Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurt



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    With 5G upon us, there are tons of worries and controversies around it. Should we worry?
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. ElectroBOOM

      Hello BOOMers! As they say, only death and taxes are certain! So make sure to peer review. I'll add the good points here. - Remember AGAIN, at ANY frequency if the energy is high enough it can hurt you at least with tissue heating, which can lead to other complications or maybe indirectly to cancer. That's why all transmissions are limited to very low energy that can do nothing. - Long exposure to sun light's UV-A and UV-B, although not ionizing but because of sheer volume and higher frequency and energy, causes tanning and sun burn. Those cause side effects that can lead to cancer, like accelerated aging of skin cells. - 5G wireless range is pretty short, see MKBHD's video: - I'm hearing from a bunch of people that 5G effects the oxygen level in air or body for some reason?! HOW?! oxygen molecule (O2) is non-polarized, so no electrical imbalance in it to interact with EM waves. H2O in microwave oven interacts with 2.4GHz because it is polarized. Which hoax paper talked about this nonsense?! Just because people yell wrong things doesn't make them right! unless there is a very legitimate test report... SHOW ME! - one more good point: light shining on plants can break molecules and store light energy in plants through photosynthesis. So... can light at lower frequency ionize? Now I'm not familiar with how plants work, but I can assume light does it indirectly. For example, visible light can generate electricity through a solar-cell and that electricity can be used to break water molecules into gasses. You can do all sort of magic with electricity like run a Tesla Coil! So light energy at any frequency can be processed to do other things, but at lower than UV frequencies can't directly break molecules.

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      2. MaximumEfficiency

        great job!

      3. MaximumEfficiency

        use a RF meter and check for yourself. Of course they can blast more watts if needed, let's say "crowd control"..

      4. MaximumEfficiency

        people die but mot immediately, that's why its called quiet death.

      5. MaximumEfficiency

        we're talking about RF radiation here

    2. AtomicSymphonic

      I showed this to my parents and they STILL insist it hurts them to have a cell phone nearby. Believe it or not, they said to me they spent a whole day in a computer lab one time and at the end of the day, their eyes hurt and their body hurt. I told them it’s okay to move around and blink your eyes, that it’s just blue light irritating their eyes and not moving all day. But they swore up and down it was the radiation from the computers.... some people are beyond stubborn.

    3. alida flus

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="621">10:21</a> sounds like stackoverflow

    4. Shimon Doodkin

      It is 3.7 Ghz currently

      1. alida flus

        If 5G is so safe why are people who are exposed to it getting sick?,, Also why are the towers being disguised as Trees,, and why would something that warms a persons bod

    5. my name is jefff

      Are you Persian?

    6. Dave Goldspink

      😂🤣😂 Put on your foil hats folks it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Why are people worrying? We should be more worried about the Chinese trying to kill us with their bio weapons and taking over the world.

    7. Naveen Kumar .. review this

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      When you edit do you laugh at your reaction

    9. Orian de Wit

      Cancer mortality increased from 1970 till 1990, and has rapidly decreased from 1990 till 2020. This conclusively proves that Disco music is carcinogenic, and Pokemon prevents it. (This comment was sponsored by the tobacco industry)

    10. Yang Zhen Zack Loo

      This man just taught 4 months worth of knowledge from high school in like 14mins. Edit: Spelling corrections

