I've Been Texting The Wrong Person For 10 Years

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    1. Krisbi Kc

      I like amiated story

    2. tarun biswas

      That’s scary

    3. Laila Tarrance

      Do more please

    4. Daja Liina

      it's voice notes

    5. Gacha_ Blossom 15

      Keep Calling The Police I've Seen

    6. I'm Troll Again


    7. Cozbe

      How did her parents send voice msg if it wasnt her parents

    8. Donnoe Swaby

      * (*(((((((())))n))))()()()()()() )())()()()()()hi

    9. Gokartmexhanich


    10. 1000 subs with no vids challenge

      Me: *reads title Also me: Ah! A meepcity reference

    11. HTK

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="534">8:54</a> so original speaking

    12. Matthew Dragneff

      You : Thank God where all back together Me : Thank God right like you where dead pfff yeah sure

    13. Blair Drummond

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> it looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter

    14. Midnight Gacha

      Margo..? The bearded dragon?

    15. ITS Substar21pro

      WhErE aRe YoUeR parents

    16. Roblox - Rp xx

      Maddie L, she was texting a a total stranger because remember her parents left the country and the hairy guy was sending her thumbs up 👍

    17. the official taco girl Plays

      Watch next: My Dog ruined my life as i was kidnapped, I Then Gave Birth To My Crush In Jail, He Saw Everything

    18. Clarissa Santos

      Huge hairy guy 2 min and 11 sec try to watch it

    19. Spot Ally

      If my mom died I would freak out. I love my mom!

    20. melina ugh

      Wait that doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t they call her if they had phones? Or even if they didn’t they could’ve called on someone else’s phone tf...

    21. Roblox Girl

      I like this story it’s much interesting then other ones

    22. spicy batman

      This is actually a cool story

    23. JAMAR RUIZ

      its funny that hur number is xxx-xxxx

    24. Eva .

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> "and then I gave him my number" Me: wait lemme search it- ...

    25. Joe King

      Her: let me stick around with this creepy dude in a abounded neighborhood. Me: Let me just leave Im not Sticking around I’ve seen this already in horror movies.

    26. GuardianBlackWolf13

      Good to know that you locked those people up but it was also really weird that your parents didn't turn off or switch numbers when they got new phones.

    27. Jade Robertson

      OMG 😮

    28. Nylbern Rivera

      “Margo” reminds me of that lizard from tiktok

    29. Sly Munga

      how did she afford to pay the flight money if she had been fired ............how much was she being paid

    30. Big Boy

      Why would her grandmother's friend want to get her attention 🤦‍♂️

      1. bocoy noiu

        Wow Really-

    31. Juany Montecillo

      Make a video about the coronavirus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

      1. bocoy noiu

        Did anyone notice that his arms where down but he was still typing?🤔

    32. Jazmine Baby girl

      I got triggered when she said voices notes 🤦🏾‍♀️

    33. Awatefcatlover2010 Alba7ar


    34. bodoti qwiu

      The calendar: 202X. Me: I wonder what year it is its not like this is in the future.

    35. Fried Rice

      I love how this story is so shit, its too funny.

    36. normalize IDIOT sonic

      it won't stop

    37. Roblox Master

      Use me as a “WTF” button.

    38. Xarie Angel

      all these fakeass stories are better than the real ones bc they make mee laugh lol

      1. bodoti qwiu

        When she said a big,hairy man, I thought she was talking about Hagrid from Harry Potter.🤣🤣 Like if u r a Harry Potter fan and that u thought that too. | | | | V

    39. undefeated king

      For me you sounds cute😚😚😚

    40. Tanjiro

      Who cares about your story it’s not true you have multiply stories people say your stories are real what a lie you abandoned them

    41. II riftyz II

      They call me Tiago I don’t know who’s Margo

    42. misolou fout

      "I used the last of my savings" "I bought coffee after coffee after coffee" Well then how did you afford the flight for your parents to get home since they were broke too?

