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    Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology. He is Regents Professor, McKnight Presidential Endowed Chair in Public Health, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, a professor in the Technological Leadership Institute, College of Science and Engineering, and an adjunct professor in the Medical School, all at the University of Minnesota. Look for his book "Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Deadly Germs" for more info.



      I think it depends on the probiotics that a person is taking

    2. DuB 23

      We are given all the tools at birth to fight anything natural, it's coded in our DNA. It is instructions for the white blood cells and antibodies. The vaccine for influenza is a micro does of the virus, it trains your body to build a tolurince to the virus and strengthen your immune system. Covid is a natural response from mother Earth, to our mistreatment of her vast resources and beauty.


      It's Shilly in here!

    4. laker59y

      Joe making fun of preppers--you get it now Joe?

    5. Lenpat Limited

      this guy is just involve in a lot of things happening in this world...he is a suspect...he say corona virus was from an animal to a human...y is it in 2019 that the virus decides to enter a human when the Chinese people have been eating all those animals for years...he is a suspect


      new world order

    7. Jeffrey Cohen

      Exactly as we predicted. Endowed, indeed!

      1. bilias hour

        killed their population off with self inflicted stupidity. Chinese guy handling fresh intestines like he's picking out a Watermelon at WalMart...unreal. Sick, sick, sick

    8. jjducci

      Can Corona Virus be spread through bugs such as mosquitos?

      1. bilias hour

        This virus has exploited the weak and impoverished worse than the Democratic Party...and I didn't think that was possible. Wet Markets are gross, im surprised they haven't

    9. Weston Bourgeois

      All that I ask is: where is your evidence?

    10. Grim Reefer

      China knew full well what was going on.

    11. Tim Othy

      Except that they traced the RNA to a bat, a specific bat, a bat not sold at the wet market they found. The only bats of that particular species in the area, were however within five miles of the wet market, the first one being the level 4 bio lab in Wuhan, then the level 2 bio lab a few miles away which was also working with the virus despite not having the proper security and containment measures in place. They both were experimenting on Corona viruses using the bat as a conduit/genetic medium. Last year a Chinese lab worker who was interning or something at a level 5 lab in Canada, was photographed being removed from the premises by police and security. Not sure why, something about protocol breaches. Anyway, that scientist specialist in infectious diseases flew from Canada directly to Wuhan and was working at the Lab there during the period of time this started. Guess what they had been working on and studying in Canada? Corona viruses. And other diseases with the ability to jump species. There’s that and too many other coincidences for me to say it isn’t possible, or likely. Either way, the wet market is essentially a Petri dish for concocting and unleashing a virus of this nature, and just as easily as it could have began by accidental contamination and transmission from the lab, it could have occurred all too easily naturally in those conditions. Both pose the same threat ultimately except in the lab an even more devastating things could be man made conceivably. Google it, there’s more than one article on it.

    12. Imani T Robinson

      No trust - viruses are manmade period A mouse more like a human? Awww hell nah!

    13. Leky

      The REAL science is that hygiene, sanitation, plumbing, living conditions & diet is what's stopped diseases. Vaccines weaken the immune system, cause all sorts of allergies, asthma & worse etc etc Don't like this Dr guy seems he works for the cabal, prefers to vaccinate the fish rather than clean the tank, messed up.

    14. Leky

      Mutating pathogens/viruses from intensive farming & The Bill Gates foundation are the biggest risk's we face✌

    15. Sylvia Abela

      Fist time I watch you show great show and very Handsome man xx

    16. Kimberly S

      I love Joe... all the way back to fear factor ❤️

    17. Pradeep R Nair

      For More About Covid-19 | Live Updation | Hidden Secrets about Corona Please Follow the link

    18. James Loo

      Joe’s face of disappointment in all of China at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="64">1:04</a>:36 🤣☠️🤣☠️

    19. Fenrisulv987

      I didn't like this podcast one bit. I didn't have time to watch it all, and that's 100% on me. But I live in a major European city, and after listening for about 15 minutes, 1 of the take-aways I got from this convo was that the virus was "transmissible by air, sometimes just BREATHING on someone will transmit the disease", which we now know is flat out wrong. This caused me tremendous worry, and I went to painstaking efforts in avoiding other human beings, even while i was forced to take public transportation for those days. It's just problematic in these times to get misinformation, and then play a life-or-death (in some cases) game of chess out in the world, with the false information that you trusted to be verified. Disappointed in this Osterholm fellow. Don't think he should be making black-and-white statements like that, as if his facts are infallible. Fuck that.

