Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing

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JRE Clips

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    Taken from JRE #1473 w/Tom Papa:

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    1. Brad Delany

      There is no grey matter on them coming back, pun intended). It will come down to the thickness of their skulls during the physicals. When Foreman came back, they allowed him to return because the bone density had not diminished with age. They're gonna check their skull density, to see if their heads can take the pounding. Foreman aged well underneath the skin, we'll see how these other guys agerd.

    2. Scott Ross

      Tyson vs. Nganou????

    3. Gil Segoviano

      Mike Tyson and Don King destroyed the sport of boxing you couldn't pay me to go see a Mike Tyson figt. I hope they knock his ass out in the first fight first round and in the first minute. His opponent,s doesn't have to worry about getting bit. Mike is so old he probably ain't got no more teeth

    4. timothy sullivan

      as much as i love tyson, he would be a fool to return to boxing, as he is way too old, short (for today's heavyweights), and smokes too much weed. he would get his ass kicked unless he fought joe rogan!

    5. Mad Max

      Like being around Thor or Zeus

    6. The nextinline

      "Donnie Yen studied Mike Tyson's past matches to prepare physically and mentally for the fight scenes with him. As a former world heavy weight champion boxer, Tyson punches over 1,500 foot pounds of force in the ring. " IMDb Yen also stated once that fighting Tyson was really scary because he's REALLY fast. I'm glad he's doing this because that's honestly what he was made for, but i'm worried that his "ego" will get out of control again. Testosterone and Hormone shit do make your body work "better" but they also make you more volatile and short tempered. I do not want to see Mike getting into trouble again.Especially now that he has gained a lot of respect.

    7. Chachi One

      I have a young son and I can't keep up. As an older man, my energy has decreased. Where can I get some of these boosting hormone therapy? And none of this crap we see on TV great stuff for the older guy? Thanks.

    8. mounir989

      he got inspired by master roshi

    9. Phuck Ewe

      Juiced up for all his career

    10. Joseph Dorsey

      Herschel Walker is one of those freak of natures

    11. Mike Harrison

      Because of corona virus there is not going to be any more boxing matches? 😳

    12. Mike Harrison

      These guys are just trying to rinse the towel, and take the money 💵 whatever is left out there? 😁

    13. Mike Harrison

      Nobody wants to see 👀 washed up Tyson fight again please no way!! 😳

    14. Addams29

      Tyson is just one of those rare human beings with great motor skill and muscle memory. He will beat just about anyone in THAT condition. Holy shit...

    15. perfectblendofbaby

      I want to see Canelo and Errol get eatin alive.

    16. stud man

      This is Mike's mid life crisis. Good for him. I will watch.

    17. Signkae1

      all the fighters Tyson fought back in the day are all dead. rip

    18. Staind_Truth

      thank god there is always a chance

    19. Staind_Truth

      well done joe we I love you well done you fuvck tard hahaha 100million hahaha wicked

    20. Staind_Truth

      you look fucking Incredible 2 magnificent 3 4 fuck off

    21. Matt Deloff

      Just like in baseball.....I'd rather see huge home runs, bombs leave the park. Who wants to watch boring 1 run games. In MMA, I wanna watch Vitor T'd up knocking fuckers out. I don't wanna watch dudes go the distance in boring matches. The only dude who is amazing is Conor. He is a freak athlete with freaky athletic fighting genetics. But maybe one day Conor will need T therapy. If that makes him perform half as good as when he was younger so be it.

    22. david bolan

      Joe. You use dope. lol

    23. Matt Deloff

      Vitor delivered a spinning hook kick to Rockholds dome and KO'd his ass. The difference here is Tyson is a freak athlete with freak genetics. Look at the pic of Tyson when he was 13....the dude looked huge and like he was 18yrs old.

    24. Jerry K

      Vitor was beat up when taking TRT.....IT WAS UGLY. Im 53...I've taken this since i was 35...Just played in the 45 and over world ball hockey championships in Prague in 2018 for Canada....never again lol I was nothing like i once was. Its over fellas lol.

    25. Virgle DeBord


    26. Former Everything

      JR - just subscribed because I saw Russell Brand trying to not complain about you leaving YT. Leave it or don't, America! I'd like to do Muay Thai with Russell, and I'm really old. Me ego hasn't been re-ignited. somebody would have to shoot at me to get me back on that level. don't shoot.

    27. 01247Brandon

      I don't understand, really. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to see Tyson fired up again, but in Joe's podcast, like 200 something episodes ago, Mike had said he didn't even want to workout or watch any form of fighting because it reawakens his ego and he wants nothing to do with "that Mike". He wants to acknowledge his new-found personality and happy life. Very odd to see him do a complete 180 since that episode, a few years back. Interested to see what comes from this within the next however many months to come.

    28. Inspectah Metal

      I was totally convinced it was DMT that humbled him and killed that ego....

    29. djamal gacem

      comone joe u still talk about gods of war u are big only one god

    30. Stout Lager

      That's sad. Do Tyson and Holyfield really need the money?

