Intel’s behavior is PATHETIC - Core i9 10980XE Review

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    Welcome to what is hopefully the final Skylake refresh: Intel’s Core i9 10980XE. But is that all it is? And who should buy it? Let’s find out..
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      1. alysdexia

        @Jasper Störningar there are also older overpriced AMD CPUs (see Anandtech conclusion chart) and they don't come with iGPUs like Intel's which Iris Pro/Plus also lead in speed/watt. So Linus is dumbass like your kind who can't account for everything. Why don't I paste my notes so far of the best desktop leaders? W CPU/(CPU+GPU): best CPUmark 2019 Nov: /W, /$ 15 ~3/5: i5-1035G7, : ~, Ice Lake 15 ~11/14: i7-10710U, 13107: ~1112, 30 Comet Lake 15 ~16/19: i5-10210U, : ~, Comet Lake 4·5 ~3/4: i5-7Y57, 3676: ~1089, 10 Kaby Lake 5 ~13/16: i5-8200Y, 4339: ~1068, 15 Amber Lake 9 ~8/11: i5-1030G7, : ~, Ice Lake 7 ~11/14: i5-10310Y, : ~, Comet Lake 7 ~6/7: i5-8210Y, 4227: ~705, 14 Amber Lake 4: T5700, 2039: 510, 7 Broxton 65: 9 PRO 3900, 32889: 505, Matisse 35 ~6/7: i9-9900T, 15090: ~503, 34 Coffee Lake 28 ~23/26: i7-1068G7, : ~, Ice Lake 28 ~9/10: i7-8559U, 12224: ~485, 24 Kaby Lake R 6 ~11/13: N5000, 2456: ~484, 15 Gemini Lake 6·5 ~4/5: J3710, 1913: ~368, 12 Braswell 11·5 ~17/19: i7-4610Y, 3746: ~363, 10 Haswell 45 ~58/65: E-2186M, 14526: ~362, 23 Coffee Lake 25 ~64/71: i3-8300T, 8032: ~356, 47 Coffee Lake 10 ~6/7: J5005, 2905: ~339, 14 Gemini Lake 30: EPYC 3201, 9634: 321, 19 Snowy Owl 13 ~30/37: i7-3689Y, 3220: ~305, 9 Ivy Bridge 7·5 ~2160/2473: N3540, 1933: ~295, 8 Bay Trail-M ("105") >125: 9 3950X, 36051: ("343") <288, 48 Matisse 17: E3-1220L V2, 4419: 259, 23 Sandy Bridge 37 ~6/7: i7-4722HQ, 8093: ~255, 6 Haswell 47 ~29/32: i7-5950HQ, 10850: ~255, 18 Broadwell 11 ~15/17: i5-4210Y, 2375: ~245, 8 Haswell 80 ~68/75: E-2278G, 17670: 244, 36 Coffee Lake 95 ~72/79: i9-9900KF, 20402: ~236, 41 Coffee Lake 55: E5-2630L v4, 12847: 234, 21 Sandy Bridge 50: EPYC 3251, 11690: 234, 37 Snowy Owl 200: EPYC 7702P, 46067: 230, 10 Rome

      2. alysdexia

        @Πυξίδα της ηθικής wrong, cretin:

      3. alysdexia

        @Jasper Störningar Intel lead desktop speed/watt for almost all power classes. AMD underreport 9 3950X's TDP by 20% to 40%; see the Anandtech report.

      4. alysdexia

        @robert1235421 has !-> their; 1 != 2; should -> ouht

      5. Iron Quarks

        ok, you swines, i subscribed. repeating all the time convinced me..... you maoists. still, I won't buy your underwear.

    2. willinton06

      Doesn’t intel own Linus? Or was it Nvidia?

    3. Kopper Komponents

      Wow looks like Linus just discovered capitalism.

    4. BLKBRDSR71

      I'm subscribed, and I didn't get notified about this? Gee... Thanks SEsels.

    5. מוטי אהרן

      It's annoying everything moved so slow, i mean technologies already exists but we get devices with old technologies..... PCI express 5 already out there and PCI express 6 coming in late 2021.....

    6. Ben Tate

      I believe this is known as making a mountain out of a molehill. I did hit the subscribe button though! To unsubscribe...

    7. Stroudesty -

      He actually dropped the mic on their heads.

    8. Sandman

      Reviews something and gets really hot. Selflessly promotes his own drinks bottle to then cool down 😎😂

    9. Magnétar

      who give a fuck about Intel's behavior ?? the product isn't the only thing that we want ??