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      Living next to the Highway is also Not Bad vor health Its better you live next to Al Diesel Motor Things Tesla describes is not Dangerous If you Touch a Tablet Display you cant feel anything thats connected to Energy Nothing You Dont have Micro plastic in your bood God doesnt exist But your celebratings christmas Theres No plastic in the oceans And the City where i live is the greenest place on earth Diabetis isnt a Money Business Everyone exactly knows what Corona is and where ist came from The US government dient helped to created Hitler to Planed the second world war And in the end The 5G Network ist the Most Importamt and healthy Thing ever ceated You cant irritate anyone with electronics They all know about the morphogenetic field You cant Go Electro static on a carpet Even air cant get electric Its an airplane who flies around the world bringing Thunder Ahh No wait IT IS Thor from the Avengers What i See is 99% haters And the haters telling Others They are haters because of their educational Ego Shit You all say you Dont Trust politicians or many scenarios But with a net is Provider to Keep you edicted from Connections you Trust ? You all Here want to Tell everybody that you know the high physics and that you Made Tests what is possible with These techniques ? That means you got the Same amount of Money this industry used to created 5G in oder 20 years This you can explain Here in 20 minutes Cause followed Every step Back to what They die and provide? I got a Problem , i think your friend can Hack my iPhone I mean the whole system You are Not making Videos cause you want to Help or give information Its because you belong to another group of people discriminating and fighting whoever wants to have different thoughts You follow the system You follow people and ideas You follow capitalism and war You sell IT AS freedom and Peace You sell IT AS the right The truth Exactly Like the once who is telling the opposite Your oponents you make fun of Im Not trusting you or trusting the others Cause the truth ist Something very apart from your intelligence connected to your ego blinding your Minds The truth ist Something you can feel If you feel the 5G is Something good Its your Feeling and around this you built Logic to protect yourself cause remember you Like this warfare If you feel the 5G is Bad spüre doing the Same If you got tricked and your wrong whatever you choose youre talking about betrail Capitalism ist using Hope Illusion and Emotion to make you feel successfull Then you follow interests and mindesets, you follow Leaders and Idols Its also a Part of a truth , but synthetic truth What you das and think is Not what capitalism hä Planed vor oder hundreds of years You think you can do whatever They Tell you But a hundreds years ago you Wohle have been the Same Person you spit in when you Said In a hundreds years WE will watch tv , and then WE will write Messages in a Screen swiping Fotos Videos , Reading informations , zooming etc etc Theres No differences You are the ones of the Inquisition today And you all Burn each Others in fireplaces alive to See how good IT Fells when Others die because of your comments Whatever you say Theres Dr. Hans Peter Dürr and bis Mentors was Dr.Heisenberg and bevor Einstein Dr.Dürr told everyone He will möge in to Spiritual science Because the Quantum physics is Not giving answers Behind Every Answer Theres a new question And it ends in circles And now after Einsteins historical Moments and the atombomb you Here After Einstein created the Basic vor evil You Here wants to Tell everyone you exactly know what WE can do with 5G I mean Einstein created that Atombomb fundamentals , He didnt knew They will But sorry i Dont know Maybe Einstein was Just paid good enough to Overtime bis inner conflicts Or He was a Sadist I Dont know bin His Friends , his Charakter , his inner thoughts So i cant das anything about it and also Not about bis History cause i wasnt around zum Every second ( Schrödingers Cat) and the truth 2Pac Said You claimed to BE a Player gut i fucked your wife Faith Evans Said 2pac and her didnt If you are making Research Here in SEsels Theres Friends They saw the Most of the Story What is your Feeling ? Hmmm Depends on you And the fact what faith Evans wants to Tell US . Example Hope you understand what your doing I Dont think anyone of you ist Interesse to Probe himself wrong Otherwise you will Always controle the 5G with a Big Community to make eure No one will use IT for evil What you are telling me is Not what Others can do Every electrical concept can be changed with little different actions So then you get a weapon Out of a Safe and friendly Thing But i think you all know IT better I Dont need my opinion Its better to have all your opinions Then i can understand you The King is Here

      1. DA ES

        In German WE say people who Claim themselves to know everything AS an Generaldiletant I know from myself interacting with electronics is having various effects in my Body And yeah IT all started with the beginnning of Cellphone Its what i myself was observing oder years IT was Not a absolutely Dangerous effect i felt But Theres Something You can Tell everyone that this ist bullshit Then you can also Tell everyone , sugar is making everyone fat and causing diabetis Ja friend ate three Bars of chocolate veryday drinking Softdrinks His Wright is about 75 Kilogramms in 1,79 Meters in Person A Girl friend Same size is having a Wright of 92 Kilos Same hight OK second example And sorry i forgot you Tested everything for hundreds of years You know more than Others or Same Like the group your in If you got a question vor everything Choose this Channel No one is starting anymore or poor Everythings fine We are Not tricked by capitalism its Just the fact that only the strong survive You will Wolter paid correctly when your old We gibt nothing to sorry about Hitler was Not an international supported master Plan to get the Power over the strongest Economy Germany and Europe Noooo And its Not USA klling people in Venezuela Sorry its Not the americanized cubans Dealing with governments from the cocaine Business Its Not the USA where the Most of the cocaine is sold And the Bushs dient ivite Campus Rappers to the White House to built Connection to Volkes and crips Everything ist fine Go and buy Buy and consume Dont Look Back your Kids will die Dont worry When They Scream you die First

      2. DA ES

        Feng shui ist also a Big gut lie I forgot to das that

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      Imo We don't need that much speed...

