Jaden - Ninety



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    1. Leeza Koijam chanu1

      I like thatJaden who is very cute like innocent.ya obviously the karete kid time u look very cute different now u are so much different not have that spark now.

    2. Chris Callaway

      Even worse rapper than his dad

    3. Phantom Blu

      Cinematics are insane. Can see why Tyler the creator and asap fw him

    4. Carla Fowler like and subscribe please

      So much pain 😢

    5. gioia saladino

      this song is eight minutes long and im not mad bout it

    6. D12 Youngboy

      Why is Jaden smith in farcry 5 ?

    7. sssoDevious


    8. Teri Price


    9. Cherita Long

      Good job!! Life is challenging, living is not.

    10. Bukky Emmanuel

      but i wasnt enough

    11. Taylor Gardner


    12. Tremain Jackson

      Jaden is a successor of the path of expression. I pray to live to see more rise for their ages in such a vulnerable path.

    13. IBRA 01

      He is on fire 🔥🔥

    14. Rhyd wheels

      good story and video

    15. itsanikate

      The karte kid is pretty big now he must be a master at kung fu and singing appetantly:)

    16. smixhh

      is that the kid from karate kid

    17. Roger Soares


    18. Payne Knightshade

      Until now i still can't understand love

    19. thomasp187

      We need Jaden x Rich Brian collab.

    20. danks l

      new generation frank ocean and im here for it jaden ♡

    21. Lux

      jaden really out here out here

    22. Marc Young

      This makes me think of a girl I’ve never met

    23. David Castro

      Ya dejaste el criko?

    24. Carlos Wedderburn

      Love you bro. ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥goat

    25. Kevin Wilson

      Jaden a beast. Son of the G.O.A.T how could he not be the truth.

    26. Jair VR

      Bien jaden muy bien hecho 😶👏🏼😎

    27. Yamkela Mayisela

      Jaden ain't even snapped, he clapped on this.

    28. Ronaldo Ramiro

      Try to find a hate comment I'll wait

    29. Jordan Allamby

      I've beeeeeeeeeen waiting for this video. i am so complete.

    30. Andy Breshears

      Jadens a beast. that was a journey and I loved every second of it. Nice work!

    31. The Music Theory 001

      This is the type of music that just makes you want to go back to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> after it ends... This is the type of music that inspired me to start uploading, I like talking about music 😔

    32. ambitious A

      Since he started his career I've been his biggest fan forever no matter what happens # I am inspired by you and no matter what I am your legendary fan .my wish is to meet you in person someday🙏 #like if you hope he will forever be inspiring

    33. Jacob vargas

      Está muy buena la canción un saludo desde México 💔🇲🇽

    34. Renan Rodrigues

      Will Smith cries in the shower for having a child like that?

    35. Nredup 82

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> etc etc is really dope,

    36. Night Outlaw

      You can’t even talk right what the hell makes you think your singing is any better than your speech

    37. gxdzilla man

      jaden: *accidentally dropped some trash* ehh im gonna leave it there jackie chan: pick it up

    38. Enzo Servin

      ¿En que parte dice "wu yi di fain"?

    39. Chaz Smith

      So do y'all respect Jaden yet?

    40. Cap Hill

      He lived forever... and never... and forever, alone. Wow! This isnt just a song. It's an epic tale. When Jaden is in this particular bag, he's unfuckwitable. God mode artistry.

    41. Elalfa HD


    42. Briktu Lucy

      😁😂⚾⚾⚾♻💎💎🔰💥💥💥🌀🌀🌀💥💥💥💥⚽⚽ 🔰 ⚾⚽💎💎 *Jesus Christ is the only true God!* *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.* *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.* *also heal their bodies.* (look up and ask HIM)

    43. eternaldeathwish

      Movie Soundtrack Vibes

    44. Leonardo Marques

      Seems like Westworld places

    45. Daniel Agyeman

      Sounds like his dad when he’s rapping

    46. Demigah

      Any other Broken Hearted people want to talk about your problems? Insta: demigah

    47. Naidelin Perez

      Los mejores <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="472">7:52</a> minutos de la música mas emocional que he visto gracias por esta canción tan hermosa...

    48. TRA8WAVY

      True fans been waiting

    49. key drip x

      Remember when he played in karate kid

    50. Norin Jackson


    51. Miguel Angel

      Killing it man love this🖤



    53. rasheed daley

      " I told you I'm much more than that kid with a chauffeur who don't know the life of a soldier, I'm older now, the world's a lot colder now" I felt that

    54. Jokz Team

      Is this the same church as in westworld?????

    55. Carl Howard

      Well done.🤩🤩🤩😁😁😁

    56. Zefirox Game

      Why you had to make me cry like that bro....

    57. Blaze With Nella

      When he said he doesn’t have money 😂😂😂 this best is certainly ur sisters vibe ☮️🧘🏾‍♀️💕love it

    58. aola wili

      grasped many things. Keep creating art like this, and make every art worthy of a memory.

    59. kaz

      let’s go to the soho house together😌

    60. kaz

      i love you

    61. kaz

      marry me

    62. 3j Smaeley .Ngonn

      rien à redire c'est juste parfait ce son!!!

      1. aola wili

        I cried. This is incredible. Thank you jaden. Keep going.

    63. s h a n i c e

      This is a twisted love story *But I wasn’t enough* Too many mistakes to sift through *I’m sorry I started crying at your house* She killed him *We could have been never endless* ‘I know, sometimes love is about letting go’ *Again?* But he was happy *And I hope you are too* - SYRE

      1. s h a n i c e

        i was hella curious as to how the yellow captions fit together, if they're even supposed to idk this is how I though it connected. like an internal/external dialogue

    64. Charles Egbunike

      Nice one from Jayden, but why does he look like a crackhead though?

    65. KMT Vlogs

      i love you

    66. Augusto Miguel

      beautiful confusion

    67. DIANA MINA

      eres el mejor cantante

    68. chim chim

      wow so sad

    69. sh editing

      Any tamil viewers

    70. Yong Hyun

      ✨Just a Masterpiece ✨

    71. Murder Sound Design

      Awesome, fye, much love you definitely new sub

    72. Stephen Kalu

      Waited 2 years but it's was worth it 😭❤

    73. BigBody

      How Much Money Polo G Has Made On His Album "The Goat" *Crazy* (Must See) sesels.info/video/video/aZegpWmxraegnaI.html

    74. Hanna Aguilera

      and I will keep saying this. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PARENTS LET THEIR KIDS EXPLORE THEIR CREATIVITY THROUGH FUCKING ART!!!!! willow and he are some of the most talented artists of this generation!!!!

    75. Matthew Chambers

      My headphones don’t go loud enough to BUMP THIS TILL THE HOUSE SHAKE

    76. Matthew Chambers

      I cried. This is incredible. Thank you jaden. Keep going.

    77. Luis fernando Calle santos

      Q mierda es esto

    78. AG WILD

      Este pana no tiene otra ropa??? JAJAJAJA

    79. Cameron Martin


    80. Lucky Bucky

      This was way better than I expected. Jaden has definitely grown with simply this one project alone. Always keep being you Jaden! Cheers!