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    "...some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, ... Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
    You may have noticed that recent Joker film made us revisit our old and never forgotten Heath Ledger's version of the antagonist. May this video remind you of the amazing performance he put out as Joker in The Dark Knight.
    Enjoy the video!
    Joker (The Dark Knight) Tribute
    *Music: ConfidentialMX - I Started A Joke ft. Becky Hanson

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      1. Vegeta061 Noble

        TheGaroStudios what was the theme you used ??

      2. Aiden Urey

        RIP heath ledger the man who defined the joker in all live portrayals

      3. Gabriel Mateus

        Can I translate the subtitles to portuguese?

      4. Don Serrano

        Change the donations to you, and change it to trees. Org to plant a tree for every dollar you send.

      5. jonathan

        Why do you need money to make a video like this lol. It's just clips pf a movie with some song in the background. I know you trying to make money and all but just saying.

    2. zyad saleh

      I'm not schemer.I try to show the schemers how....pathetic Their attempts to control things really are...💀

    3. Stormageddon

    4. c biscuit

      Absolutely epic

    5. c biscuit

      1:47 My favorite part.

    6. asian art of living

      This is not one of the greatest performance but it is THE greatest performance of all times

    7. Joker

      We live to destroy, that’s we were alive... And that’s why we thrive.

    8. x Brosy


    9. Silvia Orlando

      I miss Ledger so much... I wish that I could see him one day, when I die... It is the only thing that I really want. Please. Wherever you are, Heath, I am saying to you that I suffer a lot because of your death and wait for me to the heaven's gate. I love you, I will always do.

    10. hate you to love me

      can i use your this video for my video?

    11. Ronna Noray

      Was a great actor

    12. New Computer

      Best Joker of all time. No competition.

    13. sofiyan ali

      Finally,a trailer song for arguably DC’s worst movie,put to good use,to honor an iteration of an ICONIC character that people loved more than the iteration that came after it. Great work!!!!

    14. Michał luby

      Przepiękna robota Kłaniam sie nisko

    15. JohntaVevo

      1:31 love that part 🙌

    16. aneesh ananthan

      That song name plzzz??

      1. Hound Nobleman

        It’s in the description.

    17. Rebel Scum

      Something about that last shot of joker just feels tragic about the character in a way that makes me feel sympathetic to whatever turned him into this

    18. Evîl Anthönyo

      I just loved it incredible job Done by the editor Wish you all the best for the upcoming projects

    19. Pedits


    20. bayılazağım z

      Mükemmel 🤩

    21. bayılazağım z

      Türkçe altyazı koyuyor kraaallll ❤️

    22. LickyLoo4

      i have no words. incredible.

    23. Blydium

      I just submitted French subtitles to this video, can you add them?

    24. Robert Straw

      We’re not looking at Heath Ledger playing a character in this film. He is the Joker 🃏

    25. Mike A.

      0:20 when i get full Mark without doing the Qbank

    26. Cristobal Barahona Arias

      damn, that ending... I'm not tearing up, you're tearing up!!

    27. Keewind Eugene Menra

      I just thought of should make a video on THE SHINING

    28. x wherethefuccaretheavocados x


    29. Yadas Charan

      Forever fan of Heath Ledger 🃏 😘

    30. Guerra multifandoms

      Pásate por mi canal y mira multifandom nuevos y tristes

    31. baba duke

      "Joker" is NOT "The Joker" nice click bait.

    32. ꧁Prasoon ꧂

      Joker is not villain. HE IS MY HERO.

    33. Миллионер из трущеб

      Панкратов блэк)

    34. Bzik71

      'and here.. we.. go...' 'Ta-da.'

    35. Royals 10k

      Could have made it a little shorter N better because this joker only has so many scenes but I liked it, way better then the joker movie

    36. Morbid Movies

      Heath ledger is smiling right now

    37. Braxton Myers

      Awesome edit best joker rip Heath ledger

    38. Александр опасный


    39. Davor98

      Please see and like my 2 videos. I did impression of Heath Ledger's Joker. If you enjoyed support me. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! 😄

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