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    Director Todd Phillips takes us through the opening scene of "Joker." He explains how the necessity of an unsettling dynamic tension throughout the film was the driving force that dictated his artistic decisions. Through location, costume, makeup and lighting Phillips created a truly frightening world.
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    Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair

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    1. Michael Rush

      This film was outstanding!

    2. Ty Deakin

      "clowns, strippers, magicians" ...well, that sums it up then...

    3. the ziggyh

      I didn’t see the water coming out of the flower 😢

    4. Alupei Andrei

      summer of 1979? reminds me of a pumpkin song

    5. anonymous

      Like I'm 16 and can't watch the movie. Among all the other under age ones. Can you feel my saltiness?

    6. ProGyan gogoi

      Christopher nolan ko deta to aur 10000000000...% mindblowwwwwing....hota

    7. Be Awesome


    8. shercahn

      I didn't even notice the water coming out of the flower.

    9. Aezakmi

      Dude, Joker wasn’t a DC movie. It was so much more than that. It was like I was watching the story of a real person. I was so stuck into it. I couldn’t stop think about it. I’ve watched _Joker_ about 5 times now. This is an amazing film. Absolutely amazing.

    10. Juan de la Canal

      best movie I've seen in many years

    11. Wafi Gt

      Kentuan mas

    12. Suresh Kumar

      Dude, look into the camera and talk. It’s very unsettling

    13. Tonya Reddinger

      No comment

    14. James Maier

      And he started with a GG Alin movie

    15. Yasmin Verbeek

      This is the best content ever

    16. Abiely Flores

      there was nothing profound about this movie ok bye

    17. Johnathan Reigard

      Okay now break down the ending? Lol

    18. Caspean Sea

      So unfortunate that Joker came short to Parasite for the Oscar best picture. If not because of Parasite, Joker would have had a clean sweep in the Oscar. Credit to Parasite though. It should be a very good movie.

    19. Sheena Jackson

      I've seen Joker 5 or 6 times and never realized the water coming out of the fake flower on Arthur's jacket.

    20. Javier Gonzalez

      Referencing Georgie Pineda's comment.... Todd: (same comment) Academy: (same comment) Me: Voting members of the Academy have their views, perspectives and voting ideas, yes. I have my own. The two are not the same nor should they be compared as similar. Murray: You have a problem with Thomas Wayne? Joker: Yes, I do. Oscars show: Joker was a good film. Just not "the best" for the award presented.

    21. NumBxDino :3

      3:42 laughing at what? This movie is dark af 😂💞

    22. Dylan Hagsauce

      He is hungry wants some water and has to be on something also tired of talking about the joker.

    23. Richard Brown

      An absolutely fabulous movie, incredibly powerful and disturbing whilst elegant in showing his vulnerability and character development... all time top 10 for sure

    24. Party Skeletons

      Tough spot between Joker and Parasite but Todd _really_ deserved an award. Can't wait to see what he does next!

    25. Lorenzo Carter

      This was a great Movie 🎥 🔥🔥

    26. r.s.b 1997

      he deserved best directing💔

    27. Poehavshyi

      So sorry, Todd You deserved

    28. Catherine Belanger

      Before this video, I never noticed the water coming out of the flower... even after 4 viewings of the film! Fantastic movie and such a great attention and thought to detail 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    29. ms 2

      I hate joker clown mask movies ,🛑📛📛⛔⛔🚫🚫🚫⭕⭕❌❌❌👎👎👎👎

    30. Katy Gonzalez

      I need to see this movie again

    31. Matthew Em maj9

      So much brilliant tension in this film: when the shorter gentlemen desperately wants to leave the apartment but can't reach the chain bolt... absolutely brilliant

    32. Boomclash gamer

      I am crying literally😭😭😭 i wish i could comfort him

    33. Franklin Murray

      Is his son's name "Todd Jason" ?

    34. Amanda Stewart

      Absolute genius...the creativeness, interpretation, the meaning, the performance, the acting, the commitment. Can’t say enough. Better be an Oscar winner this weekend!

    35. mega man

      why is he looking down the whole time like seriously this just wrecks this interview

      1. Lindsey Thoms

        he’s watching the scene as it plays so he can pause and draw and point out the things in the scene. it’s the whole point of the video.

    36. EuroCarBuilds

      Breakdowns like this really make me appreciate the time, effort, and genius that goes into these films

    37. Justin Clack

      The Joker/Arthur isn't a bad guy. He may have killed people, but it's not his fault he is mentally challenged. The kills of the three Wall Street guys are justified because they tried to kick him in a way that could easily cause a fatality. Yes, he may have not killed the third guy in self defense, killing him for the thrill, but it was still justified. Then, there is the murder of Murray. Yes, the murder of Murray is not as justified, but he wasn't thinking straight, at least as straight as he is able to think. All of the death and pain he has felt to lead up to that moment makes the murder of Murray justified because nobody can think straight after so much physical and mental pain.

    38. Amy Zhang

      I'd totally spend my entire day watching Phillips break down of the entire movie if he ever did. This gave me chills.

    39. Damian Dmerri

      I know it's just a movie I do, but I cant help but want to viciously and brutally murder those kids that jumped him. I just CANT help it. I KNOW it's a movie but I guess I can relate 100% is why. Even now as I type this I'm filled with rage and hate for those kids and everyone else who bullies Arthur throughout the movie. To me, it's a reflection of my life.

    40. Marissa Concepcion

      Id really love watching this movie...its just that He's role was amazing on how he do the act specially the way He" Laugh" He deserve the best awards that might ever give to Him... Best ever movie nd act ive watch☝️🙏Blessed you Mr.Phoenix Thats Life👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    41. _ leporad69_

      I dont think it was supposed to be be funny but me and my friend laughed so hard when the midget was stuck in the room with him

    42. Alexandra Leever

      I love the end when he talks about Joaquin's skill. It's no wonder he's winning every award there is for his performance.

    43. Rekan D

      This movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. fucoff lol

      i watched your movie illegally

    45. Doww

      “When you rewatch the film” Todd...bro...I saw the movie 10 times at the theatre...would I see it again...yes

    46. Agnes Ahn

      I like him lols 😍

    47. Miko

      This movie is heartwrenching but you love it for that. It is beautiful because it is real.

    48. Eric Crawford

      Does Joaquin watch his own character, the methodical Joaquin, playing an insane loner. Where does Joaquin stop and Arthur begin. Takes one to know one, and that's frightening.

    49. Vinny Herrera

      joey diaz stole the sign back in 1979 in newark

    50. 뉴이스트

      can he do the whole movie??

    51. kunter

      the movie makes me sad

    52. Mann Face

      He looks like a younger Donald Sutherland

    53. Tasorius

      When the fiends were running away, the alley should have been blocked off and the Heath Ledger Joker should have done the opening laugh of the mob scene, and then they should have been murderized.

    54. Zveki

      He was already insane. You took too much time to introduce it.

    55. Future Me

      God, he made us feel the way he wanted us to feel in every moment of the movie in the most unexpected ways and without us even knowing it. Brilliant!

    56. Scott  Fillinger

      Never noticed the water coming out of the flower

    57. Brandon Lemoine

      What a brilliant man.

    58. DinoDillinger

      The music was so ominous and haunting. It made me feel like I was descending with Arthur.

    59. Amber Bailey

      so arthur is in his mid to late 40's and bruce wayne is a young child, so when bruce grows up to be batman at age 30? then the joker would be 70? doesn't seem like a 70 year old clown wouldn't be much of a threat

    60. Velocity sub or bad

      Just remember this guy made something crazy.