Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - January 9, 2020



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    Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub.

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    1. Jennyblake Blake


    2. Look5Alive

      One thing about the epstein thing like he said was they showed his body.... You're telling me they'll show his body, but not Osama bin laden? Lol

    3. Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

      I knew I learned process of elimination in 1st grade for some reason.

    4. T awnya

      How could one even respect or cherish another person without the end in mind to appreciate each second we have to share

    5. Ahmed Santos

      Alex Volkanovski is the best fighter I've ever met in person, and I have to say, he's fucking tiny man, he's so small (yes I'm from Australia)

    6. Declan Daly

      Joe "This is how communities and tribes used to live" rogan

    7. Lulu AGK

      What was Eddie gonna say about the Robert Maxwell guy? Sounded interesting..

    8. Nathan Young

      Are they on something?

    9. Titus Vinius

      Fuck vegans.

    10. SosA

      Love this podcasts

    11. K to the L

      i AM the designated roller since 1974. i know it doesnt sound like much of a skill and shit but trust me it is. someone should hire me... seriously.

    12. Zak Ford

      Callen got shit on during this fight companion 😂

    13. Zak Ford

      Joe “I gotta pee again” Rogan

    14. Lil Yatta


    15. Cesar Cabrera

      I said Epstein was still alive soon as they announced him dying. Definitely a possibility.

    16. Michael Hodges

      Too bad Schaub couldn't leave earlier. Literally contributes nothing

    17. Nick

      Brendan loves counting how many times Joe takes a piss - he's actually counting down the amount of times he was reminded of Joe's dick (with pleasure).

    18. Sam Contreras

      I just ordered this shirt, pretty dope homage to Eddie:

    19. ashley Henderson

      I love eddie

    20. Nick

      Joe "What really gets people fat is carbs, sugar, trash foods, etc. BTW you ever try this sub place? It's ALL bread -drools-." Rogan

    21. steadytube

      Eddie Bravo does Trump Hands

    22. I AssinJar

      I used to come here for uncensored talk. Now it’s all “we’ll talk after the show”

    23. Elvira DeSantos

      "My diarrhea is legendary." -Joe Rogan 2020

    24. Owen P

      The way Brendan smiled at Joe when he walked back in from peeing awwwwww

    25. Rick Carter

      Eddie is right about Shaun Attwood. He can't come to America but he would be well worth a remote interview.

    26. Gus Spencer

      32:50 or if everything we experience in our life is so important cause when we die we all become the god of our on "simulated" universe. It's quality depends on the quality of effort we put into our own lives. And the cycle continues with each life we create within our solocosm.

    27. Eric Ortiz

      Eddie is fucken awesome

    28. Anton Sommerville

      Talking reality with jo hogan the new mr left haha Edgeie why waste your breath

    29. Anton Sommerville

      The fourth estate rip and integrity in 2020 bhhhaaaaahahaaaaa

    30. Anton Sommerville

      Eddie there are scientific proofs of computer code being imbedded in the fabric of the universe

    31. Anton Sommerville

      FYI the church is responsible for science it’s funny how you fail to remember that and the act of science not the religion of science backs the church up 100 percent

    32. Anton Sommerville

      So much of what you people say emotionally echos in the biblical text it’s crazy

    33. Anton Sommerville

      Joe Hogan on sim Theory I’m impressed

    34. Anton Sommerville

      Eddie huge evidence on sim theory and as a kicker it coincides with the wait for it ..... the BIBLE wanna blow your mind reasearch Chuck Missler !!!


      *"I like balls though."-Brendan Schaub 2020*

    36. Anton Sommerville

      The internet was made by the nsa for war time communications

    37. Clinton Crites

      Eddie is a right wing conspiracist hack who has too much emotion tied into his zany theories. It's why you see Rogan get tense when Eddie starts going off the rails.

    38. steadytube

      Joe Rogan is probably the head of the whole new world order. if that was true Eddie Bravo would literally explode

    39. Pedro Castaneda

      At 1:27:24 I thought joe Rogan was about to rap haha

    40. OTB_Fishing

      I was so entertained for 4 hours!!! Love it

    41. steadytube

      Eddie ballzdeep Bravo

    42. Ciprian Dinu

      Wtf, I get constipated when I eat meat only. Takes me 3 fuckin days to take a good shit.

    43. Saleaway 1975

      Toe Bravo

    44. D C

      Who was the HW w/the Viagra

    45. Lincoln Microphone LLC

      Bravo is the realest, he did follow me after I left him some love on his IG. I'm a fn nobody too.

    46. Justin Byrd

      Joe" my knee went ee e ee" Rogan

    47. Mellow Adesoji

      Think the thing with trump isn't that he's innocent of everything being said about him it's that people like Eddie and the rest of his supporters don't care... For them it's "as long as hes not black and I can keep my guns"

    48. Aidan O'Leary

      Eddie Bravo is a moron. Tried to stick it but on account of how interesting the conversation is between the other 3 participants. He is an IDIOT.

    49. Dan Zilisch

      4:06:00 Joe gives Sam Tripoli one of the best compliments you can give a comic.

    50. John Rouse

      They created the enternet in order to surveil the scientist communications... duh? Like Nazi scientist maybe. But seriously would such a device for instant communication be created if they couldn’t use it to insure consent.

    51. Manuel Lopez

      Hit the like button just for Eddie Bravo these 3 bring it.

    52. marcia beasley

      I love when Eddie talks about spending time with his son! It’s so beautiful and genuine

    53. Jimmy

      People fake their deaths for sure

    54. Adrian

      Eddie Bravo Logic: *The Government lies!* Also Eddie Bravo: Not Trump tho.

      1. 03056932R

        oversimplifying . he may lie, we all do. but he's saying the q anon stuff is showing he is working towards a greater good

    55. Wavyanthony 6

      I love that Eddie has everything he can want and accomplish with his career and yet spending time with his son and doing what he wants makes him the most happy

    56. Jose Oliveira

      Joe has the gift of prophecy. I believe some humans, when "in the spirit" (maybe when smoking the tree of good and evil) can tap into thoughts in the spiritual realm. He has the ability to discern both good and evil (the spectrum) of a scenario. Take the path to love (which is shown as examples in the Bible), there lives Almighty

    57. Calzonie

      Get David Icke on Joe and Shaun Atwood

    58. Trent


    59. Black Irish

      1:23:07 duck duck

    60. itsgambini99

      fuck yeah, Joe nailed the simulation theory after getting narky with Nick Bostrom, the others were struggling a bit...