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      Yo I think this guy can teach others how to make a bomb

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      bolony. 5g dosent do shit

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      dude I hate and love your sponsor segments at the same time

    20. Robert Klein

      Ok ok, but what if two or more waves of the same frequency constructively interfere and amplify to a high enough energy level, would that do the trick in a city full of 5G stations and turn people into pizza the hutt ?

    21. Terence Kaye

      If 5G is so safe why are people who are exposed to it getting sick?,, Also why are the towers being disguised as Trees,, and why would something that warms a persons body be safe? WHO PAId YOU?

    22. Soviet Katyusha

      I want people suffering vid pls love your channel

    23. Kovichni

      they need you over in england where they are listening to their gov's advice and not wearing masks because they don't believe it really helps against corona, but are setting 5g towers on fire because those of course are to blame for...... corona

    24. Patricio Munoz

      But visible light doesn't travel across walls so how i can explain this to the thin foil people help pls

    25. seatheous robloxian

      The radiation causes cancer, it’s as powerful as the radiation put out by an x-ray

    26. mojakravica Gjorgjevski

      I dot care what yall people say this guy is a legend

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      That's "What's up" by the photon as it passes at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="662">11:02</a> 😂😂

    28. Caro Mia

      As flippant as this guy tries to be about 5G, I’m not buying into it. If thousands of people are accessing 5G through their phones and all other wireless technologies, how does that translate to a person’s body if they are living near a 5G pole?

    29. T-R-K

      "SLAP LIKE".... IS THAT DAVIE504?

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      thank you so much, i know how to explain to a worried person now!

    31. Tam Nguyen

      if only my science teacher be this entertain while teaching.

    32. Matt Faraday

      If you take high energy particles, let's say gamma rays and you shoot them at a tinfoil hat . guess what you create ? x-rays. Tinfoil hat people are x-raying their brains. 🤣🤣🤣

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      An editing hay day for our man

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      Wow I haven't seen your videos for long time and I'm glad you are still alive

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      it's your fault this video is boring

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      Shouldnt we first establish 4G connection EVERYWHERE before going 5G that almost nobody can use right now? P.S. GuyfromGermany...

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      I love the subject matter, but I'm dizzy from the way you edited this! So I just started listening to you while watching a silent video flying over Switzerland.

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      Tried to buy the Raycon headphones, but apparently they only ship to the USA. Ahem.. WHAT?

    39. Ross

      So we know micro waves, UV, X, and Gamma rays are bad for us. We also know infrared can literally cook you. We also know frequencies of sound waves can make you feel sick to your stomach...we also know that in the warnings on cell phones it states keep your device cm’s away from your head...we also know the closer you are to a source of energy like antennas the more dangerous. We also know of cases where people are diagnosed as being overly sensitive to EM spectrums. We also know some frequencies are beneficial like red light therapy, and some can produce feelings of well being. The truth about 5G is still yet unknown, but probably not beneficial while also not being totally detrimental.

      1. remliqa

        @Ross ". All things researched goes through the “cigarette phase” of research. Remember when they used to be perfectly safe so sayeth science and doctors?" The so called cigarette phase is myth The difference was there was never any real research that show cigarette being perfectly safe while there are plenty of scientific evidence that debunked the purported harm of 5 G as well those hypochondriacs. If you want to draw parallel , those doctor that recommend cigarettes are pretty much the same as those that claim 5 G are harmful to you or they have EM sensitivity, ergo none of their claim can be backed by scientific evidence. "Same with sugar" There have never been any billion dollar lawsuit concerning sugar. " #ThinkForYourself #QuestionEverything" Sound like a flat earther would say. " Don’t be such a tool. If some frequencies are deadly and some beneficial then the 5G SPECTRUM of frequencies will have many different locations on that deadly-beneficial spectrum." Sure, provide me with a peer researched paper on such claim and I'll listen to you.

      2. Ross

        remliqa no you don’t. It’s just not recognized. All things researched goes through the “cigarette phase” of research. Remember when they used to be perfectly safe so sayeth science and doctors? That ended up being billions of dollars lawsuit. Same with sugar. Don’t be such a tool. If some frequencies are deadly and some beneficial then the 5G SPECTRUM of frequencies will have many different locations on that deadly-beneficial spectrum. #ThinkForYourself #QuestionEverything

      3. remliqa

        " We also know of cases where people are diagnosed as being overly sensitive to EM spectrums" I thought this have been debunked as people with Munchausen syndrome?

