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    Jemina, Ella & Resa schakelen een niveau hoger met 'Love Me Like You Do' van topartieste Ellie Goulding. De drie meiden zijn aan elkaar gewaagd. Natalia geeft Resa nog een kans op een plek in de finale!


    1. Ari Roleplays

      I this Resa was so shy but at the same time she was incedible same for the other girls but they wasn’t as shy as Resa was

    2. عاشقه الاحساس

      Very nice I like 😘

    3. Romantic girl


    4. Romantic girl

      2 nd is best

    5. BRANDA Rodrigues BRANDA Rodrigues

      3th one was got very nice voice

    6. Jelle Versteeg

      Dit is misbruik van een mooi liedje

    7. Ritha Moshi

      The one with grey sweater she is so beautiful

    8. Steve Wright

      When all three sing together they sound good.the girl on the far left is little out tune.when they all together they sound good.they make good girls group.i love that song their voices don't have the range.for that song.girls are cute.the girl on the far right sound good.they should be a girl group.the girl in the middle.she has a good voice.i have no I deal what their saying I only speck English.

    9. smina thomas


    10. Christy Mathew

      The girl in last look like an angel

    11. ROMAN ROMAN28

      yeah really the little girl nailed it 😍😍😍

    12. fathimathul Rinsha


    13. Siya Asya

      Привет из России)))

    14. megha dusane

      Ella is the best. Y didn't she win.

    15. jaanvi sharma

      The way resa says 'fire'😍🔥

    16. gaming legends

      Ella full name

    17. awake awareness

      Top girls !

    18. Evans Official

      Very nice!

    19. Ramisa Laila

      Ella is better

    20. Samundrajairu Samundrajairu

      Resa voice 😘😘😘😘

    21. kemcili

      resa is so calm i love it

    22. Jeelany Sohawon

      Resa was the best ... Love you Resa ❤️❤️

    23. Yashashree Hajare

      I only like the red coat girl the other two was singing like they were forced for it

    24. ورد جوري

      What's this🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈❤❤❤😘

    25. Art and Craft 091

      I think Ella have curly and brown hairs and Ella sing mch bette than her sisterz 🤙🤙

    26. Dhruvin 16052

      all are ossum with their beautiful voices , i loved more

    27. Nikhil Nirmal Arya

      Love from India.. 😍

      1. Draco's Mcpe

        Bsdk music video h kisko oyar de rha h?

    28. Atömy Shøpping Mäll

      Très bon et meilleur de la chance 💯💯

    29. Atömy Shøpping Mäll

      Félicitations à tous 💐💐

    30. Atömy Shøpping Mäll

      Wow 😲 😲 It's Amazing This Video ❣️❣️ Song 🎸🎸 And So Elegant ✨ ✨ Voice 🎤🎤.I Like It 👌🏼👌🏼

    31. kavya tamil movies


    32. ezel1o

      Dat zusje van ella vind resa beter dan haar zus

    33. NOUR ZD

      Ella is the best

    34. Joice Prudente

      Que voz meus amigos

    35. Enrich Nation

      The girl in the middle is soooo cute luv u red colur coat who thinks she is soo cute like here↙️↙️↙️↙️↙️

      1. gaming legends

        Me too

    36. KPOP WORLD

      Who won the battles

    37. Marla Stanfield

      That one girl is so chill and like eh but she’s so good

    38. XxRed&BlackxX Gacha

      Who watching in 2019

    39. coco_go

      The girl on the right has such beautiful eyes🥰

    40. Judy Cochran

      They are good

    41. Ramesh Chand

      I love your voice 😘

    42. Jeanabo Hebrahim


    43. Maimoona Ameen

      The middle one was the best

    44. Mai Ha

      I really like the girl with red jacket

    45. r


    46. Eliyas Khan

      Nice performance

    47. Natalia Logan

      Por favor España haz una voz kids como esta y no solo flamenco😂😂

    48. Widelyne Nicolas

      Resa is so perfect

    49. zwh nomikou


    50. Samantha Misenhimer

      Resa was not here to play

    51. Anna Monroe

      The dog lol!

    52. Deborah Chhakchhuak

      Ooo,resa voice is very unique😍

    53. Cesar Rivadeneyra


    54. Joseph Zuñiga

      Resa I love You!!!!!!! 😘😍

    55. Nicane

      Resa won way before with Nothing else matters. the result was known before even start.

    56. Nuvaila Tariq

      The way that puppy look up when its owner started to sing! So cute! 😍😍😍❤❤


      Exelent video

    58. Kyra VK

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">0:29</a> Her little sister is so enthusiastic and cute omg

    59. Avramoaei Carmen

      pentru ținută nu mă încântat ,glasuri superbe in saci de piață

    60. Avramoaei Carmen

      nu as da 10 vestimentație proastă la copii ,scena trebuie să reflecte haina selecta pentru scena ,coafura la copii ,au ieșit așa tarancile la cântat nota la îmbrăcăminte înafară scenei de dus sacoșă cu ridichi ,ceapa

    61. Belieber_girl_jb _forever


    62. Lukas Höfinger

      Resa war di beste!! Ella war auch nicht schlecht

    63. Hans Jochen Kull


    64. olenvainoutoihminen

      Omg resa are perfect😩❣️ and ella are so good! jemina are ok

    65. Pari Parihar

      Ella was best

    66. Iria Espinosa Martorell

      Her dog is aww

    67. FaZe_ Coltth

      Gg resa

    68. Karla Gallegos

      A HUEVO RESA!! Jajaja

    69. Oliwia Rocol


    70. All about Asmi

      I am too

    71. your favourite A.K

      See the little princess

    72. Madiha Nadeem

      Resa is so beautiful and her pug is so cute

    73. Ramantiss Ring

      1) Jemina 2) Resa 3) Ella

    74. larry wolff

      When it wasn't Resa's turn to solo sing she seemed to not sing at all.

    75. Александр Танхаев

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>

    76. Sama Sabbar

      Ella looks like someone in my class called Lily

    77. Kim Cheong

      They all have beautiful voices!!i can't choose🤔 am i the only one??!!!

    78. olenvainoutoihminen

      1. Resa💗 2. Ella❤️ 3. Jemina

    79. Katarasuke Sweetroll131

      not dzuuu but do

    80. Katarasuke Sweetroll131

      omg dzuuu