    43. 2023 student13

      Girl: it was the happiest day of my life! Music: *BWWAAAAH*

    44. Lila Violet

      Her : says Margo Him : they call me Tiago I don’t know no Margo

      1. misolou fout

        Is this for real??

    45. Fuzzy catss

      Did anyone notice that his arms where down but he was still typing?🤔

    46. GachaCringeStudios

      Wow Really-

    47. emma3400 emma3400

      Girl: why would my parents think I'm dead!!!! I've been messaging them!! Me: have you forgot about the hairy guy???

    48. I love Jennette McCurdy Xox

      Challenge: swipe ur finger all around the keyboard and the word that it autocorrects describes ur 2020 so far mine: Jacquelines 😂


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 all praise deserves this place <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> 🔥💯 👇 👇 👇 👇💖

    50. doliio volay

      “I used the last of my money to buy plane tickets back home”, “I’d give them money to buy more plane tickets because they’re all out”

    51. Umar Raja


    52. Tania Ribeiro

      When she said a big,hairy man, I thought she was talking about Hagrid from Harry Potter.🤣🤣 Like if u r a Harry Potter fan and that u thought that too. | | | | V

      1. doliio volay

        This is booooooring

    53. A L E X

      this channel is so weird

    54. Amos Vele

      Its intrrsting

    55. Fiz Zenxzo

      How do you text the wrong person for 10 years don’t even ask for a pick fam?

    56. XTøxicz_ ii

      Am I the only one who see The police using the computer had an extra hand

    57. Simon Dumangeng

      Good thing those stupod scumers went to prison!

    58. Vania Anggi Abigail Silalahi 1303120

      It's so sad

    59. BotTheGamer 21

      They didn’t abandon you. You abondened them.

    60. maxwellaguilar1

      Is this for real??

    61. Ghoul Onesie YT

      He does not have a arm at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a>

      1. Ghoul Onesie YT

        In the left

      2. Ghoul Onesie YT

        The officer

    62. Aleena Valdez

      Girl: I wasted my last bit of my money on my plane ticket. Buys:cups and cups of coffee. Buys plane ticket for parents:

    63. Destiny The fallen

      It’s corona time

    64. Veron Leandelar

      When he said hairy guy I thought of BIG FOOT XD

    65. Satz Music


      1. bcvbb hyui

        Only peeps who have tik tok will understand this: Excuse me her name is Margo. Not Marco or mango or wells Fargo i-ii someone said Wells Fargo. Her name is Margo

    66. Bulbasaur and snivy Channel

      “A huge hairy guy” HAGRID

      1. bcvbb hyui

        How u broke but you bought two plane tickets🤔😂

    67. Awa Mbodji

      That was a sad story

    68. Cool Nintendo

      This is booooooring

    69. demo super 2060

      Dead body

    70. demo super 2060

      Frtakol gtyde gate umra sona

    71. demo super 2060

      That's so bad and various

    72. demo super 2060

      I need to sleep at 10.20pm

    73. MightyElf 102

      When I was at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> all I could think was of is YouR A WiZarD HaRrY

    74. PHE Yingkiong

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> ok didnt u say the money was claimed by the hairy guy? Get diesel patches here someone

    75. Alamin Haque

      Girl: There was a hairy guy Hairy guy: I HaVe A nAmE!

    76. Sumeiya

      When was sike comin in???

    77. Junnica Angel


    78. I love Fgteev


      1. Soinas Doyi

        Me is epicly going to committte cacer and this is also cacer so yeah also that guy is my dog that died 99999999999years ago

    79. 10kReset_GDLGroupHolder

      Title: i've been texting the wrong person for 10 years Me: How can You be so Stupidly Idiotic Title: Have you seen the video yet? Me: no Title: Watch it then... Me: (Watches after) This is click bait bruh

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Must've been a wiring issue, so i had to sleep in the dark... This incident still haunts me to this day, 😢😢