    40. andrei alexandru

      what do you think about radiation shielding paints (like yshield i think) for use at home?

      1. remliqa

        I think you might just got scammed.

    41. Shubham Yadav Please review this

    42. Nick Nickson

      The safety concern isn't directly if radiation. Unless you live in a city getting hit by multiple ones with there power turned up. Think of the active denial systems the police use to make you feel sick and feel like your skin is burning because the layer of water right under your skin is vibrating so fast. The true threat from 5g is the blanket coverage of service. It will be needed to boost up the servalance grid and allow for connectivity of the robotics that will be coming out in the next decades. Also I'd stay away from ear buds and wireless head phone. After using them for a year I have permit head aches on both sides of my head right next to my temples. And cancer isn't a conspiracy theory he explains how cancer happens but them says it has to happen with a bunch of cells being corrupted. But it only needs a few to start and then reproduce more corrupted cells

    43. Wick van Schalkwyk

      Less focus on cancer and more on the real biological issues... see Telegram FiveGLawSuit

      1. Wick van Schalkwyk

        @remliqa yes there is and if you search the Telegram channel you will be educated. See also

      2. remliqa

        There is no biological issue. The Telegram FiveGLawSuit ((unless you're talking about some other more obscure lawsuit) isn't about biology.

    44. 0 to Infinity

      Louis CK joke.... Of course and maybe...

    45. Bert

      Your awesome! are you british electro boom 💥?

    46. Sky Werk

      I did that with 3 x 9 volt batteries. Never again lol

    47. 0 to Infinity

      Tell me the truth, from where you got the idea of a zip to represent cell division...?

    48. Dino Bekric

      I've realised that the people who believe 5G is bad are now commenting utter bullshit, with absolutley not evidence. They're litteraly just saying that 5G bad because 5G bad ): Please don't sort by new.

    49. No

      I need some shungite to protect myself from 5G

    50. Kaamil Verma

      everybody knows where those dislikes are comming from

    51. Aurora Curtis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> I was not prepared lol

    52. FaUsT

      hmm...i was wandering if you can explain or "deconspirate' the HAARP project or maybe create something about LHC in Genewa... this can be quite interesting :)

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      man the editing on the video

    54. John Bartlett

      you know nothing of electronics and radio principles.

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      Stop it or u will be a meme right now u stupid

    56. Egg

      Keep Karens away from 5G towers at all costs

    57. atsimas

      dude, your video is an opinion. Sure not all things can kill you instantaneously, but things like cancer make you wish they do. read an article that does not generalize, but instead answers one specific question. also, the cellphome may have small energy compared to the sun, but you hold it very near to your brain. Or, as you say, you literally hug the antenna. Every day. There is my arguent.

      1. shinevision sv

        @atsimas "For the same distance 5g would need way more intense radiation, in order to work. So I doubt they will be the same." They DONT have the same range. thats the problem with 5G. Range. they will have to place more instead of bumping up the power.

      2. atsimas

        ​@shinevision sv I doubt that anybody "thinks" it harms but that some interests are served, and that the environment is so damaged that they just can't say "this and only this" did it. This is because the surveys reflect to people that cannot be controlled, not rats. Lets look about rats. Do you know that rat pesticide, in higher dose, also kills you? We are not far alike to rats, in some ways. Find me 1 (one) article. That says that rats treated with gsm were not harmed. Here "rats survey 2g" The !extend! of the harm depends on the power. And when you are holding the cellphone close to your brain, or your testicles a lot more is transmitted to your sensitive and important tissues compared to leaving it on the desk. Or your butt pocket For the same distance 5g would need way more intense radiation, in order to work. So I doubt they will be the same. If you are standing far from the antenna, ok. But if you are standing close to the antenna? It doesn't throtlle down, you know. I am worried both about Co2 and of the stuff coming of any engine. That is not an excuse.

      3. shinevision sv

        @atsimas so a TL;DR with all those articles are " In any case, with no conclusive medical evidence to prove anything, we continue to wait and watch as the battle goes on." They just "Assume" a lot without REAL evidence. they all just "Think" it harms. Furthermore. There are regulations on how much power a tower can emit. 5G wont be 10X as strong. thats impossible with the current regulations. it will be at the same power. If you really want to be scared about something then be scared about Co2. That stuff that comes out of your car is 1000X more harmful than any 5G or future cellular technologies will hurt you.

