Joe Rogan Experience #1425 - Garrett Reisman



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    Garrett Reisman is a former NASA Astronaut. He is currently a Professor of Astronautical Engineering at USC and a Senior Advisor at SpaceX.

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    1. Ray Sermulis

      Garett "Rob Schneider" Raismen

    2. justin bruno

      "This tv show i'm working on -;]"

    3. Gray Davis

      One of the best interviews ever!

    4. Nicholis Wilson

      You ever listen to someone talk and think to yourself.... "what a lying piece of shit"

    5. Aba Bab

      Wonder if they knew... Ronald D Moore was first a major producer and writer for Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine... (As they talk about BSG vs Star Trek)

    6. Cawfee Dawg

      Garrett has good poop stories... Never trust an astronaut that doesnt have good poop stories.

    7. Lee Hoyle

      Angelfish knocking at the back door hahahahaah

    8. Procera Health

      I'd like to see one of these space MRE's with @steve1989mreinfo

    9. james reilly

      What a load of horse dung.

    10. Calvin Greenway

      Why are there 2k downvotes? This was one of the best podcasts.

    11. Timothy D Mast, II

      This is retarded. Fake news

    12. marcos marcos

      When they touched on propulsion i thought Joe wouldve brought up Bob Lazar.

    13. QuantumBraced

      28:57 Admit it, you giggled

    14. Keinaan Abdi

      Why would online unlike this informative video?

    15. QuantumBraced

      I am such a nerd, I used to follow the STS missions on NASA TV and actually watch the entire thing, I would have the video on my second monitor and I would literally watch an entire 7-hr spacewalk from the perspective of the astronauts, I remember when Garrett was there I watched his entire spacewalk like that from his helmet cam, I remember he had a NY Yankees patch on his right glove above the mirror :D

    16. F M

      39:25 joes face lollll

    17. QuantumBraced

      I loved his answer on seeing the Earth -- "meh". I agree. People say pictures are not like actually being there, and of course they're right, but if you spend a lot of time looking at super high-def 4K imagery of places and/or Google Street View on a 40"+ monitor or TV and then you go there -- it feels A LOT like the pictures. It's not the same but it's very similar and will feel familiar.

    18. QuantumBraced

      I'm shocked to learn that the new gym equipment on the ISS prevents them from losing any muscle and bone density. Why had we not heard that before? So they've basically solved that giant problem...?

    19. james roche

      Best guest in awhile

    20. Guðjón Pétursson

      Such an awesome chat....

    21. Hamoo Blanu

      Joe "oh wow" Rogan

    22. Dirk Wetzel

      What an interesting interview and what a down to earth guy!

    23. the Coracle

      Who remembers the Lunar Lander game?

    24. JBohlz*Tube1

      Garrett Reisman- explains his experiences in space for over 2 hours. Last minute of the show... Eddie Bravo- “He’s lying”

    25. JBohlz*Tube1

      Soo, Does Eddie Bravo think this guy is on your show completely lying about his experience in space???? Eddie being a flat-earther.

    26. HAWKWIND

      The story how he saved the day by thermal expansion was like the biggest flex on mother nature and engineers all at once!! That's the most genius, heat of the moment 😉 clever shit I've ever heard. Fucking, love science!

    27. dustinseth1

      That interview was frickin fantastic

    28. God Bless

      56:26 khabib watching you :) :) lol

    29. Darnell Bynoe

      Yall should of done jui Jitsu up there

    30. Hoby Patrick

      Having Spacex crew dragon on top of rocket it is safer than shuttle on the side of the rocket. Rocket explodes it is easier to launch the dragon for escape

    31. Brandon Warinndigi

      What a cool guy

    32. SacE MurdA SeeKnDestroY

      Really interesting man gotta respect/admire this Garrett dude, Astronaut, engineer, employee/friend of Elon musk and he's a Yankees fan ... Let's go New York!!! Lol but seriously he seems like a Awesome guy, possibly someone who u can trust when it comes to space x 👌👍

    33. Smeagol P. Galliaro de Uniz con Rediesia III

      you could draw a nipple one on each dey head and make em tit-heads #BruceJenner4President2020

    34. Alexandra Cole

      Maybe aliens were previously human and they stayed in space so long they turned into an "alien" body type .. probably not . But what if. Haha

      1. Pravose Pillnits

        @Alexandra Cole I wasn't, but whatev. Yeah if you think about what he was saying, how you only use your eyes in low grav, and you don't use your vestibular system (ears n stuff). All those stereotypical aliens had giant eyes and no ears. If we stayed up there, our eyes would get better and our ears would be less important. Also, they had big hands and stuff. Probably makes silent communication easier.

      2. Alexandra Cole

        Wow. I was really baked while watching this last night 😂

      3. Pravose Pillnits

        i dig it

    35. Subhan Din

      Interview stormzy

    36. Shawn Mathes

      Love this guy Garrett🧡

    37. John G

      wished he would have asked him about Bob Lazar

    38. wolf 2490

      Joe your gonna have to take a trip to space

    39. Kunal Oza

      Joe. Joe. Joe....don’t make me luv you sooo much man. Am not even in fortunate to be in America. Had I been I’d do anything to come m give you a hug. You’re fascinatingly khooolll 😘😘

    40. John Smith

      I am so tired of Joe seems to be pushing him in my recommendations......I don't like him at all. WTF!

    41. Don La Rose

      Really enjoyed this one, Garrett is a solid character

    42. Pbounds

      Joe needs to catch a Goliath grouper with blacktiph

    43. ??? name

      The real Howard wolowitz.

    44. Sid Huhndorf

      Joe: "Would they rot at the same rate they'd rot in America?" LOL

    45. Private Notitia

      *interviews an astronaut about really interesting topics, BUT DOESN’T ASK ABOUT ALIENS!!!!* *shill!!!*

    46. Eric Snapat

      What a wonderful interview!! So damn interesting! Thanks so very much!!

    47. aaron small

      If the earth was trying to tell us something what vessel would it use?

    48. luis lopez-smith

      ill make him a patch

      1. Pravose Pillnits


    49. Geo Rodriguez

      Who wants to see max Kellerman on the show?

    50. Dino Denton

      Deep Dementia might be an exaggeration but Nitrogen Narcosis is real

    51. mike backwoods

      so no one is going to point out that this dude most likely has a neuralink microchip and lies about it? they literally discuss the microchip in the interview and also worth noting he works for elon. watch his pupils move, his body movement, and the way he explains things throughout the video and you'll see how all of these things correlate. its very telling that this man is not in a normal state of mind, i think its reasonable to suggest he may be on drugs too. not saying hes making up stories but he is very clearly lying about either being under the influence or having a chip in his fucking brain that interfaces with technology so who knows what else hes lying about. just a thought guys. wake up.

    52. Flying Plant Whale

      This f*cking podcast man...

    53. 209mil

      One of his best podcast

    54. bob webb

      'what do you mean WE white man????'

    55. Roger Andersen

      where is eddie bravo when we need him.....

    56. Organic Grower

      Great podcast 😊

    57. Joe M

      I like this guy and he's not at all how I imagine most astronauts and scientists are. He comes across more like a fireman or police officer or something

    58. zaciah o'banon

      The way this guy talks about waking up in the middle of his first night sounds like falling asleep on psychedelics. Just me?

    59. JP McPherson

      47:01 Worked his whole life to say this phrase.

    60. Englishsessions

      54:05 - 21st century summed up.