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    Check out the official Joker Trailer starring Joaquin Phoenix! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: October 4, 2019
    Starring: Zazie Beetz, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro
    Directed By: Todd Phillips
    Synopsis: Film will center on how the popular comic book villain known as The Joker came to be.
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    1. Movieclips Trailers

      Send in the clowns 🤡 Check out the new trailer for Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix!

      1. Baljeet Monster


      2. Lady Wolf

        This movie sucked !

      3. SSS TEAM


      4. Tasya Syahla

        Oh my good

    2. Enzio Da Medik

      Uh, Murray... One small thing.. Yeah? When you bring me out.. *¿Can you introduce me as Joker?*

    3. Haji Ahim

      Saya suka dia tertawa... Ada sedih juga

    4. Noellia S

      Just finished this movie, I knew Joaquin Phoenix was going to be a great Joker. Loved the movie.

    5. Ell Usman Music

      Good film

    6. MustardCat

      This is coming from an 11 year old that saw the movie. Seriously, this was my most favourite movie ever, You could feel Arthur’s pain, And everything in the movie was just so amazing. I swear, if this film does not get an Oscar, than the Oscars will literally be a joke. Joaquin Phoenix’s acting was amazing, and honestly, take it from an 11 who has seen and loved every Oscar film.

    7. Amr Tube _ تخيل


    8. Iwie Kirk


    9. Ranoon Sumer

      Joker code. It means resistance. Violent resistance. Its purpose is the confusion of riot and slaughter society. Bull loves the joker He like fear and anxiety. Isn't it? 🖕🐂🖕🧿 🌟 😊🌟

    10. Çukur Dizi Müzikleri

      +15 bosuna veriolar

    11. mcs 7873

      Take notes, Jared Leto. This is how you play a fresh, modernized version of the Joker while still maintaining the traditional comic roots.

    12. Noobmaster69

      Hopefully this joker actor wont go insane like the last few

    13. Jessica Toward

      I love this movie dude I literally cant get away from it

    14. Dana B


    15. Ruatzhmars Ruatz

      Tell me a movie better than this.

    16. WhoWasThat *

      The scary thing about this movie is that it makes you feel more sympathy for the joker and slowly forget that he’s a psychopath who kills people for fun, I mean I get it, his life shaped who who became but he was also pretty much born a psychopath too and it’s scary when you start empathizing with a killer.

    17. Grega1 Koščak1

      All oscars to joker movie, its really masterpeace

    18. Trash Compactor

      This was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Highly recommend going to see it while you can

    19. Danizu

      0:54 in the movie he said "check out this joker" interesting

    20. Grace Good

      I wanna see this but my MATH TEACHER said it was so physiological that she had to watch 5 disney movies just to get over it

    21. Bad Therapy

      Joker is about a good man with a dream who make bad things to another good people because they are unable to understand and help him. Is a cold shower and a tribute to all those who are hurt, rejected, wronged, spit, insulted, forsaken, unloved.

    22. Stevie Lynn

      There are no words to describe this - I would pay again … and again …..

    23. majed8192

      I read the movies reviews and the end result was mixed reviews but I still watched it because of all the fuzz and it turned out to be one of the best movies that I ever watched in my life !! it deserves an Oscar without a doubt, I believe the only reason it got mixed reviews is because critics were actually afraid that the movie's influence would extend to reality because of how insanely powerful it was

    24. RuleEmpire


    25. Bad Therapy

      I made a good remix on this. Check my channel.

    26. Sk Muzammil Zeeshan


    27. Lady Wolf

      This movie sucked !!

      1. Noob Master96

        why?, were you expected high action packed CGI fighting?, lmao idiot

    28. Lps Tropical

      yall.... *he just wanted to make people laugh* *BUT SOCIETY IS TOO MUCH OF A BI-*

    29. Bailey Clinton


    30. Bailey Clinton

      Poor Arthur! 😢

    31. L H

      I get it, he was abused as a child & didn't get the help as an adult, that he needed but that doesn't stop this movie from being boring as hell.

      1. Noob Master96

        thiis movie isnt for the average Disney/Mediocre Movie Company viewers like yo.

      2. Danizu

        L H Boring?? Wtf

      3. Nick Tubbs

        L H I swear that’s the only thing it was boring AF but it was good tho like the last 40 mins 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

    32. Tiger Electric

      To be honest, I don't know whats cooler between joker who jumped at the radioactive water or something and joker with a mental disorder but they're both jokers so yeah..

    33. Aesthetics61

      Feels like they made my life story

    34. Abraham Flores

      What was your favorite scene from the movie?mine was joker was in Murray's show

      1. Nick Tubbs

        Abraham Flores when the midget couldn’t get out the door cuz he was to short to unlatch the chain 😂😂

    35. LEW TUBE

      Greatest movie ever

    36. Mohamed AL mahfood

      This movie is a masterpiece the best movie in 2019 and Joaquin Phoenix must win an Academy Award for Best Actor Joker is the first R-rated movie of all time, reaching 1 billion dollar 👏👏👏

    37. Chris Beach

      Don't even think I saw a gun. Plus, this dude Phoenix keeps looking glossy eyed for a second, in every scene of the trailer. As in looking out of the corner of his eye and trying to ignore the camera .

    38. eden anshar

      Oscars winner for sure

    39. Nicking

      En mi canal pueden ver la pelicula del joker gratis pasense autolike para no desaparecer

    40. Sonya Belmont Farenheght

      And this movie had an Oscar nomination...pathetic.the only good thing in it is Robert De Niro