      4. atsimas

        @shinevision sv Read more thoroughly please . Here the long version. "67% of the independently funded studies found a biological effect, while a mere 28% of the industry-funded studies did". On the same article. Reminds me when the same stuff happened with the cigerette's surveys. And look what is happening today. Here a survey you can't refuse. The growth of testicular cancer, where we keep our phones close by, is circumstantial? in africa they don't have as many phones... In china they tell lies. If, "the rate of increase has slowed down recently." is because nowadays cellphones have limits on signal intensity and cell towers are more than ever. Should I find you articles about that also? Also if cell towers are more than ever that actually is overall a good thing? 2g has a lower overall frequency than 3g and 3g than 4g and so on. Now, unless they buy more towers which I doubt for economical reasons , for the same distance 5g would need way more intense radiation, in order to work. If you are standing far from the antenna, ok. But if you are standing close to the anenna? Like Electroboom says, this is harmfull. Now that Musk, amongst others, is making his own satellite contellation we will see... Wi fi only recently has come up our homes but it uses similar frequencies. Cell towers are forbidden in schools. Is that a coinsidence? So, we constantly make our world worse with pollution etc. Cancer cases are constantly growing. Should we add this on top of that?

      5. shinevision sv

        If you could atleast.... read your own f*king article "Lack of definitive proof that a technology is harmful". they say there is NO PROOF in the article. they only say "we dont know so it can maybe hurt? we dont know!"...

    58. 6217lex

      1. shinevision sv

        Read your own F8KING article... "It was unclear if tumors observed in the studies were associated with exposure to RFR in female rats (900 MHz) and male and female mice (1900MHz)." There is too little evidence. if you still not agree read this in THAT article "Were there any surprise findings?NTP found longer lifespans among the exposed male rats. This may be explained by an observed decrease in chronic kidney problems that are often the cause of death in older rats." but NO ONE is saying 5G increases you life span. Furthermore. this study is about 3G and lower. NOT 4G or 5G. "NTP studies of RFR used in 2G and 3G cellphones do not apply to 4G or 5G technologies. These newer technologies use different methods of signal modulation than NTP used in the studies. " TL;DR Read your own f*king sh*t...

    59. Premium

      yet another video that doesnt adress resonance wich is the real argument, it is proven that resonance influences magnetism (basis of MRI), it is proven that hemoglobin binds to oxygen by magnetism, it is known that 5g can/will use the 60Ghz frequentie, wich is the resonance frequenty of oxygen... yet there are no recent studies made, only old ones that were shoved under a rug, yet nobody can debunk this argument... ofcourse it doenst create a virus, it makes you hypoxic not because of lack of oxygen, your blood will be saturated because there is oxygen in it, but not enough will reach the cells because its not transported efficiently, 5g ofcourse doenst cause viruses, but it makes the major symptoms of this virus obviously worse, making it some sord of toggle to control the severity, if any of you guys have hypoxic symptoms or acidity symptoms (wich are linked) if you have no other option or nobody can help you, try a bronchodialoter

      1. shinevision sv

        " it is known that 5g can/will use the 60Ghz frequentie, wich is the resonance frequenty of oxygen" No... no its not. the resonance frequenty of oxygen is 62.9 Hz... HZ not GH not TH... hz..... so again... bullshit get your facts straight.

      2. shinevision sv

        "hemoglobin binds to oxygen by magnetism" Wtf... no it doesnt... here is how it REALLY works... "In the 1930s, it was found that haemoglobin has magnetic properties that are different depending on whether it is carrying oxygen or not. When the haemoglobin is not carrying oxygen it is more sensitive or paramagnetic than oxygenated blood. If you put a drop of blood next to a magnet is there any noticeable magnetic effect? It has only been in the last fifteen years that this difference in magnetic property has been used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field so this difference in the magnetic properties of oxygenated and deoxygenated haemoglobin in blood can be detected. This change is called the BOLD (blood oxygenation level dependent) signal." This means you can only SENSE if it has oxygen or not. nothing else... thats why the MRI uses it...

