Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk



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    Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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    1. Kyler Ashby

      Tony hawk mini series about his life would be tight.

    2. Captain kiwi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a>:18 nice one Jamie that was subtle

    3. Laptop Tracks

      Tony Hawk for some reason feels like a big brother to me.

    4. Amador Jimenez

      Less than 1% of the kids spending their lives these days playing video games make decent money with it. Saying that all parents have to let that be their priority is sending the wrong message.

    5. George Eulloqui

      Get Travis Pastrana on here👊✊💨

    6. bensbikex510

      Glorious results of a misspent youth 😂


      That Richard Pryor shirt is sick.

    8. Lewis Yaworski

      Tony Hawk is to skateboarding what Wanye Gretzky is to Hockey.

    9. DandySpeedyAndy

      At one point Hawk was more popular than Michael Jordan!This dude is a hero and legend..A name that EVERYONE knows

    10. Brian Wright

      The energy was amazing

    11. travis scala

      Tony hawk the legend...and Joe with that Pryor shirt, another legend 👌👌

    12. Mag neto

      He has been married four times which is kind of gross.

    13. Hogpot

      Now we need Scotty Cranmer on!

    14. cody cloer

      Joe so bored trying to sound interested lmao!

    15. John Smith

      Tony: *Is a lifelong pro-skater* Joe: "So do you workout?!?"

    16. David Gonzales

      I want to see Bam Margera on the JRE. Make it happen!!!

    17. Hey, Listen! Radio

      Such a lovely chat. Tony is such a great ambassador.

    18. sh ea

      Joe I repeat Chinese propaganda Rogan

    19. destroyermaker

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a>:45 "Long as we don't make out I think we're okay"

    20. Daniel B

      Stacy Peralta bro. You should know about Lords of Dogtown.

    21. Dragaroob

      Joe "that might be the most ridiculous thing" Rogan

    22. Dragaroob

      His voice is so iconic.

    23. RayCheongMusic

      Tony needs a gonstead Chiro !!! love u Tony !

    24. Rob T

      Outstanding interview Joe, this was such flashback for me. Tony H your still such an inspiration to so many of us that connected with you in the eighties through Thrasher magazine, Bones Brigade videos, and summer movies. Just thank you.

    25. Harvey Lee

      Love joe but he ain’t got a clue about skating

    26. jackNeewY

      Many people say skaters are idiots, I just wish these people could watch this. There's much more than the board that meets the eye!

    27. drakey27

      Young Jamie is the best in the business but Rogan has to tell him to search for 'GSP pool workouts' when talking about GSP's pool workouts.

    28. Adam Meyer

      Joe should really push Onnit to reformulate Alpha Brain. There's so much sprinkled in shit. A guy that's all about no-bullshit shouldn't condone pixie dusting in the supplement industry.

    29. Christopher Thrailkill

      Where can you get the neurogum?

    30. Joseph Smith

      Joe “I want a detailed minute by minute description and timeline of that pelvis injury from years ago” Rogan

    31. Iggnation

      Just noticed Tony Hawks eyebrows lol

    32. Puppet Master

      Tony Hawk’s a fucking genius!

    33. Mere Mortal

      Joe Rogan reacts to "Joe Rogan meets Roe Jogan"!!!

    34. Dan Moss

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>:30 ...Duane peters? Heard he spit on Tony .

    35. roouit patan

      We need Jamie Foy on here to satisfy Joe's handrail curiosities

    36. Bald Guy

      (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1103">18:23</a>) "They just let him walk off the ramp" unreal.

    37. N A

      NoEmotion GoldMask

      1. roouit patan

        Time for Rodney Mullen! The Guru! He’ll tell you the all the layers to it

    38. carlos skenandore

      You need Rodney Mullen next!!

    39. Emerson Happy

      How in the world does this have 2.6k dislikes?! This is a great episode

    40. crash1781

      You NEED to get Rodney Mullen! Fascinating man.

    41. Sekayi

      Does tony not smoke? Did i miss something?

    42. ANBTM

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">5:45</a> haha but joe rogan is to the podcasty industry what tony hawk is to the skating industry

    43. Ryyse

      Joe acts like every kid that plays video games is a millionaire now 😂 There’s only a handful out of hundreds of millions that make a living playing video games Joe. Please stop using that example.

    44. Yung_wise

      A friend that I used to hang out with when I was a kid and I would play Tony Hawk Underground 2 at his house back when split screen was a thing. Thank you for the memories, Tony

    45. antonthewall

      Imagine believing Viruses are contagious when they are solvents the body produces for detox and healing of cells. Man made viruses must be injected they are not contagious viruses arent even alive they dont even have a nucleus. Read Aajonus Vonderplanitz if you want to break free from the rockefeller medical system paradigm of brainwashed idiots who actually believe in the germ theory of disease.

