into some trouble with some shady characters due to his inability to control his laughter, he gets his chance to face meet his apparent father Thomas Wayne, introduce himself as Joker on the Murray Franklin show, and ignite riots that lead to little Bruce Wayne's origin story, creating Batman.
    ►Animation Director: Dewald de la Rey (sesels.info)
    ►Script, Lyrics, Song, Vocals: Logan H-Clark (sesels.info)
    ►Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano (sesels.info)

    Verse 1 (Arthur)
    I work as a clown, advertising, pretty sad,
    I live with my mom, says Thomas Wayne is my dad.
    Got her Arkham file, I learnt the truth,
    Turns out she’s nuts, spent my childhood being abused.
    No one listens, not even the docs,
    I warned them all I have are negative thoughts.
    My laughing condition‘s how I cope with my past,
    It gets me into trouble, and I start to blast.
    Chorus 1 (Arthur)
    Introduce me as, Joker,
    Wanna make you laugh, Joker,
    I’m a psychopath, Joker...
    Verse 2 (Arthur)
    At least my girlfriend down the hall is cynical like me,
    Or is that all in my head? A vision or a dream?
    My whole life, I wondered do I even exist?
    But I do, and people are starting to notice.
    There’re lots of different Jokers throughout history,
    Nicholson, Ledger, Leto, now me.
    But in this universe, I’m the maker of Batty,
    Without the riot I started, he’d have no origin story.
    Chorus 2 (Arthur)
    Introduce me as, Joker,
    Wanna make you laugh, Joker,
    I’m a psychopath, Joker,
    I’ll start a revolution.
    Introduce me as,
    Wanna make you laugh, Joker,
    I’m a psychopath,
    Let’s start a revolution now.
    Bridge (Arthur)
    When I was a little boy,
    And told people I was going to be a comedian, Everyone laughed at me.
    Well no one’s laughing now.
    You can say that again pal.
    Chorus 3 (Arthur)
    Introduce me as, Joker,
    Wanna make you laugh, Joker,
    I’m a psychopath, Joker,
    I’ll start a revolution.
    Introduce me as,
    Wanna make you laugh, Joker,
    I’m a psychopath,
    Let’s start a revolution now.
    Lighting fires all around,
    Destroy the entire town.

    (c) LHUGUENY 2019

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