Joe Rogan Experience #1334 - Fahim Anwar



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    Fahim Anwar is an actor and stand up comedian. Check out his special on Amazon called "Fahim Anwar: There's No Business Like Show Business".

    **Recording Note: The recording/encoding of this file was corrupted and slight sync/speed issues exist. (Audio Fixed - Reupload)**

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    1. syed saif ul haq

      Wow, his voices! Amazing!

    2. ClearlyJamming

      I need to hear more from Joe's old guy from the middle of nowhere character

    3. potlovingchef14

      batflick was great it was shit movie

    4. Xero Punt

      1:15:26 Owen Benjamin?

    5. Jay

      Not anyone can be president. They come from a bloodline.

    6. AlexZeBeast

      Joe's old-man-voice is hilarious

    7. Matt Jameson

      14:31 and 26:30 for both Old Man character.

    8. CokenOpi

      i like this guy, humble

    9. lucky luke

      I use to play video games and eat cup o noodles after school at his house . What a small world! Keep up the great job man!

    10. Matthew Lawton

      - I'm not right wing - Tulsi Gabbard (closet Clinton-doctrine Conservative) is my favorite. Dude...just stop...

    11. James Flinders

      On the lighter side Affleck has down the most accurate portrayal of the Batman however Keaton is the best Bruce Wayne on the BIG screen that is.

    12. James Flinders

      I love to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience I mostly only listen to the episodes that you are interviewing and talking to fellow comedians. I have never commented on anyone podcast before regardless what is being discussed and talked about even if I agree with what is being said or not. However, I felt compelled to responded to Fahim Anwar comments about someone who is pursuing a Liberal Arts degree in Theater at the 1:26 mark. A degree in theater and entertainment arts is valuable in its applications across multiple industries. First and foremost, the critical thinking and organizational skills one learns through an education and background in the theater is tantamount to an advanced degree in project management - a skill that is valuable at every stage, in any career. Many people have carved out a successful, if somewhat nonlinear career path in broadcasting, advertising, creative services (as a writer-producer, director, photog, editor, voice actor, makeup artist, marketing manager, and creative director) and for a time, as a journalist. They utilize writing, performance and stagecraft skills in everything they do. Many colleges graduated have found successful, gratifying and lucrative careers in tech, marketing, business management, engineering, human resources, and as entrepreneurs. Your marketability doesn't end with your degree. Neither does your potential for success. Formal education is just the foundation. One should take advantage of each new job experience and use it as training for the next level. Continue to expand your arsenal of skills, and you will go far.

    13. Jxwave

      Go to 1:51:48 and close your eyes listen to joe 😂

    14. Jxwave

      Go to 1:51:48 and close your eyes listen to joe 😂

    15. marvelmaniac88

      26:22 for the second round of Joe's old man voice

    16. Pro Fights Info

      I watched this on August 15, 2019!

    17. Cisco Cabs

      "you know what the worst is?" my guess would be hearing you talk

    18. Devon A

      Ben afleck is my favorite Batman! Y’all don’t know what you’re talking about on this subject

    19. IBrainedMyDamage

      1:11:22 change the playback speed to 0.25x and see how long you can listen for

    20. JP Mulrenan


    21. JP Mulrenan

      What website is Fahim talking about with the website to find music?

    22. Mumrik

      1:35:20 Pimps & Prostitues

    23. Ron Cox

      Is anyone else's audio out of sync with the video?

      1. ashleyisachild


    24. Andrew Perez

      "pedophile island" lmao

    25. ZX9RinHollywood

      Joe that old man voice is creepy

    26. Jamaican Warren Buffett

      WHOA, only 150 people in your Head? Dude, I remember everyone I've ever met in my entire life past at least the age of 5. Maybe because I felt it was part of my identity, and after elementary school I always actively tried to remember everyone because I thought I would see them all again and continue their story... Wrong. It was such a downer when I realized there were literally friends or people I knew that I would never see again just due to circumstances. Still, I remember everyone I met in high school. My parents are always surprised when I recall meeting some relative from when I was very young. I have at least thousands of people I remember. Come to think of it, it's probably due to visual cues and how my memory works... I remember everyone I ever see. In fact, in dreams, I'm convinced that I see people I've never even met (though this could just be a face I briefly see on the subway but process it subconsciously instead of consciously but still). I'm 1 minute in and just had to say that...i could probably list 500 Facebook friends off top of my head and I haven't used Facebook in over 6 years.