    20. Samurai JACK3D

      It's crazy all of his books are sold out now

    21. Fat Tuesday

      This guy is blowing sunshine up Joe's butt. This virus was made in a lab in Wuhan, funded by Gates, USAID, and several US military think tanks to the tune of $millions of bucks in research dollars. The two female researchers in the lab were trained at UNC. This guy knows a lot more than he is saying. Look up "gain of function" virus research.

    22. Rajendran Jayakrishnan

      When Michael Osterholm "visited and studied" china's wet markets, was he a part of a university grant, or did he work for the US government, or did he visit in his private capacity ? I ask this because, if it was for the government or a Govt financed think-tank, then i dont think he will share the fact that it is possible to modify the virus. He has clearly denied it in the video, but i think he knows better, but he is not willing to share the truth, to prevent ridicule / black-list his visits to China / reveal details of information shared with the American Govt as part of his studies. Another thing i noticed was that you casually assume that coronavirus was found in pangolins. Well wouldnt you inject a healthy pangolin with coronavirus ( bred in a lab env.), into a host (pangolin ) that does not have a reaction against the virus in the hopes of understanding the viral behaviour and frequency of mutation when host body is put under various situations ? In so far as that is concerned, of course it is found in pangolins, but does not negate the possibility of virus being selectively engineered, either through "selection" or "modification".

    23. blueguyjan

      What the hell do we do with our kids in the summer when our kids are home? My work doesn’t stop we find a way. I’m tired of people saying that all the kids and parents are screwed cause the kids are out of school. Our work doesn’t stop when the kids are home for summer break.

    24. Andrew Crockett

      This virus has exploited the weak and impoverished worse than the Democratic Party...and I didn't think that was possible. Wet Markets are gross, im surprised they haven't killed their population off with self inflicted stupidity. Chinese guy handling fresh intestines like he's picking out a Watermelon at WalMart...unreal. Sick, sick, sick

    25. Kevin

      who keeps sniffing? it's freakin annoying.

    26. Robert Kanfield

      3 week in 999,999 % still alive

    27. Lost Minds

      And this is how the robot age begins

    28. Allen Walker

      Bill Gates said a virus like this would engulf the world in the year 2015???? how did he know that? Maybe its because he went to Africa to vaccinate the children there who later ended up being seriously disabled from his vaccinations. Good GUY?

    29. staticnb1

    30. staticnb1

    31. Allen Walker

      This virus was engineered and sent out by pizza delivery guys to every corner of the earth. How do you think it spread so fast and deceased more people than the flu shot.

    32. Allen Walker

      Children are vaccinated with the hepatitis vaccine at birth in every hospital in America.

    33. Matthew Yglesias

      That Dr. said definitely no the sauna doesn't help. then he said there is no data saying the sauna helps. If there is no data , he should have said "I don't know" If there's no data saying the sauna doesn't work how could he say it doesn't work? He's been brainwashed for years that only a pharmaceutical or surgery can cure a disease ... Great example of SCIENTISM.

    34. Ashish Puthran

      Please get this guy every week if possible. He makes much more sense than media. We really need such people.

    35. Jmwr 32

      Why don’t you watch event 201 tits

    36. Jmwr 32

      Bull shitters that’s why all comments are turned off wankers

    37. aids

      Lied about masks

    38. Jeff Thomas

      What is the recovery rate? Many get ill but they never mention the number who get sick, stay home, get better and go back to work. Why is that?

    39. Etienne Pierre Duguay


    40. Call Me Father

      This man was right because he does his research

    41. Etienne Pierre Duguay

      dr shiva is more on the tip

    42. Tc Linn

      My takeaway is America needs to do a lot more business with Taiwan, a freedom loving democratic country, and hedge our position.

    43. Grady Whitman

      This guy actually said that medical masks don't help slow the spread of this disease. See how that ages.

    44. Marisa


    45. Rabbi Israel Goldstein

      thumbs up if this doctor is a hero

    46. Matthew Barnes

      This guy has opinions. Not to knock it.. I'm sure he is very well educated.. But he doesn't know all

    47. Banana Jonsey

      Everyone is talking about corona just they are not talking enough about CWD THEY ARE ZOMBIES!!!!!

    48. Julie Corral

      Could schizophrenia be a cytocine storm? I've noticed someone who has schizophrenia also complains of many different physiccal ailments.

    49. John De Sade

      Chapter 9 of Desowitz's book, Federal Bodysnatchers and the New Guinea Virus: Tales of Parasites, People, and Politics - he says that the Swedish army, concerned about the effects of global warming on its troops, found that fiving their troops daily oral doses of “Allium Sativum” made the ticks much less likely to even bite their troops on rural operations settings.

