imprisoning SMii7Y in VR

Also Fitz

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    1. Also Fitz

      main channel video very soon. minecraft monday video on monday. tekkit on tuesday.

      1. Explosive Monkey

        Oh yeah a big chicken wing

      2. Karma

        Outro song?

      3. mr bear

        is mimi dying

      4. GD Typicql


      5. Savage MMG

        2 months later and no video :(

    2. Kobe Breaker

      When it said we’re gonna play a commercial I got an ad come up

    3. Explosive Monkey

      When you a big chicken wing yeah

    4. Chazzky

      10:25 Guys, we’re gonna put in a commercial breaLET’S PLAY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    5. who kan kapkan

      You wish I was gonna use your code cause I'm gonna use your other sponsor honey to get the best deal on all products.

    6. deku longhorns

      Honestly mini voice is annoying kinda glad he felt the group

    7. Booboo Booboo

      When he told them to put a commercial I got a add

    8. Leafon

      Can we copystrike fitz??

    9. Alvin Yakitori

      what is this game

    10. 時Daddy


    11. MaxLiam Logar

      I thought it said impregnating smitty in vr 😂😂😂

    12. The King_of_Corn

      3:34 through 3:36 or 7 was the one thing i was looking for from fitz i died the first time i saw this

    13. Henry Kaffenberger

      At 10:25 there was an ad

    14. August

      3:18 rip phone

    15. Cave Man

      Oof thank god finally we dont have to hear his laser piss😅

    16. orito uchiha

      i wish i could play with yall but i dont even have a laptop

    17. Bubba

      Mini lad pisses me off how he leaves the friend group (vanoss crew) and proceed to talk shit behind there back like an asshole when he could have respectfully left and said good by

    18. Landon McDowell

      Does anybody know what type of vr Fitz and Swagger have?

    19. Greg Mikovic


    20. Greg Mikovic


    21. ItsDopamine05

      When they said we're gonna put in a commercial I got an ad

    22. Joe Swanson

      You fucking bastard you really put an ad when kryoz said put an ad but i do admit its smart so ill watch the ad for godaddy

    23. obi wan kenobi

      Fitz looks like the kid from home alone

    24. Toms Krastiņš

      Mini Ladd really does ruin these videos

    25. Warren Kepke

      I actually got a commercial at the commercial break

    26. Scribbly Alex

      Am I the only one who really doesn’t like mini in their vids?

    27. Hadz

      Fitz is just knock of Pewdiepie

    28. ArcusArdent

      Instead of “welcome to my sellou- I mean second channel” it is now “welcome to my seco- I mean sellout channel”

    29. Toxic Kiwi

      Kryoz: we’re gonna cut to a commercial break. SEsels: I mean, he’s not wrong.

    30. Zer0 Is

      When someone makes fun of the quite kid Quite kid : 2:01

    31. Kaqpa

      she's loyal

    32. Jim Halpert

      Dude if you’re going through a hard time in life, just watch some fitz. It puts a smile on my face and it feels good

    33. AssassinPryyde

      fitz’s arms are longer than my life span

    34. Leeroy62Jenkins

      When kryoz said to put in a commercial I had an add pop up

    35. Trix

      What game is this does anyone know?

    36. Noah Hunt

      Woah, a SEsels ad was actually put in. For me at least. 10:23

    37. shelbie cain

      Nobody: Swagger: instructions unclear. Dick stuck in water cooler

    38. zajoch 2005

      10:25 an actual ad just poped up after he said that, this is a sign

    39. Amy Cox

      So does mini Ladd hate vanoss or what?

    40. Ender Com

      he has a beard now?!

    41. Katrina Phillips

      Kryoz: Guys we're gonna put in a commercial break here. *Ad inturrupts* Me: *BEWLIDERED* OMG SORCERY!!!

    42. ZodiaK

      I really enjoy how you cant watch a video with mini without a bunch of angry kiddos commenting about vanoss yall need a fucking life jesus christ no one cares if you dont like mini

    43. Titan Gaming

      What is the game Fitz is playing-?

    44. BlackSkys

      Can someone tell me the outro song?

    45. VK_22

      2:15 close ur eyes

    46. Gamerplayz _pro

      I like how the ad is longer than the video

    47. Solar Flare The Pegasus

      8:19 Really Mini?! What did Evan ever do to you?! No wonder that whole drama thing happened. Its ridiculous, when he complains about the drama but then makes jokes like this. Edit: I'm sorry Fitz that I'm bringing this here but that made me so angry. I had to say something

    48. Imogen _2255

      Ginger twat

    49. Snapp

      Bet y'all didnt know that he switched around second and sellout when he was talking about his sponsor

    50. MegaNinjaRyan 6731

      It actually went to commercial right when he said it😆

    51. Bryson Hanefeld

      He left Vanoss for Fitz, who is literally just a New Zealand Vanoss

    52. Donat Fox


    53. Jake Dalman

      i got an ad when they said they were gonna put in a comercial

    54. Livi Hamm

      About time!

    55. borštnik

      F*** mini

    56. Cash Anderson

      Wow mini is moving up he went from the guy that plays with vanoss to the guy that plays with fitz

    57. jay ronalds

      Watching old videos because there’s no new ones hahahahahaha *angery laugh*

    58. Smile'n Stare

      Omg when he said we are going to put a commercial break here there was an add


      8:10 As you can see the BYZE in it's natural habitat dumping it's feces

    60. Lock