    60. Carlo Zanoletti

      Wow the editing is SUPER

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      𝓈ℴ 𝓈𝓁𝒶𝓅 𝓁𝒾𝓀ℯ 𝓃ℴ𝓌 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓈𝓊𝒷𝓈𝒸𝓇𝒾𝒷ℯ

    62. Fat Pigeon


      1. shinevision sv

        @Dino Bekric Nah bro. don't worry. only fat birds will ded in peace because the weight divided by de speed of light is the speed of sound. that means the resonance frequency of that bird is magnetism. yes thats right magnetism. what this means is that bird causes toaster in bath. in other words it acts like uranium 865 particles in a quantum field. this proves time travel is possible. thats why the latest SnapDragon 865 chip is so fast and snappy and supports 16gb or ram. it all comes together. So in conclusion. Banana

      2. Dino Bekric

        Why? Birds will die because birds will die because 5G is definetly linked to that. I have no fucking clue what point you're trying to make but your probably parodying other conspiracy theorists.

    63. Buck_shot419

      your not wrong there although it's not all bad. Depends on the Frequency the 5g tower/device is producing. Conclusive long term studies have been conducted on lab mice in the range of 30 -300Ghz. Noticeable changes in brain wave patterns, Behavior and in some cases disruption in cognitive functions (Critical thinking ) increase in anxiety. The Truth is sound wave's including RF Can Have effects on all life, Down to a cellular level. 5g isn't all bad in fact some research indicates @ a specific range it can promote cell function. Well Don't take my word for it do your own research. @ the end of the day it's just technology and can use it for good or bad .

      1. Dino Bekric

        Cant find that study, can you link me it?

      2. Don't worry Be happy

        Have you heard of The Georgia Guidestones?

    64. Sky Gear

      1. shinevision sv

        This is a paper about EMF... not... 5G... read your own F8king article...

    65. Sudipto Koley

      I don't care about humans(including myself)....but i want to know... is it harmful for birds,bees or other animals or plants?


      It's so important to have a kind of protection. I just bought some of this Fabric with Silver Fiber. The metal is highly conductive and has an electromagnetic shielding function. When a people wears an anti-electromagnetic wave clothing to contact an electronic device, the anti-electromagnetic wave clothing can quickly and effectively conduct electromagnetic waves, thereby protecting the body from electromagnetic waves.

    67. Milad Yerli

      چر انقدر آنلایک آخه افتخار میکنم ایرانی هستی آقای بوم

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      Is it me, or are adverts getting as long as the video itself?

    69. Maximator

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> Don't mind me, just causally creating explosive Hydrogen-Chlorine gas