    27. Bird

      Magic versus God: what's the difference, Fahim?

    28. Bird

      @2:21:17 Sick spelling, fellas.

    29. Bird

      The comedic (stand-up) response a performer receives from subject(s) [especially with larger audiences] is arguably more profound than art itself, in that it is a greater form...I'm surprised Joe didn't say something along the same lines, considering he is an "experienced" comedian. Fahim made a good point, glossing the natural worry that a parent has of one's bairn, consequently and somewhat subliminally diminishing the uniqueness (functioned via an antiquated, rigid perspective (in this case, Fahim's father's)) of the stand-up comedy language and all it entails.

    30. Jonjon Vital

      Jacking off 1:06:00-1:07:46

    31. Alex Mendoza

      For sober October the challenge can be 2 vs. 2 match of basketball. Everyone can travel with or buy a basketball and practice ball handling and shooting.

    32. nyk31

      Andrew Schultz is definitely shadow-banned. I saw his act last week and for sure no blue-haired university feminist is gona let that one go unreported

    33. SSS

      UBI and Post Scarcity could really help the arts! And the pure sciences.

    34. Matthew Shoemaker

      Efern The magician> wizard

    35. The _Texan

      Joe you need to have call in hour an answer people questions.

    36. David Clevenger

      Joe really doesn't follow movies does he. No love for the medium at all, always glosses over it like it's a toy medium.

    37. The Dude

      Joe's master class on comedy just redirects to PowerfulJRE.

    38. Domzdream

      Bookmark: 2:40:00

    39. Brent Tucker

      14:58 can be found early Saturday morning at Hardee's in the midwest 😂🤣😂

    40. Davitofratito

      Jeez, what a fucking idiot!

    41. Brannon Senger

      Can anyone pinpoint the times when joe does the old man voice?

    42. Neave

      He deserves another episode just because of the glitch

    43. Skyler Loeswick

      Joe's old man voice sounds kinda like a older version of Stipe Miocic lol...

    44. Pastmasterdan

      Fatima Anwar in "Subhuman"

    45. Pastmasterdan

      Wise young man, you are

    46. Man Ransom

      It doesn’t make sense at all because I could name 150 celebrities without thinking about it. I could probably name more than 1000 people

    47. Scooter

      What's with the flashing black on the video.

    48. Jackson Trebuler

      How about Joe Rogan be the guy that is next to Alex Jones.

    49. Jonathan Lanoy

      Fuck you, Batflick was amazing as Batman now as Bruce Wayne yikes.

    50. Behzad Nikzad

      Fahim, you are awesome. You are one of my favorite Afghans in diaspora. The reason is because you are Afghan through and through and you don't wear it on your sleeve. Of course, you are also hilarious and as you said you have a high threshold for academic pain ;).

    51. Gibran Ali

      Who are they referring to at 2:26:0?

    52. EDGR

      What is 28:05??

    53. Indigo Intuitive Counselor

      AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome combo. this is gonna be a good eposide :D

    54. Tommy Keeling

      Fredo in English is a frog caramel chocolate bar Fredo in Italian means COLD 😂😂😂😂 They don't use it in the same way English speaking people use the word cold for people. Instead they use Porca and dio Madonna... Also Pussy.. In Italian means your Cool😂😂😂 grande Figa

    55. Jake Ahlgrim

      edit the sound on this one Jaime

    56. TheZephyrZad

      1:10:32 'now all the poor guys that wanna go green , are kinda fucked' loooollll

    57. Jerry Gonzalez


    58. Miguel Suarez-solis

      Found Andrew Schulz.... Easily... Lol he's def conservative.. he seems very libertarian to me

    59. Miguel Suarez-solis

      Hey Joe... Your memory sucks because pot

    60. Miguel Suarez-solis

      I loved Ben Affleck as Batman.... The problem is that they made Batman right after Christian bales Batman so the world was still stuck on that really shitty ridiculously voiced Batman