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    1. Audrey HJC Ducati 29

      Robert De Niro should be Joker in The Dark Knight

    2. luis esparza

      This movie is awesome!!!


      I wish I could see in IMAX unfortunate is just wish !

    4. E D S

      i like joker more than batman now

    5. Cyndi Smith

      Wish they would have casted Johnny Depp!

    6. Emanuel Colon

      not interested they make him something else. one can be driven to evil just like people want to do good the mindset of a bully but like on steroids

    7. Jovaniac

      Joker Joester

    8. Rokie YT

      all it takes is one bad *_day_*

    9. Shey's TheName

      This is going to inspire so many nutcases...

    10. Daniel harris


    11. Roberto2653


    12. Rj Rao

      Marvel : Endgame is a masterpiece DC : Hold my beer!

      1. Joss Morales

        You nailed it

    13. Avalanche TV

      This is gonna be amazing.

    14. Chris Bowers

      How old does anyone think this Joker is? Like 35-40 Maybe

      1. Benja B. XD

        I think he's going to his late 40s

    15. Daniel Alonso

      The story behind the character is what makes them important. we must know where the character comes from to understand how far he is willing to go. the trailer grabs you by the hand without giving anything away. the acting from Joaquin is fluid and natural. somone said better than jared leto and ofcourse it is. because leto acted a role and Joaquin BECOMES THE JOKER.

    16. Scotch_ OnRocks

      I've watched the trailer like 5 times, so hyped

    17. Ian0805

      1:32 reflection looks just like Heath Ledger.

    18. binarystar21

      That walk out shot at the end, with the music...does his dance on the steps...soooo amazing! Goosebumps.

    19. Korea

      I love him he looks real always

    20. krispy

      1. Heath Ledger 2. Joaquin Phoenix 3. Jack Nicholson 4. Cesar Romero 5. Jared Leto

      1. Larry Legendary

        😂Woah woah woah dude😂 Let the film actually come out first before u place,him up there alongside the GOATs. 💯Subtracting Jared💯

    21. Shubham Gangan

      Joker's backstory is very sad and pityful ...the world acted very cruel towards him..if this movie follows the same tragic backstory as Batman the killing Joke movie..then in live action it will be really heartbreaking...for the world to laugh at him...he himself had to cry a lot!!!!!🙁

    22. Vin Grier

      First Gotham created the villain it deserved eventually it will create the hero it needs

    23. CheafootGG


    24. Leon S. Kennedy

      I Do want An R Rating for this So we can have more Violence and Blood but definitely not nudity it will feel so out of place for this.

    25. Leon S. Kennedy

      For everyone thank keeps commenting 1989:Let's throw him into a pit full of acid 2019:let's throw him into society Well 2008 Joker didn't even interact with society before he was joker since he got his *Scars* from himself and STFU with these comments they are so goddam annoying.

    26. hellabeluzia

      Every single version of this trailer has the same comment; "1981: throw joker in chemicals, 2019: throw joker in society" with the same reply "they are both toxic"

    27. Cringe Master64

      i honestly think this could be the best joker BUT no one could replace heath ledger

      1. Dapple Dog

        Well no. Heath Ledger's Joker was perfect for The Dark Knight, but not made for this.

    28. deno Njoka

      I Say This "JOKER" Trailer is Interesting, Funny, Dramatic and That It's Great It's Separated From Batman As I Say It's Even Reflecting How The "Joker" is Viewed By The Society As I Say Joaquin Phoenix Has Done The "Joker" Role Justice and Great As I Will Definitely Watch This Movie As It's a Great Movie.

    29. Zion Quevedo

      At 1:22 joker kills those boys and he is running from the cops

    30. followerofshrek

      October cannot come fast enough.

    31. Luis Aguilar

      heath ledger's joker is for kids, but joaquin phoenix's joker is scary.

      1. Angel Boi

        Don't diss Heath like that if anything Jared's joker is for kids Heath's was just as scary, He didn't care for anyone or for even money

    32. Victor Chaz

      Definitely looking forward to watching this in IMAX on HALLOWEEN

    33. 123SuperSomeone

      Am I the only one who finds this trailer so dark and depressing that you actually feel depressed?


        You are not alone

    34. Luiz Felipe


    35. William Keelan

      Did the Batman make Gotham a better place? ~ The Joker 🃏 (Heath Ledger)

    36. TOM CRUISE

      And the Oscar goes to...JOAQUIN PHOENIX for JOKER...

    37. TheSushiGod

      Anybody know the song name?

      1. Angel Boi

        Smile by various artist just search up "joker trailer song"


      This movie looks stupid

      1. Angel Boi

        You look stupid

    39. GVOLVE

      This trailer is better than Justice League

    40. Rahul Chouhan

      my life is a tragedy but now i realize it's a comedy