    70. Mikey

      If I close my eyes it almost sounds like Arnie is telling me about 5G

    71. big quack

      TLDR YES

    72. JINGWA64

      im a retired telco tech and even a low powered 2 watt transmitter according to my work health and safety guidelines had to be switched of if i merely intended to walk through its transmission cone in order to work on other equipment, why? health and safety warnings, stated working infront or moving through the transmission cone possessed risks to health and work safety including both short and long-term negative effects, such as sudden onset of nausea to long-term carcinogenic risks from exposure. this is also a low 2 watt transmitter, guess how many watts your phone is? but if you merely judged safety based on a single value or cherry picked criteria you would be a idiot, but thats just what your TV, government and their experts do when reporting on public safety and how most safety guidelines are implemented regardless. they tell you "X" is safe because its low powered, tell you its safe because its not type "X" of power, when all other criteria for assessing health and safety are basically been brushed aside for convenience to make a very narrow, cherry picked conclusion and opinion, that only remains factual and scientifically supported within the frame it was cherry picked, but in the context of what is actually being discussed being safe or not, with all criteria considered, its no longer a factual or scientifically supported statement and just a "opinion", that ignores the science. if i told you that 10, 000 volts was safe, would you believe me? when 120-240volts can kill? odds are you wouldnt believe me if you were depended on your own experience for an answer, but i can easily cherry pick the criteria which would scientifically support my claim and tell you "dont worry 10,000 volts is safe", because indeed you can be exposed to 10,000 volts and suffer no injury. conversely i could tell you 1.5 volts is lethal would you believe me? again you have batteries and its not like there is a lethal electricity warning on AA's, but again i can cherry pick the criteria that would again be scientifically support my statement, because again you can indeed be killed by 1.5 volts. now i could be talking about the safety of something and in doing so i could cherry pick the criteria to achieve either example to tell you the public idiot, its safe or you the public idiot its unsafe, because you would have to be a public idiot to trust anyone without doing your own research if its of "any" genuine concern to you. research includes more then looking for what to cherry pick which sounds good to you and believing what sounds good you cherry picked or what others cherry picked that sounds good, with next to no hands on experience or science to confirm what is in question "specifically" in question as applied, not related to how its applied. people could be honest and include the specific criteria and let you decide for yourself, but governments have no incentives to be honest or transparent, neither do telco. main reason nobody can make any claims against telco is very simple, you first have to get medical evidence you have whatever or whatever can be caused by such, then prove that its due to working for the telco or from the telco in question, which is near impossible, as signals are everywere, but assuming your one in a million that is able to get past this hurdle, you then need to prove the telco did not meet their legal requirements. simple fact is you can get cancer and die working for them, being exposed to them, doesnt mean they can be held liable, they have safety guidelines for a reason, one reason is to claim the reason you got sick is by not following them = they arent responsible, as for the public you getting cancer isnt their problem, long as its no more severe then other causes of death, illness or disability, like everything else, the world goes on and doesnt care. or you can try prove they pressured you to ignore those safety guidelines, again very unlikely you can, they arent going to put it on paper for you and trying to secretly record conversations doesnt work well in court and they are all well versed in how to pressure workers to break the rules to increase productivity without them needing to spell it out to them and as a outsider, getting evidence good luck. lastly you can try prove they did not meet their other legal requirements in regards to your safety, well its one reason they are so anal about the safety guidelines and etc, good luck proving them being negligent on a legal standpoint, you can only prove it on a non-legal standpoint and that is going to default to your claim being thrown out the door. one point of note is many cell towers do exceed public recommended limits of exposure and in overlap do by default do as well, but as nobody needs to care legally, nobody cares for you or the public's safety in this regard, beyond legal requirements. its important to note towers dont have a uniform signal pattern, eg hot spots and weak spots exist, so just because someone gets sick being exposed to a tower, doesnt mean the exposure is uniform to all being exposed within the same circumference, this also includes people being exposed, people are not all of the same mass, environment, tolerance, health condition in exposure etc, so doesnt mean effects will be uniform either. ontop of all that most people including telco workers simply believe what they are told, if they get told 10 volts is safe it = safe, if they get told 10,000 volts kills = kills. and for most within the context its provided it still works, so thats the way it stays, no need to question it further. so what of the 2 watt transmitter with all its health warnings? and your mobile phone with next to none? well at the end of the day if we were simply cherry picking from a telco perspective = your phone is a hazard to your health, if we cherry pick from the consumer perspective = safe as F. so which one is correct? again it comes down to the criteria. you can have x3, 2 watt transmitters running on 2.4ghz and all can have different effects on your biology and a specific unique application criteria to do whatever they are intended to do, regardless if its intended to create a biological effect or not and some technologies are indeed designed to have negative and positive biological effects. but again if you used government and their experts opinion science, well all 3 of these transmitters are identical and have the exact same effects far as your health is concerned, because they simply cherry pick the criteria and technology which suits their "opinion" and ignore any criteria or technology that doesnt fit their "opinion" so as science confirms, effects can vary between each transmitter, due to other criteria that has not been mentioned. this is easy to look up if you merely go through thousands of patents related, which specify various scientific studies, effects and findings over the past 100 years and functional technology that has been built and developed that uses this scientific understanding as its basis to work. naturally though the bulk of these patents and science related is linked to "positive" applications and uses of said technologies, but fact remains in many of them it is very clear that the "positive" is a matter of opinion, as the effects can be very clearly defined be abused for negative applications as well.

      1. shinevision sv

        " guess how many watts your phone is?" max 0.6 watt... "Maximum possible power output of a handheld cellular phone is 0.6 watts. Like others have posted, the system controls the actual output of the phone and it is typicially much less than that, usually less than 100 milliwatts."...