    46. David C

      A tanning bed in San Diego LOL

    47. Cameron Saldana

      Tony Hawk got me into skateboarding. Skated for about 10 years and I loved it the entire time! Met my best friends through skateboarding too!

    48. Nasrul Abba

      I always see Tony Hawk either as Bill Gates cooler little brother or an adult Bart Simpson 🤔

    49. Mees!


    50. Kool Dood

      I blew my shoulder out when I was 18. You get 20. I blew it out for the 20th time and that was it. Now I have nerve damage from popping my own should back in place 🤟🤟🤟

    51. Biohazard667 Productions

      we need matt hoffman next

    52. John Luke

      Time for Rodney Mullen! The Guru! He’ll tell you the all the layers to it

    53. InjectWeed

      “the judging was fucking terrible” 100% joe 100% chito and barboza got robbed NOT TO MENTION ANGELA HILL

    54. Michael Romaniw

      Joe 'I get in the sauna every day' Rogan.

    55. Bad Cornflakes

      Tony Hawk was in the X-Games but what he doesn't know is that Joe Rogan over here was in the X Factor

    56. Bad Cornflakes

      I'd put this guy on the same level as Keanu Reeves in terms of coolness.

    57. Shaun Faulkner

      Eyes and ears mouth and nose... heads shoulders TOE KNEE HAWK

    58. cgeorgefett

      NBD means “No Big Deal” bud 😁

    59. stretch

      Man I love u Joe but stop trying to push your fitness programs on every guest. Tony is a skinny skateboarder and he's fine with it, he don't need to look like a monkey on trt ffs

    60. Nick K


    61. Zach Rambin

      Travis pastana. Ken Roczen. Please look into having these two on your show. I know this isn't the first time you've been asked. These dudes are animals.

    62. tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco

      I made my very own skateboard trick involving nose bleed, nose grind, a thing that has no name, and a pivot I am exited to show it off

    63. AnTTr0n

      You didn't test him cause you have done a 180 on Covid.

    64. Mandy McManus

      Is it me, or does Joe have wildly different opinions about covid depending on who he is talking to like Donny?

    65. ham and cheese

      Fuck, when tony hawk is talking about saving, and I'm living week to week, I know my life sucks haha

    66. Br4πd0π

      Joe "thanks for havi.. Thanks for coming“ Rogan. 🤣😂

    67. Mandy McManus

      My attention span wont let me finish, so does he talk about the Pappas? I'm assuming not, but I'm curious about his thoughts on the documentary. They didn't have nice things to say about him.

    68. One of Them ones

      Get Tas Pappas on the podcast.

    69. funnyclockdestroyer

      one of my favourite guests i never knew i needed, thats my favourite thing about jre; you never know whos truly gonna come on next and the range of guests are seemingly unlimited. keep up the great work joe ill still be excited to watch every episode on spotify :))

    70. Jvck.

      Immediatly, “it’s crazy how u just fuck around with ur skateboard”

    71. mrbloby15

      Very good

    72. Tom Duvall

      what does Joe Rogan not take or have haha

    73. Paul W

      Is Joe gonna be strictly spotify more video?

    74. Gallowglass

      BBQ is Mediterranean. What do you call shish kebab? :P

    75. Nelson Nguyen

      Tony hawk becomes the next joe rogan of skateboarding broadcasting/ commentating

    76. antjmi

      Almost didnt watch this glad i did! Tony seems like a dude!

    77. Russ Zalevskiy

      Tony hawk: buys a house at 17, proceeds to say “my parents were never home” 😂

    78. David Small

      skateboarding not being an Olympic sport is a grave injustice!

    79. Connor

      The part at the end when joe was talking about getting so famous that peoples specials suck made me laugh cause thats exactly what happened to Bill Burr. His new special was terrible and even his podcast and overall attitude has seemed to change for the worse.

    80. Evan Saber

      Yea... I just tore my hip flexor (minor tear, didn’t bleed, so strained you could say) and I never want to be injured again and it’s made me realize that there is much worse that could happen and I don’t want that 😂

      1. Evan Saber

        rosenzauber thank you man! Was doing 5 minutes of power cleans with exactly 300 pounds and was doing them on puzzle mats I have in my garage. Was on my 9th power clean and the mats split from under me, forced me into a split with the weight. Thankful to not be anymore injured than I am

      2. rosenzauber

        Get well soon buddy! How did it happen?