    31. David Ortiz

      Wouldn't that be something if Mike came back and won the heavyweight title

    32. Bossman

      Most of us will pay to see him box again

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    34. Unah Pita

      Imagine getting punched by Mike Tyson.

    35. DwW IcFam

      It's because the HWD Sucks!!!

    36. Rakul Navukkarajan

      Tyson coming back from gulag

    37. Deputy Dawg

      Tyson Fury gave him a generous compliment and it apparently has gone to his head

    38. Brent Robinson

      HEY JOE..would you fight TYSON for 100 mil? Wait... NEVERMIND

    39. Mayur Baliga

      Mike Tyson should have played Thanos

    40. Jay Cee Productions


    41. marius Talos

      Muscle memory

    42. ellis matthew


    43. Dustin Brown

      Mike Tyson worships Crom. Proof is in his life.

    44. Robbie Craughwell

      It ain't over until the fat lady sings!

    45. Get Right 2 it Podcast

      #Gr2itPodCast🏁🏁 subscribe

    46. PllTheTrgrrr

      Black Thanos gonna kill some avengers

    47. Jimmy Bearden

      Why is it that I learn more from SEsels ? Thanks Joe for the info.

    48. dcoog anml

      He’s going through a “mid life crisis” all men kinda go through it.

    49. Donnie Cales

      Why couldn't they just leave Mike alone I'm worried about him now

    50. Ledo Mc

      Tom papa is a posh liberal now?

    51. frank petas

      I love Tyson, to me he was the greatest ever! So these clips of him going full speed and full force in practice are amazing..... the problem is his stamina, if he doesn't knock the other fighter very fast he will be winded and the younger fighter will tear him down. I hope Tyson kicks ass and wish him all the success in this venture.

      1. dcoog anml

        That shirt though

    52. u weakbro

      Everyone: Boxing is a dying sport. Tyson: Hold my ear

      1. DHEE JHAY

        Literally copy paste

    53. Chris Neil

      All the current heavyweights are shite. Joshua's a Frank bruno clone. Fury, this is the guy who punched himself in the Face 😂😂. Mike's too old now, but nearly all those late 60, 80,90's were a halcyon era. Never to be repeated.

    54. informed wolf

      Truth is when he stops 20 years ago he was struggling. He cant come back like this, yes he punches really hard but can he take a good punch and stand up against a 25 yrs old stamina? Not going to happen

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    56. dang_li_wang

      not sure about this .. looks good training for 25 seconds lets see him after 4 rounds , 53 years old a heavy smoker he will have to look for some type of knockout I truly believe his fitness and age will work against him im later rounds , will have to be matched carefully against a suitable opponent , maybe a semi pro fighter ,or hardened amateur , im still not convinced .

    57. john rodrigues

      Mike is an animal even at 53 I think he will do well I would like to see him fight again.

    58. Rhoody Bowden

      hes going back to BITE more EARS.

    59. [JAFO] Orbit Corkra

      Contactless Geriatric Boxing League

    60. Magic is Manifesting in you

      Mike's only 5yrs older then I but he will always be one of my hero's

    61. Need 2 Know

      Mike going through a Mid-Life is everyone elses Prime-Death... 👊👊🚑

    62. Amaru

      Tyson Vs Zelenoff please!!!

    63. New Thought

      Tyson v Rogan PPV, I'm in who else is?

    64. Mario Chavez

      So he interviews people then has no idea what they said🙋🙋👍👍

    65. Mario Chavez

      Omg they are not coming back

    66. patrick barney

      That shirt though

    67. Joe Daddy

      Bad to the ass.

    68. Bulldawg G

      He don't want Tyson Fury!!!! U c what he did to Wilder?!!!

    69. no name

      Time for another dose of DMT MIke.

    70. Jim Whitney

      Each real round will be longer than a 10 second sound bite. He won't have the stamina.

    71. K Aza

      Muhammad Ali not coming back so not "all"

    72. Victor Molina

      Tyson vs lets go champ

    73. Mitchell Pettigrew

      He has been on a steady Diet of Crack Rocks AND Xbox..........COVIDLIFE!

    74. Mitchell Pettigrew

      Iron Mike Smoked DMT and realized He Is Black Kratos.

    75. Cruz Control Garcia

      I knew he was talking about vitor belfort lol.

    76. LG

      he is a wonderful fighter

    77. exess _melons

      Basically Requis, but older

    78. Bryant Wallace

      Fight fury and knock his non boxing ass tf out

    79. Drag Car Builder

      All these dick heads that makes all the wise cracks about Tyson just tell him ya wanna go up and hold the pads for his ass and if you think your really a bad ass go spar w the man I'll set up a go fund me account to get your ass a plane ticket and if you think your truly bad just gol spar w him!! there cuz there isnt a damn dude on here in these comments that could tie his shoes most of you would fair better holding his Fcking jock strap!!

    80. bcvbb hyui

      Mike Tyson: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face