    10. mdnor matnor

    11. Beli Eurocrem

      I can't get over how literally every SEselsr is promoting Audible. like wtf!? 😂😂😂

    12. walmartskills

      Maybe they intentionally wanted this to create a bad buzz as it will technically give intel more attention...


      Long live AMD :-) :-) :-) Well done Linus!!!!!! Or like John Oliver sys Eat shit! watch this, the end is brilliant!!!

    14. Will Jacobs

      Just letting you know, I don't click on videos with clickbait headlines and drama queen stuff. We've figured it out. Not sure what lame SEsels consulting firm gave you this idea, but just stop. It's lame.

    15. Kevin CCIE

      I AM SWITCHING TO AMD TODAY - End of discussion.

    16. Alexander Wayland-James

      I dont think its that bad. I think the marketing guys knew they were going to lose and were told to spin this in the best ways possible. Like how trumps legal team has to try their best to shine their client (doesn't matter political views, thats just their job) they were given one job and to make the best effort of it.

    17. IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers

      Deal with these mormon jew parasites and your guaranteed to get jewed every single time plus.

    18. Indrajit Majumdar

      Glassware is a pathetic piece of firewall.

    19. Colby Bryant

      Yes sir!!!! Setting them straight at the LTT!!! Get em!! AMD>Intel

    20. drkRoss

      Intel: FiRsT [Everyone disliked that.]

    21. Vee Clash

      Wait so Intel 10th gen is slower than the 9th gen? LOL. Nice job Intel! At least they cut the price in half.

    22. Rion The Lion

      Drama queen. All I want to know are the specs. I don't care to hear your complaining.

    23. svsguru2000

      AMD: Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left. Intel: Just a flesh wound.

    24. Mike S

      Reading those bar charts 'should' be made easier by placing the rankings always in 'best to worst' from top to bottom. The switching screens in the video randomly go from 'lower is better' to 'higher is better' and it is slightly difficult to fully understand which of the processors are excelling at any given benchmark without some additional time spent to comprehend the changes. Whereas if you always put the processors in order from 'best' to 'worst' then it would be trivial to quickly comprehend that the processor that exceeds at any given benchmark will always be recognized at the top.

    25. johnthinkpad

      Intel is also buying Audible...

    26. music lab

      Imagine an ex LTT employee at an Intel job interview....😂😂😂

    27. johnthinkpad

      Intel is now acquiring Glass Wire.

    28. Deeparth Gupta

      Why would you run a CNN on the CPU anyway? Even a low-end GPU will do it better.

    29. Benjamin Hale

      Love that blurred middle finger you were proudly throwing up on those slides LMG. Good on you.

    30. Craig Nightingale

      Ryan Shrout is for sure behind this. Not to excuse Intel's behaviour but if reviewers felt so strongly about this they could have just waited until Threadripper was doing the rounds before they released their 10980XE reviews and included direct comparisons. Sure, less views and less ad dollars but which is more important to the reviewer? Cash or journalistic integrity?

    31. Pandu Poluan

      Good gosh, this is the first time I've ever seen Linus ranting at the beginning, throughout, at the end... AND IN THE OUTRO as well. And all the BEEPs... Intel, you done f*ck up real good.

    32. Luis Aguilera

      Anyone else disappointed he didn’t dump the water on the chip?

    33. Vysyrah

      I'm not smart with this stuff, so I don't get it.. So they released their cpu's the day before amd? To avoid criticism on their performance compared to amd's?

      1. cwli1

        Yes. None of google's top search results for "10980xe review" will include comparisons to AMD CPUs, which are faster. They'll only have benchmark tests on Intel's CPU. That's not all they've done. Those who own Intel can commit any crimes they like but will never go to jail.

    34. The Alpha Matt

      Who is this angry lesbian

    35. PunkHippie

      Idk about you guys but i've been really embracing the Ryzen lately. The value is just unbeatable at the moment.

    36. Fluphy

      Lol. Wow, Linus so tell us how you really feel! I don't think I've ever seen him this worked up. But strangely, I like it!

    37. sessions tv

      A M D - R Y Z E N baby.

    38. king superbus

      oh geez, get on with the review already

    39. Giorgio Cisilino

      Once corporations or company's make it to the top,really hate to say the truth, they totally tend to forgot about who helped them make it to the top, and eventually through greed will falter.

    40. Giorgio Cisilino

      awesome love Linus's honesty and sticks it to those like Intel that want to fleece consumer like us.