JOKER Final Trailer (Extended) 2019

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    Here is an extended trailer for Joker

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    1. Matty Slice

      I like the music score. They used it in all of them. Love it.

    2. WaxTapeCdEatter

      This movie was very sad and very disturbing!!! If Phoenix doesn't get the Oscar It show are society is true as the movie portraits it.

    3. Onyx1916

      "One small thing: When you give me the Oscar, can you introduce me as Joker?"

    4. Ömer Tekin

      hayatı boyunca bir dakika bile mutlu olmayan bir adamın, perdeye aktarılan dakikalarına şahit oluyorsunuz. acılarını, ağlayarak değil de kahkaha atarak kusan, trajedinin vücut bulmuş hali bir adam. çocukluğundan itibaren hem fiziksel hem de ruhsal darbelerle, kapitalizmin zirve yaptığı kaotik bir şehirde büyüyen bir adamın hikayesi. kaos ve komedi(!) ile beslenen, sanatını kendisine zarar veren insanlardan intikam alarak icra eden ve bu intikamları, cesetlerin üstüne gül bırakır gibi, dans ederek kutlayan bir adam. 10/9

    5. Andy whippy

      Only saw a part of this movie and it made so sad 😭😭

    6. Donald Tramp

      Every legend has a beginning

    7. Barbara Wilson

      You just know something bad is going to happen to Murray. And it does.

    8. PES GURU

      Joker the best movie from dc

    9. MARJiez

      Worst movie

    10. Maria

      Please, if your feeling a way that is not normal or if your just feeling bad, let someone know. Dont bottle it up. Dont try to make other people happy at the expense of your own happiness.

    11. Maan Mallak

      مش شاعر أنه الفلم بستاهل هالشهره و المستوى !!!!!

    12. bill clinton

      too many problms withth is movie

    13. status media joker status

    14. Stop Motion


    15. Isis Salas

      He looks weird but to me he looks cute agree?

    16. Isis Salas

      Poor him I would do the se thing lol

    17. FiXeRmIxEr Oficjal ReCoRdSsTuDiO

    18. FiXeRmIxEr Oficjal ReCoRdSsTuDiO

    19. 3220sunshine

      LOVED this movie. Will see it again.

    20. herlina putri cantika

      Joker joblo keren

    21. Angel of Rock

      *When does he do the laugh at **0:22** in the film?*

    22. Ryan DeKnoblough

      Yeah that Phoenix guy he's pretty fucking good as Joker.

    23. jokerthebackstabber jokerthebackstabber

      do what joker deserves haha #why soserious

    24. franco pro


    25. Bad Therapy

      Joker is about a good man with a dream who make bad things to another good people because they are unable to understand and help him. Is a cold shower and a tribute to all those who are hurt, rejected, wronged, spit, insulted, forsaken, unloved.

    26. Sundas Saem

      So sad

    27. Unknown Name

      "All I have is negative thoughts" 14 year old girls: (¡-¡)

    28. Pariza Nila

      When release the movie on SEsels??

    29. Claire LaBrec

      im watching the trailer bc my mom won’t let me watch the movie... im 13

    30. Jamie Gill

      Ive seen the movie twice now, i think most people in this World would side with Joker if it came to a Hero or Villan choice, in the Scene on the Stairs when he's reading the folder about his childhood just breaks ya heart.

    31. Stathis Gamer29

      If he don't get a Oscar, noone will!

    32. alex

      Watching this trailer over and over cos i didnt get to watch the movie :')

    33. Bacusjhon Jhonbacus

      The best movie for me in 2019 😂😂😂 Oscar award for joker 🕴

    34. Misha Vish

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    35. katta radhakumari

      we are all clowns

    36. Lady Wolf

      This movie sucked !!

      1. PokemonFan


    37. Goner Artist

    38. L H

      I get it, he was abused as a child & didn't get the help as an adult, that he needed but that doesn't stop this movie from being boring as hell.

      1. PokemonFan

        Go stick with action movies then

      2. Anna Markvukaj

        L H bruh

    39. Dennis M

      It's really fucking frustrating. I want some scenes of him actually know, The Joker, so I can compare him to Heath Ledger, but I can't find anything.

      1. John McMannis

        See the movie. The scenes of him being the joker will blow your mind.

    40. guason pro

      Stream frick