      2. JINGWA64

        after all a very simple example of this is the tazer, when the criteria to what makes it more effective or less effective was less known, well they focused technological innovations based on those limited parameters they new had direct influence over what made it more/less lethal and more/less effective in its application, however latter as they realized through further research tweaking and including other parameters into a tazer, they could greatly magnify the effect, without increasing the tazers default parameters, they could even lower them and still greatly increase the desired effect. this was used by many authorities to market these new tazers issued to police as being "less" lethal, more safe then previous tazers in response to concerns regarding their safety and use. but again by cherry picking certain facts regarding the tazer, they basically concluded with a scientifically false opinion regarding the tazer being discussed, being the typical less power = more safe, when other parameters, increased the risks. which is a common symptom of governments, authorities explanations to the public and their selected experts, when they want to make something suit whatever their agenda happens to be on the day and get public opinion to match. and even for the 2 watt transmitter in question i was supposed to switch of before walking past, this is again a cherry picked safety measure, its applicable the a 2 watt transmitter, but not necessarily the transmitter in question, so simply put its the guidelines for any 2 watt transmitter of the same classification, but were other parameters will vary, meaning the safety guidelines wont be accurate. which is also why many telco workers ignore safety warnings, they dont feel any ill effects, think they are from other causes, so they think its excessive red tape, but nobody said you had to be smart to be a tech or engineer, after all is a calculator a genius? how about a computer? they put humans to shame, but yet we grade human intelligence based on how much and how similar to a calculator or computer a person can be which by default is akin to wanting to be as stupid as one as well. another point of note is the assumption such workers would take the biggest hit, when if you look at telco workers, they generally are surrounded by transmitters, but which way are they facing? away from them, simply put while on the job they are basically working in the signal weak spot and its shadow and rarely facing it directly and as stated already, even for a 2 watt transmitter i wasnt allowed to walk in front it with it on, but working next to or behind it while its on, nobody cares, because your not in its signal cone were the hazard exists. which as a final point cell transmitters are generally directional transmitters simply installed in such a way it seems like they are a omni directional and when it comes to measuring exposure, this is also a cherry picked parameter as well, so basically long as no death plague happens that can be linked, they ignore the science and keep shit as convenient for themselves as possible and anti-competition as possible, which is why they actually dictate to governments allot of the like red tape and not the other way round like advertised. needless to say 5g doesnt cause covid 19, but that doesnt mean its safe, just means odds are you wont die from it or become disabled, but some will and many will get other less severe symptoms they dont realize are linked, just like with 4g and 3g etc, 5g will simply add a few more effects as it will be expanding the frequencies being used and naturally applications through technology specific to there parameters will vary and so will effects induced, needless to say even if someone does get ill, doesnt mean its a single reason or source as the cause for it or all the effects will all be the same because the transmitter all have 5G stamped on them. again patents and tech already exist which have developed uses for positive and negative effects, but dont expect those who benefit from your stupidity to tell you.

    73. Thasinnerman

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      ElectroBOOM is working with the government. Don't trust this guy. The government is trying to kill us. NEVER trust the government.

      1. Dino Bekric

        You do know how stupid that shit is right? You instead of actually bringing up an argument decides to just say "HE BEE PAID D0TT TRUST!!!" You probably claim that people are being sheeples yet you don't even realise just how ignorant you've become...

      2. Sababugs112

        @555zxc_Gamez you really believe that Hitler and Germany existed/exist . Its just a made up country so that the earth can be a globe and not a 4d dodecahedron .

      3. Absolutely Nothing

        @NUBM GT Maybe

      4. 555zxc_Gamez

        Exactly, he is trying to upload our minds woth 5g and the nanobots in the coronavirus vaccinees to make an AI to power robo-hitler

    75. Terry Weaver

      I can see the price of aluminum foil skyrocketing as body suits (not just hats) are being made and sold. Excuse me I gotta go. I just realized I have several rolls of aluminum foil I must put in my gun safe.

    76. Nathan West

      frankly, any correlation between rise in cancer rate and progress of technology propably is due to society becoming shit people eat more shit and become more lazy, well, that and the rise in pollution of our environment also the lack of population control, people with certain diseases should just not be allowed to reproduce, like cancer and mental illness, of course that is nothing for a democracy in a perfect world we all would only have one leader deciding who gets to reproduce and who does not and also telling us what and how much we can eat and stuff is the perfect human society worth sacrificing freedom?

      1. Dino Bekric

        Finnaly sombody that realises that 5G isn't the cause. Though its better to have cancer then to live in the medieval ages...

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      "It's you fault this video is boring..." That was funny... =D

    79. Mad Cow

      What about the targeting capabilities added to 5G with Dipole Antennas?

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        Is this staire? Please be satire

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      watching these video's is like watching a ticking time bomb *when will he kill himself? W H O K N O W S????*