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    Check out the official Joker Teaser starring Joaquin Phoenix! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: October 4, 2019
    Starring: Zazie Beetz, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro
    Directed By: Todd Phillips
    Synopsis: Film will center on how the popular comic book villain known as The Joker came to be.
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    Publicerades den 8 månader sedan


    1. Boy gaming

      Joker is a best move

    2. Boy it’s Pedro H

      Y so many dislikes???

    3. Emily Vampira

      وين نلقى الفيلم مترجم بالعربية 😢

    4. CadyGamer Pix

      _Do it for Arthur. Be wholesome for Arthur. Be nice for Arthur._

    5. GarySamaGame

      A must-see film, a wonderful actor he sublimates the scenario go for it 10/10

    6. ewتن fdات

      احبكم ممثلون الجوكرر❤️

    7. ZIAD SAMA

      Basically, this guy tried to smile through his pain until pain made him smile.

    8. Brandon Aguiar

      I rather see a penguin movie. 🎥 Joker's overrated.

      1. Noob Master96

        nah too boring

    9. Srk Gt

      Is the most amazing film I was watching in my life yet

    10. Ervina Damanik


      1. Noob Master96

        like your taste in cinema

    11. Shiro Neko

      i'll screen shot this thanks

    12. Stevie Lynn

      Would anyone pay to see this again before it leaves theaters?

    13. Iromi Renuka

      It was a month ago I watched it but still It hurts .

    14. Farisa Fisya

      - The JOKER is a BAD GUY who got hurt and used to be a GOOD GUY -

    15. Iromi Renuka

      Pennywise Vs joker

    16. siritox el magico

      Ya con el trailer se ganaron un oscar

    17. Leather Neck

      As I grow older I am more inclined with siding with the so called villains

    18. Marco Rubio

      This guy Will be the best joker ever

    19. Matthew Frieda

      An absolutely incredible movie, riveting from start to end. So many reviews call Arthur a ‘creep’ or a ‘loser’, but I feel those are inaccurate depictions. He seemed to have such a good heart. He seemed to genuinely want to make people happy. He seemed willing to work hard and be nice and fair to others. And yet others couldn’t to him because he was different. It broke my heart. I rooted so hard for you, Arthur.

    20. Rivaldo Mubarak

      Be carefull on a happy face

    21. wak PUTOY

      Joker 2019

    22. no one

      I’d call this movie a “Classic”

    23. seasickcloth391 rollie

      I rate 5 star

    24. Nur Mardiyanti

      Yang islam like ya

    25. Isis Genesis Santos

      Is the best movie on the year and the time forever aim love

    26. Legion


    27. Kardo Star

      have to make some

    28. blue cat F.


    29. siritox el magico

      Me hase acordar al hecho de que la gente permite que mas peronas agan las cosas por ellos en ves de reaccionar y que hay idolos Y que el mismo ser humano se hase mierda solo

    30. R3D 7

      Sometimes what the world needs is not another hero, sometimes it needs a monster.

    31. Dark gacha 2.0

      poor joker

    32. Murad Alkhalili

      Ugly film

      1. walter black

        ugly world

    33. milos kovacevic

      Its only movie ppl.dont go and shoot half of school cause of it.this stuff is made to screw your brain badly..if you noticed how much movie in last decade and more showed monsters that are "good"!like good vampires(only they must drink someones blood now and then but in romantic style☺),good demons and so and but powerfull trick

      1. mantis


    34. Google Dinosaur

      Lai lai lai lai lai lai lai lay lay lay lay panggil aku si jablai😂😂

    35. CR Ri

      Great movie. Should of never taken that gun lol

    36. Mimi Ge

      This movie is a masterpiece. Sad that its cinema-time is nearly over. I felt like it was yesterday, when I saw Joker for the first time - tomorrow will be my sixth time. Phoenix performance is outstanding, he deserves an oscar for that. Everyone who was involved did a great job - Thanks! Let's see, if we can reach the box-office-billion together.

    37. Mast lyrics

      Understand 0% Entrainment 100%

    38. Totally not Death

      “You’ve killed innocents in gotham!” “Gotham killed the innocence in me...”

    39. OneGaming

      This movie got something that is different to other movies that makes this movie is one of the best movies of the multiverse

    40. skaloist

      Como se llaman las canciones que aparecen en el tráiler?