    50. Eren Obrk

      Joe, even the name COVID is not what they say it is... but a last name of a US citizen, 1900 . suffered lung disease, pls have a look and theres more:

    51. Larry Bien

      once you go get checked, the test will infect you to cover up a secret agenda, to cover their tracks, and the fake news, the screte agenda is to inject you with a chip, so can track you, and if you resist they you die.

    52. Larry Bien

      the new 5g net works have been turned on just as the out breaks occurred wow, 5g is well known to destroy immune systems very quickly, how covenant to blame the wide spread of a vi rouse exactly at the same time the 5 g networks came on line, who s fooling who, sheep people of the world, think and look deep

    53. Courtney Herrera

      This three weeks ago 1000 people a day die in the US now😞 stay home everyone...

    54. Dee Lee

      my "DOOM AND GLOOM" Playlist has gone Viral lately ;p;p;p

    55. Jonathan Pope

      Joe your questions are spot on too. Re tick irradication for eg ! Thank you.

    56. Sena Harmon

      My second time back! Watched March 12th, and did my best to prepare my family, business and myself. He has all facts, a symptomatic, floats in air. He knew January!

    57. Боб Дилан

      why China don't get any responsibility for 5 viruses from their country? (chicken flu,Swine influenza virus,SARS,MERS,Covid-19)

      1. james 75

        swine flu comes from usa, mers comes from middle east.


    59. Glovo Zagreb


    60. christopher cowley

      Cut down on beer ... no thanks I'm out of here

    61. Valerie G

      The yellow fever vaccination gave me MS. I wasnt paranoid. I wasnt afraid. Stop saying that! If you got a worse disease, you would think twice too!!

    62. Jonathan Pope

      This guy is shit hot

    63. Marc M

      Even Joe Rogan eating the sauce

    64. Herb Green

      3rd week of November? I read somewhere that the first case was reported during the 1st week of November


      🔥🔥🔥 this video deserves to be in trending <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> 🔥 👇👇👇👇💯

    66. Billy Bob

      It was interesting watching Joe switch from a regular guy to a talking head for the establishment. Joe, you've lost your credibility.

    67. JonesyBoii

      love it when a guest gets high with joe!

    68. joediffy

      I am commenting after the fact on 4/4/20 because after watching this with a friend when it first came out, my friend was freaked out and was upset with me because I did not believe all that Michael Osterholm was saying. I went to the CDC website today and to date there have been a little over 6000 deaths from corona virus, every year in the U.S. we have between 16000 and 70000 deaths from the flu, so we have not had 10 to 15 times the death rates of the normal flu compared to the corona virus and so far the same people that die every year from the flu are dying from corona virus, the elderly, and people with preexisting conditions. I would caution all of the people on here that trust everything Joe Rogan puts out to take it with a grain of salt, do your own research and look at the real numbers, and then put some thought into it. Now that some time has gone by we are seeing that it is more like the flu and less like Ebola, the damage this will do to our lives and the world economy will be devastating beyond comprehension! We have not seen mass deaths and to shut down the world over this makes no sense. please think for yourselves and make rational decisions based on facts, not anyone's opinion. Please be safe everyone and may God bless you.

      1. james 75

        Did you also notice that more people died between 25.3. and 2.4. than before 25.3.? This exponential thing is gonna rekt us.

      2. Bruce Hauge

        you must have failed math. Why don't you check Wikipedia deaths of famous people. I can't recall the flu killing this many so fast. This is NOT the fucking flu what the fuck is wrong with you? This will go on for months and the death rate will grow each day.

    69. Domenic Localzo

      I didn't have much respect for you anyway now I have none

    70. Domenic Localzo

      Joe Rogan you are so f****** ignorant you have no business talking about vaccines you f****** idiot

    71. thomas stekkinger

      this conversation is very suspicious if you listen to it carefully ,question Joe Rogan why he supports vaccinations. RED FLAG

    72. B. Eder

      Yeh but the Infection Rate in New York is falling off. The curve is starting to Flatten. He's not telling you that.

    73. B. Eder

      When you butcher the Deer, or animals in a Wet Market, you will breathe in the droplets of infected blood.

      1. PM


    74. Nibelung Valesti

      Joe Rogan is a joke, but this was a good episode.

    75. bozworthy

      Can force every reporter trying to paint Trump as racist for calling this a Chinese virus to watch this video?

    76. Hydro Philly

      Rogan is A shill

    77. DemocracyUS

      Wear masks and gloves. Who cares?

    78. Taylor Broad

      Couldn't have been more wrong. What a fucking wanker


      how are deers infected with tuberculosis

    80. manabouttongue

      Maybe prions are capable of cosmic transmission. Their ability to withstand high temperatures make them capable of surviving reentry heat.